Boys Over Flowers Episode 10 review

So… disappointing kiss aside… the episode today was still something worth watching… it may not have been as great as the episode yesterday but to me, it is a turning point for Junpyo and Jandi’s relationship since the evil witch of a mom is now bent on making the life of Jandi and those close to her a living hell…

(I seriously had difficulty breathing in that scene where Jandi had this harebrained idea of having Jun Pyo join a mall contest for a cellphone in one of THEIR establishments and his mom arrived…

I had to pause and take a deep breath coz i felt as if my heart was about to leap out of my chest and i’ve never been as scared watching any horror flick in the past…

Seriously, the actress who plays Jun Pyo’s mom makes a great villainess from the likes of Ursula from the Little Mermaid and Cruella DuVille from 101 Dalmatians… wahahaha!)

If Lee Minho’s stares towards Jandi in that kiss scene yesterday would make her melt… i was just waiting for Jandi to turn to stone today from that icy, cold glare that his mom directed towards her…)

The cookie scene had always been one of my favorite scenes in any version of this drama and this one, though not as sweet as the Taiwanese one was still able to stir my heart… The painstaking care that Jandi put into the thought of making those cookies and the elaborate design that she placed on those facial expressions was somehow a slight glimpse and a brief revelation to me, of how deeply JunPyo has now wormed his way into her heart… Junpyo as always did not disappoint with his excited way of receiving that gift from Jandi as if she had just given him a brand new car… perhaps we could all really learn from Junpyo that it is indeed the thought that counts rather than the value of the thought… (On the other hand… that’s easy to do and to say if you have EVERYTHING already just like Junpyo…wahahaha!)

And Jihoo, Jihoo, Jihoo… is this guy born with the right sense of timing or did he seriously plant a GPS on Jandi that he can be there whenever and wherever she’s in need? How i wish i had a friend like him… I’ve always been a Dao-San Cai/Makino-Doumyouji shipper but seeing how they’ve made Jihoo out to be such an all around nice guy in this series… i really would not mind if Jandi ends up with him in the end… (well, maybe i’m exaggerating because i’d definitely mind but what i meant was that either of Junpyo and Jihoo would make for such a great boyfriend given how dedicated they are to the woman they love…)

On this note, this is another area where Junpyo earns my admiration because even if Jihoo and Jandi sort of had a thing in the past (which caused him so much heartache)… he still has no issues about letting them hang out together… If i were in his shoes, i will tie Jandi up at home and declare Jihoo as a stay 500 meters away territory… hehehe!

But in fairness to Jihoo, he really does not take advantage of the situation and is very helpful in resolving the problems between the couple… I guess it is best for Jandi to confide in Jihoo too among others since he knows Junpyo very well knowing the close friendship that they’ve had for years…

As for Yijung and Gaeul… my heart broke into little pieces for Gaeul because of the terrible let down that she has experienced in this episode… just when her perception of Yijung has changed and she thought that there could be something more between them, Yijung gave her a big let down and just when Gaeul is most vulnerable… again… another lesson to be learned from this episode which is to never take things at face value and never assume! If in doubt… ASK!

But kidding aside, i sincerely hope that there’d be a happy ending to their story… i’ve always loved this angle from both versions and i feel so shortchanged about how it ended… maybe this version will give us that much needed closure…

I would not rave that much about Junpyo anymore since i always do that no matter what the circumstances are… but for me, a man who can stand up to his snobbish, elitist, snooty, beeyatch of a mother to fight for the woman he loves is a man worth loving indeed…

So yes… the actual kiss might have been a bit of a downer…

but there is more than enough that helped me get through this episode… just like the way that Minho took charge and weaved his way towards Jandi to plant that smackeroo in front of his mom and that crowd? for someone like Junpyo to profess his love like that? to prove that action does speak louder than words?

THAT ACT TO ME, IS MORE SPINE TINGLING, MORE MIND NUMBING, MORE EARTH SHAKING, MORE OVERWHELMING THAN ANY OTHER PASSIONATE KISS… (yes, i’m grasping at straws here and trying to cure myself from disappointment so just help me out please… wahahaha!)

And if all else fails… i would still tune in if only to see Hyun Joong with those dark rimmed glasses on, that ponytail, sky blue button down polo, dark rinse jeans and white sneakers that made me seriously… say ONE MORE TIME and i’d take this BOY OVER FLOWERS anyday…

PS: I just have to say that Hyun Joong made me laugh so much in the NG… especially when he talked to the horse and said “really? you want to die?” when it was not cooperating… wahahaha! That’s so him! He’s really more Junpyo in real life than Jihoo…

Minho and Kim Bum were such cuties… ADORKABLE! I wish there’s more…


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