Boys Over Flowers Episode 22 Review

Remember how I said previously that Mama Kang worked under Lucifer?

Well, well … in this episode we learnt that Mama Kang has just been promoted… You heard it…Uh-huh… she just rose up the corporate ladder of the pits of hell a few notches higher… She is not just working for the devil anymore but she has become the DEVIL INCARNATE… WOWWWWWW!!!! Applause, applause, congratulations all around!

And in line with this Joyous and momentous occasion, Mama Kang is inviting the whole world to her congratulatory party which is going to be fun and cheery and everything that a party should be… WHAT? YOU DON’ T BELIEVE ME? How could you not? But Mama Kang’s strength is event organization and planning… Just look at the wedding of Junpyo and Jaekyung which is complete with the attendance of loving friends and happy thoughts anddddd… (flower pot falters off as she turns to look at her computer screen)…

Oh…Okay… never mind…

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

After Madam Kang has added KIDNAPPER, by kidnapping Jandi, to her already growing list of impressive skills in her resume (which mind you, already includes controlling, sadistic mother and manipulative blackmailer)… We see Junpyo and Jaekyung’s wedding proceed as planned except that the happy faces of the bride and groom are nowhere to be found… (You know how one looks if the doctor announced that they have a life threatening disease and it’s not curable? Go on… refresh your memories… Now, THAT is how the bride and groom looked like…)

In a sea of gloomy faces, there is however one person who was all smiles and the epitome of cheery sunshine in the wedding hall, and surprise, surprise who else can it be but the Dark Lady herself , Darth Mama who is taking some kind of sadistic pleasure over the thought of feeding off someone else’s misery…her son’s no less… (Seriously, she’s never looked more like a witch in my eyes at this moment… I was just waiting for her to stand up and give a huge loud cackle to reveal a one toothed grin…)

But lo and behold, just when Darth Mama was imagining the lifetime of torture that Junpyo would get by getting married to a girl he does not love and enjoying every single moment of it… Jaekyung pulls off a dramatic showstopper to bring a halt to the farce of a wedding, which the F3 fully echoed and supported…. and WHOA! I think I just turned blind… WTH is Woobin wearing? (Woobie, the 80’s called… they totally want that jacket back…)

Darth Mama looked shock and disbelieving at the thought that Jandi and Junpyo was able to pull a quick one over her even without them knowing… That she only walked off with a disbelieving smirk, perhaps to return to the mother ship in order to look back on her evil “VILLAIN HANDBOOK OF MISDOINGS” possibly just to see what other forms of heartbreak she can inflict on her son and the woman who would bear all her grandchildren… (THAT IS IF THEY EVER GET AROUND TO HAVING SEX if only this DAMNED PD and Scriptwriter would allow them…)

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

As the guests walked out along with Mama Kang (WTH is wrong with these guests? I would have stayed if only for the chance to gossip… “Ohhh… why is there a lot of people protesting this wedding?”), Junpyo rushes off to meet Jandi whom Jaekyung asked her bodyguards to rescue from the Siths evil clutches… Once Junpyo is aboard the yacht where Jandi was at… we get some staring and then, oh the disappointment! about 5 measly seconds of hugging… (Tsk… tsk… LAME PD! LAME! If this was real life, Junpyo would probably have Jandi out of that hideous sack of a dress even before she can stand up and his lips absolutely ravaging hers… Ok… ok… that might be what I wish for… but A HUG PD? A HUG? SERIOUSLY? AFTER ALL THE TIME THEY SPENT APART AND ALL THE TRIALS THEY WENT THROUGH? And it’s not even the kind where they envelop each other in a GREAT BEAR HUG as if they don’t want to let go but the type where they just embrace each other as if they were close friends who met accidentally at a PTA meeting… But what can I say? It must be the MinSun factor…you throw us a bone and we absolutely lap it up … LAP UP EVERY SECOND of it… We take what we can because this is how much chemistry this pair has and you have not maximized it to it’s full potential… Shame on you PD… Shame on you for relegating us to shippers who would spazz just at the thought of our OTP just being in the same scene together because we’re just so doggone deprived…)

Anyways as I rant but still smile like a loony at how sweetly Junpyo is pulling Jandi close to him…Yijung and Gaeul are talking about another story arc that has been dragged off for too long… that of Yijung’s angst and first love… We then see Jihoo channeling the Nutcracker in his riding gear and as usual looking as if the world has lost all hope and making us go back to the time when a smile has not yet been invented… (we get the point that Jihoo’s life is lonely but must that fact be rubbed in our face every minute? Why not just change his name to Doom while we’re at it…) As he reminisced about how he almost had his chance with Jandi and as he rode his poor horse to death over his unrequited love, Jaekyung makes an appearance to recruit him into her new found organization called THE LONELY HEARTS CLUB… (Although how Jaekyung knows where Jihoo could have been at that moment beats me but what can I say? Shinhwa really has the best stalking program… EVER!) While Jaekyung and Jihoo were busy bonding over what could have beens… the subject of their conversation was already whisked away to a honeymoon hideaway to celebrate their getting back together (Okayyyy… NOW WE’RE TALKING! And what is this I see? Heart shaped rose petals on crisp white linens… OHHHHHHH… SEXY! This Jaekyung really knows what she’s doing…Ok kids… time to learn about the birds and the bees and better make all of our waiting worth it… hehehe!)

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But of course before getting down and dirty, we see Junpyo making the moves on Jandi in order to score… Plying her with food (which is seriously the only thing that can make Jandi weaker at the knees more than Junpyo except if Junpyo shows her some LOVIN’ that would totally trump food and forget about the bottomless pit which also goes by the name of her stomach) and asking her to dance a slow waltz under the moonlight… CHEESY, YES! But sweet? YES, YES, YES! And as Junpyo says that he has looks, money and status but he only needs Geum Jandi… I was already calling my lawyer and asking him for requirements on how to go about doing a name change… possibly to GEUM JANDI… wahahaha! After that shuffling around on the gardens which is otherwise known as slow dancing… we have the next thing on the agenda which is normally done in all dates across the world which is STARGAZING… (NO? You haven’t done that on a date? Me either! hehe! The most that I got close enough to a star is when I read my horoscope on a daily newspaper…) As Jandi takes the chance to name stars with Junpyo on the date as a chance to also review for her future science tests… (Naming stars? ZZZZZZZZZ… Good thing Junpyo’s good looks is enough to keep Jandi awake…)

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

Once again, we get a lot of talk about how miserable Junpyo’s childhood was, growing up with parents who were barely there… (Miss Scriptwriter, we’ve been through this angle soooooo many times already like EPISODE 9? Remember? Before that kiss scene on the swing? WHY, OH WHY CAN’ T YOU HAVE TAKEN OUR MOST AWAITED OPPORTUNITY TO AT LEAST HAVE JUNPYO and JANDI TALK ABOUT HOW BEING APART HAS ALMOST KILLED THEM??? WHYYYYYYYY??? Are you taking lessons from Madam Kang on torture and using us JunDi Shippers as guinea pigs?) But, what’s this? Junpyo’s saying sorry and saying *gasp* I LOVE YOU? And what more he’s leaning in for a kiss, A KISS! Well, well, miss scriptwriter maybe there is some hope left for you… (and we get a kiss then…fade to black)


(However, your stinginess over JunDi scenes would not stop me from getting what I want from that scene … Who else here thinks that it was implied that Junpyo and Jandi did the deed on that night? Text YES and send to 1-800-Virgin no more if you feel that they did it and TEXT NO to 1-800-Celibacy-Rules if you think that they didn’t … In my imagination they did and that you have no control over… so take that Miss Scriptwriter…)

The following day, the F4 came crashing in on tbe two lovebirds who were busy playing flower football while getting a footsoak and decided to spend the day with them along with GaEul… ( Why Jihoo, you sneaky boy you… I bet this was at your insistence and suggestion… hehehe! If I were Junpyo, I would not be sitting there smiling but shooing off everyone with a broomstick for ruining a day which is supposed to be just for me and the girl I love and which has been a long time coming…) As Jihoo and Jandi spent a leisurely walk in the gardens (probably while Junpyo is at the restroom and not looking)… Jihoo took the opportunity to return Jandi’s necklace which Jaekyung returned and to inform her that Jaekyung’s leaving…

Anyways , since the OTP is back, Jandi goes zipping around in that red sports car on the way to the airport with Junpyo…(Yes Junpyo and not Jihoo…and it’s about damned time.. ) Once there, Jandi and Jaekyung share a tearful moment before she leaves… and I teared up too… YES, YES… you heard me… I cried… turned on my waterworks…softened against the enemy…so shoot me… As we get yet another flashback of Junpyo and Jaekyung’s moments together (as if we could have forgotten the nightmare…) We see Jaekyung keeping the shoes that Junpyo bought for Jandi and taking it with her… (yes, monkey girl! Take it with you… those shoes are cursed… cursed I tell you… that is where the misery began and I say good riddance…)

While Junpyo is all locked up at home and imprisoned… Darth Mama decided to once again mingle with the peons and paid a royal visit to Jandi at the porridge shop to be… YOU GUESSED IT… a royal pain in the bum… (well, at least she had the courtesy to return Jandi’s things… I would have thought she would have thrown it into the furnace or something and made a bonfire out of it…) As Darth Mama updates Jandi on business news and current affairs and starts blaming her once again for all the crap that is happening in her otherwise money grubbing life… (Seriously Darth Mama… SPEND MORE TIME IN THE OFFICE… LOG SOME HOURS AT WORK and see how business picks up thereafter…) Jihoo’s grandfather appears at just the right moment and saves Jandi from her dressing down… (HOLY COW! The alarm works! NOT JUST FOR JIHOO BUT FOR GRAMPS AS WELL… IT MUST BE IN THE GENES…), knowing that Jandi is homeless, gramps brings her home to Jihoo (who was “supposedly her husband to be” as liar ex-President Doctor gramps put it… No wonder he didn’t win the next election…) who was all shocked but I bet already thinking of ways on how he can jump Jandi while she sleeps next door…

The next scene shows Secretary Jung picking up Jandi from school and before anyone else thinks that this is another one of Darth Mama’s ploys… Secretary Jung brings Jandi to see a patient in a comatose condition whom he asks her to take care of (as if Jandi is not busy enough with all her part time jobs) AND WE ALL KNOW WHAT A SHOCKER OF A REVELATION THIS PATIENT WOULD TURN OUT TO BE IN THE NEXT EPISODES…

As if we don’t have enough of flashbacks, we see Junpyo have one of his own which only happened ahhhhh… just two episodes ago? We are once again reminded of the time when Jandi and him played master and maid… (ahhhh… if only it was as kinky as that sounded…) and he learns from Secretary Jung that Jandi is staying at Jihoo’s…Junpyo then sends Jihoo a text message saying how he’s at peace that Jandi’s staying with him (which is actually codespeak for “THE CHICK IS MINE, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF OR I’LL BREAK THEM OFF…”) which is probably the reason why Jihoo said he was afraid…

Meanwhile, Jandi wanders around campus grounds listlessly looking for her boyfriend (*giggles* you know how giddy that makes me feel? When I say that Junpyo is Jandi’s BOYFRIEND… *giggles*) Woobin meets Jandi and talks about skin care and how everyone else is miserable except for him… (Oh woobie! We’re glad you’re not miserable… You’re our only ray of sunshine in this otherwise, melodramatic epic… Please stay that way and don’t go around jumping bridges anymore…)

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Moving on, we see another ode of the scriptwriter to the Jihoo-Jandi pairing… What with the Haircutting and the carwash and the poetry reading… Miss Scriptwriter CAN I JUST SAY? It used to be touching…but now that OTP is back It’s just plain hmmm… how do we say it UNNECESSARY? We get it that you might be harboring secret feelings for Jihoo and you’re channeling your thoughts unto Jandi’s character of the things you’d want him to do to you but we already have that… WE ARE LIVING OUR LIVES VICARIOUSLY ALREADY THROUGH JANDI BECAUSE OF JUNPYO and we may have little screen time but whose fault is that? Seriously, live your thoughts somewhere else, perhaps through Secretary Jung and just please give our OTP the time that it deserves now that we’re down to the final 3 epis… On the other hand, the scenes that Jihoo and Jandi shared were quite cute and I would have greatly appreciated it if the circumstances were different…

But really, what can Jihoo NOT do? HE’S NOW EVEN AN EFFIN’S TYLIST? How intimate is that that he’s cutting Jandi’s hair? I bet if Junpyo were present he would have found other ways for those scisssors…hmmm… most probably to stab Jihoo with it… hehehe! And what’s with the I LOVE YOU? I know it’s supposed to be heartwarming but why now Jihoo? Why now? You could have won me over during the time when Junpyo was being an @ss but WHY JUST NOW? No wonder you’re lonely… YOU SUCK AT TIMING…

Reduced: 80% of original size [ 640 x 352 ] – Click to view full image

As Woobin once again made me laugh over his gangsta ways and gangsta English, trying to help Junpyo to escape to be able to meet with Jandi…(Why is it that whenever thug like approaches are necessary Woobin is the person to call? Wahahaha!) The next and last scene totally reminded me why I have stuck with this series for this long… We might have UPS, we might have DOWNS… but oh my effin gosh… It is these moments that we are all living for… MOMENTS LIKE THESE THAT MAKE US SAY… Yes, BOF is worth giving a second, third, countless times to no matter how disappointed we may have become… As I giggled giddily over Junpyo’s harsh treatment of the cutest Korean kid ever just to get to Jandi in that zoo date… part of me was thinking where Minho and Hyesun ends and Jandi and Junpyo begins… the chemistry is soooo palpable that I’m seriously praying as I type this that they get another project which would allow them to have more sweet moments together… I think during some parts they were just acting along withouth a script anymore and seriously just playing around on set…

As the episode ends on a high note, I am already anticipating the havoc that Darth Mama would wreak on the episode that was aired tonight which I’ve yet to see and the heartbreak that goes along with Jandi and Junpyo’s break up… as they say, you win some you lose some…. But Mr. PD… Please I’m begging… make the next two episodes worth our time and I would forget the nightmare that was season 2 of this series…

Other comments:

1. Doesn’t Yijung know that sucking blood is unsanitary? Sexy… yes but unsanitary… Ever heard of a band-aid Yijung?

2. When did Hana Yori Dango become a melodrama? And when was it all about the supporting characters as well as the LEAD characters? I have no beef about the subplots of the story of the Korean series but I think the scriptwriter missed out on the keyword which was sub since it seems like the subplots have been getting more airtime lately

3. I DEMAND FOR MORE JUNDI moments… nuff said!


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