Boys Over Flowers Episode 16 Review

So let me give my initial impression on todays Episode of BOF…

And what do you know? Jandi now has a new stalker in the identity of Jae Kyung… Doesn’t this girl have any friends? She sure knows how to barrel her way in into other peoples lives… She’s really a mini me of Goo Jun Pyo albeit a little more grating and irritating…

The only time i think where i appreciated Jaekyung and her big mouth was when she announced for all to hear that Jihoo is the guy that Jandi liked… I’ll never get enough of Junpyo’s jealous look right after… NEVER! Junpyo’s jealousy really makes my day… even if it is just over Woobin… Yessiree … you heard it right, WOOBIN… (Wahahaha! I love the whole stare and grab approach that Junpyo took when Woobin demonstated his playboy techniques on Jandi)

As for Jandi, i think that along with the break up, Junpyo must have taken with him a bit of her spirit… Otherwise, i don’t think she will easily let herself be steamrolled into playing BFF with Jae Kyung just because she said so… (that and no girl in her right mind would refuse the offer of a free manicure, Jandi and GaEul not excluded…)

I think Jandi and her family are just naturally good-natured (too much so…) that even the thought of accepting her ex’s fiancee’ to spend the night in her house had become acceptable practice… and to play lovecoach? WTH was that! If i were in her shoes, i’d tell my ex’s fiancee’ to go shove it! (Way to go Jandi in making sure that you pour more salt into the now gaping, open wound located in your chest that once upon a time was called your heart before it turned to ground meat… )

I know that it’s keeping true to the manga and all but i’ve always had this kind of reaction towards this part of the story no matter what version i got to see and i’m happy to say that for the third time around, my sentiments remain the same…

On the other hand, how i wish that Junpyo’s mom took a bit of a parenting lesson from Jaekyung’s ‘rents since Jaekyung seems to have no restrictions at all when it comes to sampling the commoner’s life…Ahhh… if only it was the case… Jandi would probably be spending her nights blissfully with Junpyo instead of engaging in a slumber party with JaeKyung…

As for Junpyo, i can’t help but give a small squeal of delight over how much of a lovesick puppy he really is over Jandi… Following her around… making excuses to see her… ANYTHING just as long as he’d get to be around her… He’s torturing himself with her presence and yet i bet deep inside himself he gets a bittersweet sense of satisfaction just being able to be in the same place where she’s at… I love the whole “i need to stay away but no matter how hard i try i just can’t” factor that’s played out in all of their scenes of Jandi together for this epi… Add to that the turmoil of entrusting Jandi to the only person closest to him who is Jihoo and yet knowing that he’s giving all the chances in the world for his best friend to just snatch his girl away from him while he is standing there, helpless… OH THE AGONY!

I guess of all things that is there to be thankful for in this episode that is the fact that Jihoo’s Jandi distress signal seems to be broken… Otherwise, we would not have those delicious moments of Junpyo and Jandi together once again thanks to the ingenious ploy of Woobin and Yijung complete with GaEul’s participation (which I’m sure she’s MORE THAN HAPPY to give…hehehe!)… I mean I am certifiably torn between the Jihoo-Jandi and Junpyo-Jandi pairing but lately I’ve had enough of Jihoo-Jandi being together and I just need my Joondi fix… Thank God Mr. PD gave that to me today… and I enjoyed every minute of it…

Just one question though? Why did Jandi scream when she saw Junpyo half naked? Shouldn’t she be used to that by now since they spent the night together at that barn? I mean she didn’t just see it… but she touched it surely when they shared that kiss… wahahaha!

In closing, i’d like to add a little shout out to Woobin for cracking me up big time with his antics in this episode… his mimicking the chicken feet that JK gave him, dancing to Paradise like some provincial hick, doing a taekwondo demonstration for JK complete with that sleazy wink… This guy sure adds a whole new dimension to this show that the other F3 can not give…

As for Junpyo’s evil witch of a uterus… (I wouldn’t even call her his mother since all that she did IMHO for Junpyo was to bore him…) I would not even waste precious time in trying to write about her other than to say that I want her to meet her comeuppance in the cruelest way possible… like running a blade all over her then pouring alcohol over it a little at a time…THERE! wehehehe!

All in all, it was really not an exceptional episode for me but i still enjoyed every minute of it… I love how there are a lot of Junpyo-Jandi scenes in this episode… I didn’t realize how much i miss them together until i saw them sharing the screen today… I like how the old BOF humor presented itself in a lot of scenes for this episode and how there is a balanced mix of angst and good times all thrown together for good measure…

It’s another week of waiting and I’m sure the best is yet to come… JIHOO-JUNPYO Official Showdown anyone? But before that let me just make one last plea to Ms. Scriptwriter… Ma’am… we can never get enough of Minho’s topless scenes and please, oh please can’t you just write a little snippet into the next episode how Madam Kang would simply disappear from the face of the earth and die… Thank you…

PS: Disregard all of my thoughts above but not how HOT Minho looked wet from the shower in that robe and with his hair unkempt all over his face…


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