Boys Over Flowers Episode 2 Review


She made me laugh so many times on episode 2 and that all camouflaging herself behind the bushes while running away from Joon Pyo’s henchmen was CLASSIC! 

And can i just say that i almost jumped off my seat to cheer her on when she gave that much deserved flying kick to Junpyo…ALL HAIL GIRL POWER!

I love Minho’s dumbstruck expression at that instance… he’s so cute when he’s acting like a fool! AND I ABSOLUTELY, ABSOLUTELY ADORE how he can switch between arrogant to extremely childish whenever things don’t play out the way he expects it to… wehehehe! 

And yes, bias aside… Joongie has more shining moments in episode 2… My heart really moved for him at this moment…

I can really feel his longing for HCY’s character in this scene and and there’s just something about his expression here that made me just want to cradle him close to me and comfort him and say “I’m here… everything’s alright…” wehehehe!

I’m looking forward to episode 3 to see boylet angry and SHOUTING! OMO! Shining moment ahead!

After watching 2 episodes, i now have a small gripe with the show… Joongie does not really seem to be a part of the F4 at times whenever they’re shown hanging out together… He’s always far removed from the 3 and always busy with something else by himself… therefore limiting his screen time … 

But oh well, i guess that’s how Rui’s personality was really moulded to be… A lot of people are saying that Joongie’s acting can still improve because he does not show much expression in his eyes… but i think he’s playing the part of a poker faced, fairly reserved, aloof character just right… It could improve yes… but so far, i’m satisfied… (Or is that me playing favorites again?)

Han Chae Young could not be more well casted as Min Suh Hyeon and Hyun Joong’s first love… SHE IS GORGEOUS!


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