All Things BOF that i’m thankful for and would miss plus my BOF ending wishlist

So we’re almost down to the homestretch and call it a moment of melancholy or the fact that it’s Monday tomorrow and i have to get back to freakin’ work but i felt a little sadness saying goodbye to BOF…

Despite the crap that was season 2 and the fact that i seriously want to tie a noose around the PD and scriptwriters neck and hang them on a public plaza most of the time during these recent episodes… i admit that there are still a lot of good things that this show has brought to us and these are also the things that i’d miss once BOF is over…

Let me tick it off one by one:

1. LEE MINHO – what a discovery… This guy is not only seriously HOT (enough to literally make you want to take off your clothes when you see him but HE CAN ALSO ACT!)

2. Kim Hyun Joong’s First real acting gig – It might have been a hit and miss thing for Hyun Joong as Jihoo but admit it, no matter how much people talk dirt about how bad of an actor he is, we would not have soooo many Jihoo-Jandi shippers around if KHJ did not bring justice to the role…

3. Kim Bum and Kim Joon Bromance – Man! This is seriously the only ship that made me think twice about going brokeback… When all hell breaks loose between the OTP, expect Woobin and Yijung to still be consistent with their covert glances and touchy feely acting…

4. BOF threads – i will miss the exchange of ideas, the bashing, the heated war and debates between the Jandi-Jihoo and Jandi-Junpyo shippers, the spoilers, the play by play account of what would happen in the next episode and dissecting details over what went on in the previous ones… I will miss the funny comments, the irritating ones, the panic i feel whenever Mods close down the soompi thread… man… i think i will miss even the spam comments but most of all i will miss all the wonderful BOF followers who can relate to my addiction and who went crazy over this series as much as i have…

5. The supporting cast – Never again will i find another villain who literally makes me go Uh-oh and freeze wherever i am for FEAR THAT SHE CAN SENSE ME even if i’m behind the computer than Mama Kang… I will truly feel deprived of Junhee noona’s sassiness, Jandi’s crazy family, Grandpa’s gruff but loving rebukes, Master’s gayness, GaEul’s moocher friendship, Halmonnie’s pimpin’ cane, the mean girls and their harebrained ideas that always blow up in their faces, Jaekyung’s “fatal attraction” persona and Ming’s participation that up to now i can’t even see the sense why they have to bring in to the fray… These are the characters that made BOF, BOF and without them it would never be the same (although with them, the show also seemed to have lost its focus on the OTP)

6. The good times and the angst – Junpyo’s dimwitted but sweet ways, Jandi’s gangster persona, Hyun Joong’s rolling eyeball expressions, Woobin’s gangsta english, Yijung’s corny sax playing, The crying scenes complete with screaming… The never ending love triangle between Jihoo-Jandi and Junpyo … Scenes where Jihoo looks longingly at Jandi with so much love i feel as if my hearts going to break and the LOVE that Junpyo and Jandi have for each other that they can’t express to the fullest because of the obstacles…all of these drove me insane…insane i tell you… with frustration sometimes but more often than not in joy and spazzing…


6. I will miss my OTP, Junpyo and Jandi/Minho and Hyesun TOGETHER – The fact that i long for them week after week after week and the fact that no matter how much we complain against the production for keeping them apart but the moment we see them together onscreen, somehow makes all the waiting worth it… CHEMISTRY I TELL YOU… CHEMISTRY this two have it… Never have i seen a couple whose offcam interaction seems to surpass even that of the storyline that is in the drama and that is what kept us going…

We lived our Minho fantasies vicariously through Hyesun and boy, she really did deliver… (it helps that Minho doesn’t need prodding…hehehe!)

Seriously, producers should milk this pairing for all it’s worth and do another series with them in the cast PRONTO!

Now since it’s also the last episodes here are the things that i would want to see when the show wraps up:

1. Mama Kang begging Jandi for forgiveness and licking the ground she walks on to get it…

2. Jihoo going abroad to forget Jandi and having a wild, passionate affair with a girl who’s UBER FUNNY the likes of Tina Fey on Saturday Night Live that would make him loosen up and live life to the fullest

3. Yijung burying his drama queen persona and eloping with GaEul to a far away country where they will make pots and channel Ghost all night and all day together

4. Woobin finally getting a house and meeting a mafia daughter and together, they will build an empire of cool, kindhearted gangstas… (that and a rapping contract with P.Diddy)

5. Grandpa and Halmonnie falling in love and living the rest of their lives in a retirement home complete with fishing amenities

6. Umi to be gone from the face of the earth and for Jaekyung to send Chen to abduct her the moment she arrives

7. Jandi and Junpyo not succumbing to the daily grind of married life and still remaining as in love with each other as the day that they got together

8. LOTS AND LOTS AND LOTS OF SKINSHIP, MAKING OUT AND PASSIONATE ADULT KISSING BETWEEN Jandi and Junpyo…. (they can even dedicate 20 mins of the show for this and i wouldn’t complain… What? That can’t be done? Ok… i’ll settle for the F4 dropping their pants and dancing around in their boxers instead…)

9. AND BUT OF COURSE, for my OTP to live happily ever after without any more threats of separation complete with peaches and cream complexioned little Jandi’s and curly haired, bratty little Junpyos…


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One Response to All Things BOF that i’m thankful for and would miss plus my BOF ending wishlist

  1. chyne22 says:

    Your post about BOF, JD-JP makes me laughed and cried at the same time…I MISS BOF SOO MUCH DONNA….Thanks for creating this blog….

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