Boys Over Flowers Episode 17 Review

Sidenote: An F4 Talkshow special was shown on 2nd March instead of this episode since Goo Hyesun met a major car accident and had to be stitched up and checked in in a hospital… There were unfinished scenes for this epi and succeeding ones that were not shot yet as of airtime

Just watched BOF Episode 17 without subs and just want to share my first impressions regarding the episode for tonight in all it’s RAW format… wehehehe!

What? No ALMOST PARADISE today? I can’t believe i’d say this but i kind of miss the old soundtrack, the moments are not quite the same without Lucky and Starlight tears playing in the background, although there are some pretty good pieces from the new OST too and i’m looking forward to the next LSS moment with this selection just how Lucky plays in my mind everytime i finish a new episode of BOF…

The angst of this episode, oh the angst (and bad editing…which is forgivable given Hyesun’s accident…)

Why don’t you just kill me now?

My MinSun and JunDi ship is sailing but OH MY GAWDDDDDDDDDD JIHOOOOOOOOOOOOOO… Why do you have to be so freakin’ sweet and nice and everything any girl would ever want for in a guy except perhaps Jandi… *me cries*

There’s something about the act of Jandi and Jihoo cleaning those windows together that just got to me… there were no words exchanged and the act was pretty everyday but i swear at that moment i just want to cry because of how good Jihoo is to Jandi… I bet Jihoo had never scrubbed anything other than his own body in his whole life and here he is cleaning windows and driving mop cars all for the sake of the girl who’s driving him mad with L-O-V-E…

That hand kissing scene was a little too coincidental for my taste (and i just have to say that i really LOL’d at one comment in liveblog which goes “What? Jihoo does not have a doorbell?” when Junpyo was just suddenly there all teary eyed and muddled with jealousy about Jihoo making the moves on His girl…hehehe!)

But i savored every little moment of it and must have rewound the scene a thousand times just to see the look of longing on Jihoo’s face and the look of unconstrained rage and sadness on Junpyo’s….(can i just say that Minho looked absolutely delicious in this scene?)

He was soooo mad and almost CRAZY INSANE with jealousy that i absolutely bet my life that he would have shoved Jihoo’s violin up his woohoo if his lips landed anywhere else other than Jandi’s hands… wahahaha!

Geum Jandi! I can almost swear you’re just pretend sleeping at that point for the attention… (i know i would…)

And word of advice while you’re at it, how about having a thorough medical check up girl? Those fainting spells are coming just about every other day now coupled with nosebleeds… good thing your name isn’t Song Hye Gyo (an actress who’s well known for having cancer or dying in her dramas) or i would be worried! hahaha!

But seriously Junpyo and Jandi meeting in the stairwell while she’s bleeding broke my heart… what self restraint must Junpyo have put himself through to avoid from sweeping Jandi into his arms and just taking care of her (and we all know how much he’s DYING to do that…) KDrama you sure know how to squeeze someone’s heart!

I thought i have prepared and steeled myself enough for the kiss scene of Junpyo and Jaekyung by torturing myself with images of it every single chance that i get… but seeing it in action felt as if i received a blow to my chest… (and to think my name’s not even Geum Jandi… wahahaha!)

Good thing Jihoo was there to keep her safe or i might have come to Jaekyung and Junpyo at that point myself with claws bared, consumed with anger and screaming like a banshee… wahahaha!

The only good thing that came out of this kiss is that i gained a little appreciation for Junpyo and Jandi’s kisses because it is tender and soft and loving (even if the PD won’t give us what we wanted which is HOT and PASSIONATE) … However, this kiss with Jaekyung is an example of a PERFECT LIP PRESS… wahahaha! If you can even call it a press… i don’t even think there’s any sort of pressure there…

On a serious note, i love the oxymoron of that scene… How cold and unfeeling Junpyo was in that kiss he gave Jaekyung vs. Jihoo’s tender hold on Jandi to shield her from harm… BRILLIANT!

(but somehow the moment Junpyo kissed monkey girl i was somehow thinking that Jihoo probably should have REALLY dragged Jandi beside them and kiss her hardcore… wahahaha! MAN! That would do it for Junpyo… wehehehe!)

If there is one thing that i am grateful to Monkey girl for, it is how she throws Junpyo and Jandi together unconsciously which cause them to be more aware of each other, in very awkward circumstances perhaps, but together nonetheless…

(I swear they may be apart but everytime they look at each other i can feel the air crackling with electricity… i was afraid my computers gonna just bust out into flames… At one point all that staring made me just want to shout at them to just LET ALL THAT ANGST OUT AND GO MAKE OUT WITH EACH OTHER… wahahaha!)

Everytime Junpyo stares at Jihoo with his ill attempts of concealing his jealousy… i swear my JunDi fangirl dances a little dance inside my chest and the butterflies in my stomach just comes alive…

That restaurant scene was funny for me…Jihoo looked as if he’s seen a ghost when Junpyo arrived (his guilty look as if his hand was caught inside the cookie jar just gets to me and yes Jihoo… Jandi is Junpyo’s cookie… hehehe!) while Junpyo just probably want to punch him… i also cracked up at the look of horror Jihoo threw Jaekyung when she ate all that noodles by herself as if she was the freakiest thing he’s ever seen… wahahaha!

(BTW, is this the scene that Hyesun shot yesterday? She barely spoke in this scene…)

That cooking scene between the boys was a welcome addition… ON THE HOTNESS METER that’s a 10… (uber pretty boys who fixes your meal? Who wouldn’t salivate at the thought of that… although in the end i don’t know which i’d rather have… their food or THEM…wahahaha!)

I’m just a little confused how Junpyo can be chummy chummy with Jihoo alone after everything that’s happened… I was thinking they really wouldn’t be at each others throats but they wouldn’t be that HAPPY either… (and what no vicious glare from Junpyo when Jihoo just fed Jandi right in front of him? although that scene where Jihoo cut Jandi’s food for her and Junpyo stared more than made up for it… ) *Jundi cheerleaders dances their crazy dance*

Again, this is not a BOF episode if Jandi did not need some kind of rescuing… and yes, Mr. PD thought of a new accident which is …. DROWNING! (oh… yeah… we’ve seen it in New Caledonia before…hehehe!)

BUT… BUT… the fact that Junpyo saved her and said how he can’t afford to have her drown again and have another man saved her… MELTED MY HEART… TURNED IT TO MUSH… TRANSFORMED ME INTO A PUDDLE… I can forgive you Mr. PD for the damsel in distress act done almost ten times… you sure as know how to put us viewers into the center of your palms… (and how adorkable is Junpyo learning to swim? SOOOO CUTE!)

Although i wish this moment was longer but just seeing 5 seconds of a JunDi scene is enough to make me smile a bittersweet smile (and Jihoo foiled all of Junpyo’s plan in the end because he still gets to help Jandi… which is kind of sad really if you think about it since he went through all that trouble to learn to swim to SAVE HER and in the end Jihoo still steals his thunder by taking charge of Jandi too…)

Overall, it’s an action packed episode… I have a feeling that they squeezed all the shot scenes that’s supposed to be shown for episode 18 in this episode because of the accident…

I’m loving the angst, but too much more and i think i would go loony… i just wish Jandi and Junpyo would get back together soon and make us spazz once again like crazy (but OH NO! what about JIHOOOOOO??? Well, that deserves another entry…)

Another week of waiting… I just hope Hyesun is all better and in the best of health so that Geum Jandi can really come back FIGHTING…

BOF really is my addiction…

Some other comments:

* I just realized that the number of kisses that Junpyo and Jandi shared in this entire drama can fit a 20 second flashback when Junpyo did just that… ALERT! WE NEED MORE JANDI-JUNPYO KISSES PD!

* If i was merely annoyed with JaeKyung before… i’m happy to announce that… I’m even more annoyed with her now… WAHAHAHA!

I hated how she got to do things with Junpyo that he has never even done with Jandi before! Now when they get back together and watch a movie and Jandi feeds him popcorn or go to a bear museum …those times will be tainted with bad memories that he shared with this girl…

Good thing Jandi and him went to the cable car first together… IN YOUR FACE Monkey girl! BLECH!

*Woobin is really a man after my heart with his nonchalant and “i can’t stand her” expression after meeting Jaekyung in that blatant promotion for Anycall that was disguised as a scene in the drama…

* I miss seeing YiJung being playful… i love him more when he’s smiley than when he’s emo… But boy! Do these F4 kids start young… hahaha! Yijung with his first love and Jihoo with Suh Hyeon… when i was at that age all i can think about were my Barbies and how boys are smelly… wahahaha!

* And Mama Kang! Can’t you be human for once and let your maternal instincts take over and just allow Jandi and Junpyo to be together? If you really like Jaekyung that much, why don’t you date her? I want my sweet JunDi moments! We’re dying here! wahahaha!


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