Boys Over Flowers Episode 13 Review

Just finished watching Episode 13 of BOF today via Live streaming and Word of Warning: TO ALL JUNPYO LOVERS, this is not a good episode… He barely appeared on the screen for five minutes and somehow, i feel as if majority of this episode was full of fillers rather than a solid plotline or storyline that would help in the series’s progression especially now that we’re moving on to the meat of what this story is all about…

After one week of waiting, CAN I JUST SAY MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT…

There were a lot of scenes spent on MTV like moments and a Macau travelogue which could have been put to good use by seeing more of Junpyo and his real feelings and perhaps a hint of an explanation as to why he is behaving such an arse over the girl he almost exchanged his life for…


If there’s anybody who had more than their two minutes of fame for today’s episode it’s none other than Jihoo… seriously, i was waiting for Hyun Joong to grow wings and announce to Jandi that he is an angel sent down to Earth to take care of her and to erase her worries away… The scenes that he spent with Jandi were pretty touching and heartwarming and quite easy to watch too… but somehow you can’t help but wish that the same focus be given to Junpyo since BOF is a Jandi-Junpyo lovestory rather than a Jihoo-Jandi story… Somehow, i was left wanting to see more interactions between the main leads… Jerky attitude or Loving attitude notwithstanding, i don’t care… Just give me more of Junpyo and Jandi screentime…

There were some scenes that i felt myself seeing the BOF spirit and where i find myself tearing up as these scenes shone through…like that scene when JD was talking to the stuffed toy that she’s making and pretending that it was JP… that video message that JH asked JD to send JP and her trying to smile over her tears and that part where she had her last swim while the F3 and Gaeul watches… of course, i also felt as if my heart was literally being gripped by a vise when Junpyo just looked over her when they met… That moment of sadness in JP’s eyes before it was replace by hardness and firm resolve? Gosh, it made me catch my breath in agony…

These highlights aside though, were overshadowed by the almost repetitive scenes that are again present in the episode. like Jandi being attacked by a robber and gang members on the streets of Macau… Either Jandi really does not learn her lesson or she’s just one lucky girl to have been saved from such similar circumstances again and again and again… (Cmon PD and Ms. Scriptwriter… give us something new!)

I have always been a big fan of BOF and before i get misunderstood, i am just venting my thoughts right now as an audience rather than whining… I still remain a staunch believer in this series and just like Episode 11, i’d just put this episode down to a lapse in judgment of the PD and the scriptwriter and i am just hoping against hope that tomorrow’s episode would more than make up for this episode today…

Luckily, i was able to catch the previews uploaded this weekend and a Jihoo-Jandi-Junpyo triangle is sounding more attractive to me at this point, rather than an episode without Junpyo at all…

Wow us tomorrow PD-nim! BOF Fighting!

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