Boys Over Flowers Episode 20 Review


I think the JunDi angel finally apparated in front of Miss Scriptwriter during her sleep and so we have this gem of an episode that has been a long time coming… Kudos Miss Scriptwriter for seeing the light… It’s about darned time you realize that Mangaka Yoko Kamio intended this story to be lighthearded, fun, uber romantic with a little bit of drama thrown in and not a veritable contest of whose life can be more miserable in the next five minutes…

However, before you get all excited and expect that this episode is saccharine sweet, you must remember that in this version… with the bliss comes the angst… This episode would not have been in keeping with the past 7 BOF episodes previously, without the drama, but of course!

Today’s episode started with Yijung going through his usual schizophrenic happy one moment, bug eyed with anger the next…Days of our Lives moments with poor GaEul bearing the brunt of it…Just like these past few episodes when Yijung had been a very attractive jerk… GaEul just sits there wordlessly and takes it…(My…this GaEul really has a penchant for bad boys! Hell girl! If he keeps being like that to you even before you’re married, I congratulate you on a lifetime of marital bliss for the duration of the one year that you’ll be married…wehehehe!)

As GaEul flashbacks on Miss Potter giving her words of wisdom worthy of Yoda to his Jedi follower … she finally realized that Miss Potter and her have the hots for the same guy who spend drunken nights passing away time not on a bed but just lying down on his workbench spouting words of emo-ness…

After too much drama than I would have ever cared to watch… I finally breathed a sigh of relief to see Jandi walking around aimlessly in circles with nowhere to go…(because that is what normal out of home people do…REALLY… except they do it in really tattered clothes and with unkempt hair and not with a stroller bag and really glossy hair like one just stepped out of the arrival area of the First Class lounge of Korean Air… ) So Jandi calls someone and WHAT’S THIS? (flower pot rewinds and can’t believe what she’s seeing…) JIHOO’S PHONE IS TURNED OFF? (I’m assuming that it was Jihoo whom Jandi called) …I DON’T EFFIN’ BELIEVE IT… WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO? BUT JIHOO HAS SUPER STALKER POWERS… (whines in disbelief) he should have been waiting at that highway even before Jandi called him… OTTOKE? but alas, I guess even stalker lover boys who pine sadly away after the lead girl every possible minute also needs a rest day… and he’s now spending that rest day blissfully pining sadly away and stalking another in the person of doctor grandfather… (Can you just imagine what Jihoo’s life would be like if pining away and stalking would not have been invented? He would have spent it sleeping…)

And so we continue with Jandi’s journey and just for the PD to be able to showcase the spanking new OST… we are gifted with almost ten minutes of MTV of Jihoo and Jandi both wallowing in misery over their separate problems… (I personally think that Miss Scriptwriter encountered a writers block at this moment and just wrote down on her script “Jandi walks, Jihoo emotes for a solid five minutes until I can think of what to write next again…And while I’m at it… let’s all have Junhee noona join in on the fray because after all, What is misery without a little company?”) So with Mama Kang’s plans of conquering the universe and world domination… we are given a glimpse of the torture that she let Junhee noona go through before she started to prey on Junpyo…

After Jandi faints (YET AGAIN… Can’t they just make her weak or cold or hungry or something without fainting? My gosh! Seriously… Jandi should ask Jihoo’s gramps to give her a thorough physical once she has the time…coz that is what? The 10th time that she fainted in this series? Song Hye Gyo fainted even less in Autumn in my Heart and she had friggin’ cancer!) she woke up to find herself safe once again and Junhee noona urging her to stay in their house instead due to her present predicament… After defying logic as to how she can live in a house where her sworn enemy also resides ( I guess logic flies out the window when hunger strikes you…) Jandi accepts but tells Junhee that she will pay for the free board with her service and that she will work for them as a maid (Ahhhh… what is good old slavery among ex lovers and friends?)

Oh who else thought that Jandi was just soooooo cute in that maids uniform? I just wanted to hug her and squeeze her and put her in my pocket then squeeze her some more… (although those white tights really make me shudder… I swear just making someone wear that is a just cause for resignation…and what’s with the heels? How can maids go run around if they are wearing heels? Or is that for “AFTER HOURS” wahahaha!)

After a much spirited introduction to her co-peons… I mean workers… We get to meet Butler Lee’s love interest who is Grandma Head Housekeeper (What? They’re not in that kind of a relationship? Too bad… that’s a lost opportunity for another ship… No wonder grandma is grumpy…) Grandma then trains Jandi on the protocols of fine dining and Jandi gets to learn that there are other dishes that exist in the world aside from ramyun and kimchi… (AHHHSS-PA-RA- GUSSS…LMAO)

As Junpyo reads THE FINANCIAL TIMES… (Yeah…. Righttttttt!), Jandi serves him his dinner and he gets to learn that Jandi is now his personal maid… (Junpyo, you naughty boy you… I bet you’re thinking about the kinkiness of it… wahahaha!) From this moment on, a smile had been permanently pasted on my face…

AND MY GOO JUN PYO IS BACK! Milking that walkie talkie for all it’s worth and with that cheeky smile and leg shaking… I came to realize… Oh, GOO JUN PYO how I missed you… This is what you ought to be and not the sniveling, dumb puppet that that Bimbo Jaekyung has changed you into… Fangirls everywhere are rejoicing and I bet gifs are being made all over the world of this scene even before I can strike another key in my keyboard … JANDI REALLY MAKES YOU HAPPY CAN’T YOU SEE? And despite her nagging and protesting, I bet Jandi knows that you make her really happy too… (fangirl, spazz, spazz…)

On a sidenote: Who else here thinks that Minho’s smile was more special in this episode than in previous episodes? I bet he finds Hyesun really cute in that uniform too… WAHHHHH!!!

So after Jundi turned me into a giggly mess, with their cute bickering worthy of an episode of The Presidential Debate, OTP made me die with Junpyo’s tenderness as he looked on at Jandi while she lied there sleeping… (I swear there must be a course in Shinhwa dedicated to stalking… the boys have all perfected it!)

My heart, oh my rapidly beating heart… OH SHIP I’M GLAD THAT I HAVE NOT FORSAKEN YOU… I STILL HAVE MY TICKET AND I AM GOING ON THE ROUND TRIP… THE OTP IS BACK IN BUSINESS AND WE ARE GOING FOR GOLD! ALL ABOARD! (Junpyo, what are you doing sitting there staring? Cmon take advantage… wahahaha! Give us what we’ve been craving for these past few episodes…)

And how cute is it when Jandi was waking Junpyo up? She totally pawned him… wahahaha! All her angst about him leaving her was channeled in that yellow feather duster… Go Jandi! Whip that boy into shape and while you’re at it why not make him do fifty push ups too? Wehehe!

(Why is it that when Jaekyung pulls Junpyo around on a leash, it always makes me throw up a little in my mouth and yet Jandi does the same and I TOTALLY LOVE IT! Oh, probably because she’s the lead character in the series, which is what you should also remember Miss Scriptwriter…

So remember, our lesson for today is: Jandi is the lead NOT Jaekyung… Junpyo is the male lead NOT Jihoo! REPEAT AFTER ME… Good… if you’d just kindly remember that because we’d totally have a quiz right after…)

Speaking of the monkey girl (Sheesh! I should have gone through a ritual for warding away bad vibes when I mentioned her… She should come with alarm bells too so that I could totally fast forward when she’s coming…), this girl seriously needs a lesson in sense… She just never knows when to quit it… Junpyo is pretending to be sick just to get away from her and she doesn’t even get it… *sigh*

If I were the scriptwriter of this series, the dialogue in this scene would be like this:

Monkey girl: Jun pyo you’re sick? (in that nasally irritating voice)

And then she leaves bawling and goes back to Macau where she belongs and is never heard from again until anthropologists dig up her bones thousands of years from now…

I like that Jandi’s spunk is totally back and that she’s doing something for Jihoo in return… However, I wish that with Grandpa in the picture Jihoo can be happier and stop being broody… Lord knows he totally deserves it… (Please lord bejesus… let Jihoo end up happy… )

Now back to my OTP, Hooray for horror movies and Junpyo being a scaredy cat… (although PD, that hug really leaves so much to be desired… IT WAS LAME! We need kick@ss hugging…but at least you got my OTP back together for this epi so I guess it’s still thanks…)

Just when things are getting better, Monkey girl comes a-knocking… (Junpyo should have just gotten Jandi buff naked then totally make out with her as monkey girl watches… Maybe then she’d finally get the picture… or maybe NOT… Oh, monkey girl, how the hell do I get rid of you? You should have resigned from this show like two episodes ago…)

AND WHAT THE? Are you taking advantage of Junpyo? MONKEY GIRL, you better keep your hands to yourself… lower your hands and take a few steps back from the hottie… That’s Jandi’s you pinkberry! WHAT? And You really kissed him? You have some nerve I say…

OMO! Can I just say that the way Junpyo looks at Jandi absolutely makes me want to cry… his stares are enough to make anybody’s heart melt… GOSH! I FORGIVE YOU JUNPYO… I DOOOOO!!! WAHHH!!! KISS JANDI GODDAMIT… KISS HERRRRRRRRRRR!!! And erase the memory of that monkey leaving that mark on your delectable lips… (on the other hand, Jandi might have rabies so better gargle first…)

And this episode would have ended where Jandi is where she rightfully belongs which is in Junpyo’s arms but Monkey girl just has to arrive and ruin things once again when It was getting good…

So in this episode we learnt that putting blankets on a person sleeping is equivalent to true love… that being a maid is not a bad deal after all and that in the end of it all… IT WILL STILL BE A JUNPYO-JANDI ending… *smiles* till tomorrow’s epi!

Other notes:

1. When will we have the smiley Yijung back? I totally miss him… Woobin seems lonely too without him…

2. I don’t know who’s more in love with Jandi now… Jihoo or his grandfather… but seriously, I feel happy that there is something good that’s happening to Jihoo for a change… I wish he’d be happy with his grandfather… He also seems to forget how hung up he is on Jandi whenever his grandfather is around so it’s all good…

3. That scene where Junpyo stares at Jandi inside the cabinet while she’s sleeping touched me so… I MUST HAVE WATCHED IT TWENTY TIMES OVER! Wahhh…. More of that please!


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