Boys Over Flowers Episode 21 Review

I really thought that the happy times on Episode 20 were too good to be true… Just when I was starting to think that Ms. Scriptwriter had a change of heart, she one ups me and gives me all the angst that she didn’t get to include in the previous episode… (DARN IT Ms. Scriptwriter… and just when we’re starting to get close)

In this episode, the crap hits the fan… And by crap I meant Jaekyung and Mama Kang… I would just like to clue in those who have not watched Episode 21 yet… Before you settle down in front of your PC’s, TV’s and laptops consider yourselves warned.. Jaekyung has absolutely lost her mind in this installment… She has totally channeled Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, and I’m totally sure that she would have cooked Jandi’s pet rabbit while acting friendly, if only Jandi had one, … (and while we’re on the subject, I just want to tell Jaekyung that Hyun Young called… she wants her voice back…)

Just when it was getting good and Junpyo and Jandi were getting all kissy-kissy and huggy-huggy in HIS bed, mind you… Jaekyung appears to ruin the mood, among many other things including my viewing pleasure…But wait… it gets better (and the sarcasm begins HERE)… As if the fun was not enough, Mama Kang appears right on the heels of her apprentice from hell and what do you know… discovers that Jandi is on her payroll…

Of course this realization sends Mama Kang once again into a menopausal frenzy complete with laser beams shooting pointblank out of her eyes…Good thing Grandma Housekeeper arrives! Grammy then goes into a power struggle with Mama Kang worthy of an Obama and Clinton debate over Jandi,… and…. WHAT? Grammy WINS? Over mama Kang? WHY, GRAMMY… You impressed me! (Yoda one point… Darth Mama… zero… I would not really be surprised if it was explained that the reason why Mama Kang gave way to Grandma Housekeeper is because she REALLY is her OWN grandmother and she just turned her into a maid…With her sunny disposition, I would not even question it…)

After Grammy owned Mama Kang and totally won me over on her side, my blood pressure just shot up a couple of notches higher when Jaekyung enters Jandi’s room and talked to her AS IF JANDI OWES HER SOMETHING! She then goes about telling Jandi how she’s her friend and all that bull but that she can’t give up on Junpyo even if that’s the case…(If I were Jandi, I would have told her to take her friendship and shove it where the sun don’t shine…)

Jaekyung! You are an embarrassment to all primates from your species… King Kong must be hanging his head in shame… How can you say that you’re a friend when even the head maid knows that you’re getting in the way of your friend and your “forced” boyfriend’s OTP? I’ve seen you plenty of times and I’m sure you’re aware how their being apart, with you in the picture is hurting them so… BUT THE WORST PART THERE IS THAT YOU PRETEND THAT YOU DON’T KNOW…

I think I would have appreciated it more if you just gave it to Jandi straight and told her that she’s a S-L-U-T for lusting after your fiancee’, while taking back all of the things that you bought her previously … That’s how it should be done… You don’t go around telling someone “WE’RE FRIENDS…” and then go about trying to destroy the one true love that they’ve ever had in their entire life for all eternity… You either choose one and lose one… You can’t have your cake and eat it too! It’s a different case if Junpyo is in love with you and you’re in love with him…then you can do so in the spirit of fair play… But the problem is YOU ARE… HE’S NOT…

*sigh* If I only have Shigeru and Xiao Tze’s number, I would have given it to you! You should take some tips from them on how to be a really good FRIEND… (however, I seriously have doubts if they’d want to be associated with you…)

After that heartwarming and absolutely OH SO FRIENDLY CHAT…Jaekyung then went to Mama Kang right after and invited herself as a guest to their household to which Mama Kang of course, accepted in delight… (OH JAEKYUNG… YOU BRILLIANT GIRL…Mama Kang and you can totally star in your own sequel of Cinderella…. You be the evil stepdaughter and she’d be the evil stepmother… However, in this version… the shoes that you fit, turns out to be that of Dorothy and you are transported not to Oz but somewhere far away, hopefully, Antartica…)

While Yijung emotes and cries over his spilt milk (Or should it be coffee, coz it’s obvious that elder brother and first love are flirting much over latte’s?) Mama Kang gloats over her victory… (I just wanted to pick those chopsticks up and stab her with it…) But Jaekyung’s FRIENDLINESS knows no bounds, she then connives with Mama Kang and her parents to bring her wedding date with Junpyo to a much nearer date because she is sooo looking forward to it… (which is BUT… another code name for Desperation)…Upon hearing this, Junpyo was so overwhelmed with love and excitement that he positively looked as if he was on death row and just about to meet his sentence through the electric chair …

THERE’S MORE! Just like any other SPITEFUL, UNDERHANDED “FRIEND”… Jaekyung shows off in front of Jandi in full wedding regalia and ASKS HER TO BE HER BRIDESMAID…(WOW JAEKYUNG! I NOW CROWN YOU MS. CONGENIALITY… Beeyatches everywhere are looking on at you proudly… I admit that I pick on you most of the time coz you’re an easy target… but this is just plain mean… Enjoy your dress while you have the time because the only dress that you’d get to wear after this would be one for mourning…)

Moving on… LOOK! It’s a TV commercial! Ohhhhh… and Jaekyung and Junpyo look blissfully happy… NOT!

While Grandpa and Jihoo turned me into a sniveling, sobbing mess (Finally… a good thing that happened in this episode) … Junpyo sat at the F4 headquarters while his commercial with Jaekyung is shown on TV (their CF made me LMAO… it was soooo awkward that I would have thought they’re selling service for a funeral parlor… I bet Shinhwa’s marketing team is due for some @sswhooping and F4 is due for another remote control …wahahaha!)… As Junpyo showed some of the Darth Mama blood that flows in his veins by flying into a rage over his impending marriage otherwise known as doom… Jandi mopes around while wiping tables… (c’mon Jandi! Where’s the spunk that you showed when you asked grandpa to transfer to Jihoo’s? You can do it! FIGHTING!)

Anyways, we get yet another reminder of why Jandi and Jihoo can be beautiful if only Junpyo was not around… This part where they joined the photo contest at the park was actually bittersweet for me because it is a reminder of what Jihoo needs to be absolutely happy… but can never have… (see? It only takes one episode to sail my JunDi ship to the highest seas…OKAY… OKAY… maybe this part shook my ship just a little… hehehe! on a side note… I would kill for Goo Hyesun’s legs…)

As Jihoo and Jandi posed for Fabulous pictures and Jandi gave Jihoo that peck on the cheek …I, on the other hand, was secretly wishing that Junpyo gets a hold of this photo so that he wakes up and remember that the time to get Jandi back is NOW… (THAT and that he would totally go find her to molest her in order to forget the nightmares that he sure would have just from that image of Jandi in a wedding gown with Jihoo beside her… wahahaha!)

Jihoo’s expression after Jandi hugged her and while looking at those rings and their photos? HEARTBREAKING… I totally felt my throat closed up at the sheer oxymoron of this scene … he’s contemplating their future and yet we all know what would happen… (Miss scriptwriter how can you be so cruel?) I would not be surprised if during the next time we see Jihoo’s house, that pagoda outside would have been replaced already by a lifesize portrait of that faux wedding photo… Nosiree!

In the next scene, we get to see the F4 and Gaeul and Jandi fly first class to Jeju (Poor babies… no private planes this time because there’s no Junpyo…) after they land, the boys with the two girls zip around in their cool sports cars and had a contest as to who revs the engine loudest… THIS IS NOT CRUCIAL TO THE PLOT AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO WRITE ABOUT THIS BUT I DON’T CAREEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! Hot guys with hot cars? Oh heart be still! And why is poor Woobie zipping around in that car alone when he’s lookin’ all smokin’??? He got a bimbo for Caledonia, why not for Jeju? Or does his taste tend to go more international?

What’s this? Is Junpyo contemplating jumping to his death rather than be tied down for a lifetime to Monkey girl? Ahhhh … no, it’s only the F4 looking even HOTTER with their side profiles on screen and I bet fangirls everywhere are just DYING! As the boys talk about the impending marriage and Jihoo tells Junpyo how it affects Jandi, Jaekyung busies herself with yet another meeting with Jandi … (Wow… this girl sure has a lot of free time on her hands… and can I just say, what a happy occasion this wedding is… Everybody’s looking so festive! And chipper! Now try to find the opposite of that in the dictionary…)

AND AFTER SO MANY CLUES, Jaekyung finally gets it! Somebody give this girl a medal for being soooo perceptive… (hope you still have that dictionary open coz yes, you’d be looking for the opposite of that once again…) Okayyy… so maybe I was touched just a little by Jaekyung’s tearful confession but at this point, I just want Jandi to fight for what’s hers that honestly I just want all these drama to be over and done with… (WTH is wrong WITH THAT INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND? I feel as if I’m watching a hardcore soap opera… Darn it…)

And just to wash the angst of the past couple of scenes away, we get the boys playing soccer and looking… you guessed it… HOT ONCE AGAIN! (Testosterone pumped boys playing physical sports? Goodlooking men in athletic attire? Man, this scriptwriter really knows how to make it up to the fangirls…) Once again… not really crucial to the story BUT I DON’T CAREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!! (rewinds the scene over and over)

(After 10 minutes of rewinding…) JIHOOOOOOOOOO!!! I will pray that you find someone… someone nice and funny and who would make you laugh and give you sexy time in the drama world… YOU SOOOO DESERVE IT! Out of all the 2nd male leads in all the kdramas that I got to watch in my lifetime, not one of them can measure up to how much you deserve the lead girl as much as the lead guy does… as cruel as Jandi’s rejection might have seemed… I just want to say that it’s about TIME… It’s about time that she stepped back and give it to you straight so that you can move on and stop pining… I know that in the next couple of episodes the dynamics between Jandi and you would have totally changed but let me stand in my seat and applaud you Jihoo… I would miss you swaying me over to jump over to your ship and away from my OTP but Jihoo please be happy… Be totally happy with grandpa… We are also afraid that after Jandi goes back to Junpyo, you’d never smile again but I hope you find a ton of ways to always, always smile… *hugs Jihoo*

And just when I was starting to soften up against Monkey girl… that grin that she has on over the Family Dinner just made me change my mind again… She looked absolutely GLOWING… Like she’s a Cheshire cat who just got the cream (in this case, the guy…) Where is the remorse over your so called friendship with Jandi which you just cried a bucket for in the last scene? And Junpyo! WTH are you doing toasting to your marriage for? You should have taken that wineglass and splashed all of it’s contents on Mama Kang’s overly Botoxed face while you’re at it…

Ohhh… the elevator scene… INTENSE! My heart totally stopped beating for a couple of seconds as Jandi looked on at Junpyo (accusingly?) while Junpyo turned away guiltily… Once again it’s Jihoo to the rescue and you really have to give it to the guy for being soooo caring even up to the last minute…..As Junhee Noona gives Junpyo a good talking to… (That’s it Noona! Whack him with your magic stick! Make him wake up and come to his senses!) I get another scene which I absolutely loved which was Junpyo’s confrontation with Jihoo… Just two guys manning it up and Junpyo baring his soul to the guy who is his competition but also his best friend… BEAUTIFUL…

As Jaekyung once again exhibited her “concealed” mean streak by trying on wedding gowns in front of Jandi, Junpyo finally got his balls back and asked to talk to Jaekyung…

While I was LMAO once again over Jaekyung’s innate insensitivity as she practices her vows beside an unyielding Junpyo … Junpyo tells her that he just can’t go through with the wedding and gave us the most beautiful line to ever come out of a kdrama… As I was a teensy bit swayed when I once again saw a glimpse of the human side of Jaekyung… (I like her when she’s straight up and not spouting crap pretending that everything’s alright even If it wasn’t…I can sympathize with her like this…), OH MAHHHHHHHHHH GOOD LAWD JUNPYOOOOOOOOOO!!! THE JUNPYO THAT WE ALL KNOW WITH ADDITIONAL IMPROVEMENTS JUST MADE IT’S RELAUNCH… (It was not the kneeling and his girl that I like line that did me in but the fact that he’s begging FOR JANDI… Jaekyung, give the guy an effin’ break… know when to call it quits honey… while I am still not as mean like I was about you…)

The following day and after Jaekyung once again went inside her loony world of happiness, we get the supposed GRAND wedding of the century in it’s simplest form (WHAT THE? Even commoners have grander weddings than this? On second thought… Save the grand wedding for Junpyo and Jandi… I’m cool with this…)

And so this episode wraps up with Jaekyung absolutely looking as if she’s about to be court marshaled, Junpyo looking as if he was about to meet death himself and the cliffhangers of all cliffhangers for this series which was Junpyo asking Jandi to tell him not to go…

As for me, I am definitely counting the days till Monday when I get my JunDi fix once again and find what Jandi’s answer is to Junpyo’s request.…


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