Boys Over Flowers Episode 1 Review


I was almost about to flatline in a couple of scenes because of too much fangirling but Thank God my willpower to savor more of the boys hotness revived me… (And by boys i mean Minho and Hyun Joong!)

Can i just say that I LOVEDDDDDDDD EVERY MINUTE of the first episode? The critics and haters can say whatever they want to say for all i care… but sheesh! I’m not watching Boys Over Flower to increase my brain power nor to stretch my grey matter (I can just watch National Geographic or Discovery Channel if that’s what i wanted)… I am watching this show to be entertained… and on that aspect, Kkotboda Namja really delivered… even more than what i expected…

Goo Hye Sun agreeably was a welcome surprise… Her mannerisms and characterization of Geum Jandi might be a tad overacting at times but it’s not the kind that would annoy you… The more i watched her, the more accustomed i grew to her portrayal of a loud, brash, proud commoner who would stand up for her rights if she felt that it was being stepped upon… she made me chuckle out loud in a couple of scenes because of her lip curls, wide eyes and over the top expression … and somehow touched my heart also with her tearful helplessness when she became the victim of the dreaded red card…

As for Hyun Joong, I think he is receiving the short end of the stick at present, because of comparisons with Oguri Shun who played the role of Rui in the Japanese version to perfection… but given the context of it being his first big acting role and looking at Ji Hoo from a mindset that the character was not previously done … i think Boylet did pretty well for this initial episode… I felt his sensitivity, the quiet sadness that hides behind his eyes and his mischievous side at times also while watching this episode and it is a mean feat to do that… I think Joongie’s role is the hardest to act out because Rui’s role does not really call for a lot of dialogue and he really mostly conveys his feelings via facial expressions and body language so KUDOS JOONGIE! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK… FIGHTING!

I was waiting for a breakthrough for Joongie the moment that i started watching and it came in the form of this scene between him and Jandi…

Contrary to others, The chemistry for me was evident… not really that blatant yet but i know once it’s played out, it’s going to be there… (Or was it just his chemistry with me? wahahaha! I literally gasped for air when i saw him smile!)

And Minho? OH HOW TO DESCRIBE MINHO? I think the song “I KNEW I LOVED YOU BEFORE I MET YOU’ was made as my ode to him… but i can now say I LOVE HIM EVEN MORE now that i’ve seen him in action… Jerry Yan would of course be always Dao Ming Sz in our hearts but Lee Minho made Goo Jun Pyo all his own… That swagger, that voice, that ooomph whenever he stares people down… I would cower if i were in his path…

But despite the POWER aura written all over JP, Minho makes his cute and boyish side appear too during the scenes where he expresses surprise at the way Jandi treats him and whenever he goofs around with the rest of F4… he is a jerk, a brat, an immatured, spoilt, filthy rich b@stard… but OH MY GOD (channeling Ginger here!) HOW HE MADE ME LOVE BAD BOYS EVEN MORE!

So to Minho… *donnapie sings*

I knew i loved you before i met you
I think i dreamed you into life
I knew i loved you before i met you
I have been waiting all my life…

Not really much of an opinion yet on the other two boys (Kim Bum and Kim Joon) but i can now see why a lot of the girls are gaga over Kim Bum… he’s super cute especially when he smiles (although he has too much of a good boy vibe going on for me to really LIKE him) and Kim Joon… i agree his ** mama! dialogues just ruin some scenes for me but i think he’s channeling VANNESS in all his AmBoy glory…( however… Vanness is really an AmBoy so the way he comes across is comical more than being farcical wehehehe!)

Other things that i loved in the show:

– I love the way the character introduction was done… It was direct to the point and made in a believable manner without the need to go too much into explanation and details why they have reached the status that they have right now (INTERNET/NEWS)…

– The explanation why Jandi is studying in the FAB Shinhwa school when she was a commoner through and through (I’ve always wondered about that in the Japanese and Taiwanese version)

– The sheer OPULENCE of the environment that F4 lives in… i’m enjoying the whole kitsch factor of imagining a school with a gourmet cafeteria, students going to school in golf carts and on horseback (and on a helicopter) and the overly accessorized, straight out of a manga hairstyles and uniforms on the girls… This F4 makes the Taiwanese and Japanese version look like middle class people.

– I love the Mean Girls! Most of my funny Jandi moments are whenever she’s interacting with them… Ginger’s Oh My God and the crazy antics of Sunny and Miranda might be too much for comfort sometimes but it is also an indirect jab or a spoof to me of how some people thinks so high and mightily of themselves that they all just come across as being funny instead of “upper class”

– The good looking people… If one can transform even Kim Sam Soon’s former hoodlum looking co-worker in My Name is Kim Sam Soon to a decent looking restaurant owner… then something has to be said about how good looking the people in this show are…

Yes, the show is not perfect and i doubt if it will win a Daesang or be hailed in critics circle anytime in this lifetime… but i loved every single fluffy, highschool drama, cottoncandy, over the top moment of it…

I don’t need metaphors, i don’t need deep storylines… i don’t even need dialogues! hahaha! Just the pure, sheer bliss of basking in a familiar storyline and seeing things that are known to me in a whole new light and perspective… To say that i’m looking forward to succeeding episodes is nothing short of an understatement…


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