Boys Over Flowers Episode 24 Recap

Hello Fellow BOF LOVERS!

Guess what? Today, I will be vying for a place in the Guinness Book of World Records as the person who was able to summarize a one hour episode drama in 40 seconds…

I’m glad I’m able to share this glorious moment with you and just to prove to you that I can do it… I say hold your breath, start counting and HERE WE GOOOOOOO….

ANGST, ANGST, ANGST… OH LOOK! EVEN MORE ANGST… BEEYATCH ON THE LOOSE… KILL HER… ANGST…. ANGST… FINALLY A HAPPY MO… and even before I finish typing that let’s have what we’ve been missing this entire episode which is… You guess it! EVEN MORE ANGST and THE END!

So how’d I do? *smiles expectantly*

What? I’m a second off the mark? DAMMIT… WHAT THE HECK! Then let’s go to town on this recap…

Episode 24 kicks off with Jandi having a heart to heart talk with her Omma… As you very well know, I can’t understand a word of Korean, but I have a feeling Mama Geum is once again pimpin’ Jandi to Junpyo in exchange for meat and the chance to grocery shop without coupons…

So Yijung looks for Gaeul in the porridge shop and treats her to FAST FOOD thereafter.… (Yijung! Shame on you for being such a cheapskate … You call yourself a player and you treat your girl to over the counter fare? With that money? Or is it because *gasp* Gaeul is poor that you feel she’s not deserving of fine dining?)

The SoEul couple then talk about Jandi and her possible whereabouts as they feast on value meals (which I think Yijung did not even have the decency to upsize)… and they then proceeded to transfer to the Namsan steps to continue their date on a budget…

Finally, the couple talks about their relationship and it seems like Gaeul had a change of heart and the date ended with GaEul REJECTING Yijung! (Take that Casanova! That’s what you get for not spending more than 10 dollars on her… that and the screaming! The screaming with the crying! I hope you learnt your lesson well…)

As Junhee noona worries about a Junpyo who’s on hunger strike, Secretary Jung reveals the twist in this story, (that is not so much of a twist anymore since we ALL KNOW ABOUT IT… HELLO?) That of their dad being hidden in a secret room in their mansion, hooked to a respirator, in a coma… and not dead as we have all been led to believe (Well… the secret room in the same house is an addition on my part, but wouldn’t that kick serious @ss if that were the case? In your face, melodrama…)

So we get Junhee in her Baeksang moment of glory and after wailing at her comatose father, she now turns her vocal cords on Darth Mama in… YOU GUESS IT! Even more screaming and shouting and guilt tripping… And well, well, well… who else should walk in at that exact moment to discover the same thing but Junpyo himself ? So now we get Junpyo in his Baeksang moment of glory as he walks in on his vegetable father… and we get the same thing that we just had a couple of minutes ago, although in the male version…

While Junpyo drives off towards beejus knows where… We get Jihoo acting like an old man who has Alzheimer’s, looking over the fake wedding photographs of him and Jandi then imagining her beside him even if she’s not there! (Easy on the Zoloft Jihoo… Easy! But can I just say that Jihoo with spectacles makes me think of naughty thoughts? very, very naughty!)

So after realizing that sleeping Jandi is but a figment of his imagination, Jihoo tunes in to none other than the JANDI Channel… where you can always find Jandi even if she’s dating at the zoo or escaping to a fishing village… (They should have tuned in earlier to find her! So word to Jihoo: NEXT TIME JANDI GOES MISSING, TURN ON THE TV…)

Anyways, You know the 4th commandment? The one about honoring your mother and your father? Well, Junpyo finally realized that that only applies if your mother is not SATAN herself… and so in a rebellious moment, Junpyo finally stands up to Darth Mama and so now, we all know who’s going to be written off the will come judgment day…

As F4 convinces Junpyo to see Jandi and Junpyo refuses, Jihoo tells Junpyo to do whatever he wants and leaves Jandi’s address (although us JunDi shippers know that even as he does that, he’s already in his cute little white car traveling towards where Jandi is while Junpyo sits there eating his dust…DARN IT JUNPYO! WTH??? This is episode 24! one more episode and you’d have no more time to make it up… GO! DARN IT! GO!)

On second thought… WHY DON’T YOU LEAVE A LITTLE BIT LATER? Like 5 minutes before the show ends… Let me just bask in all of your shirtless glory while you sit there with Woobin in that sauna all bare chested and sweaty… WHAT? LEAVING SO SOON? *sigh* (mumbles) if you hafta…

And what is this? Why is there an ajumma rally right in front of Jandi’s fishing village house? Is the village out of perm lotion or Floral Dusters? Why the commotion? Ahhh… it seems like Mom’s little white lie has finally caught up and the February edition of Rich Kids elite last year with Junpyo and Jaekyung on it has finally reached the boondocks… Naturally, knowing that Jandi is not really the fiancee’ of Shinhwa’s heir sent all hell breaking loose with the Ajumma party… (in another note, anyone else think that Jandi is such a cutie with that sucker in her mouth? I DO!) BUT… BUT… just when we thought all else is FAIL, who else should arrive to save the day? YA GUESS IT! IT’S NOBODY ELSE BUT PRINCE JIHOO! (here he comes to save the day! Man, we’re getting good at this now that we’re at the 24th episode)

As Crazy guy in a suit foretells of ominous things to come, Jihoo and Jandi go out for a stroll and Jandi asks Jihoo how he knew where she was (Jihoo: OF COURSE, I’d know… I’m your stalker… you should know that by now…) In reality what Jihoo tells Jandi was that he heard her because he kept watch every night… (What did I say? STALKERRRRRR… WOOHOO!!!)

And while Jihoo and Jandi are having their moment, the law of Kdrama dictates that Junpyo should be there to witness it in all of it’s painful glory… AND WTH??? I know it’s coming, but seriously PD!!! It’s the 24th hour and you can’t let our OTP just be together? You can’t just leave Jihoo alone and let him be happy? WHY DO YOU HAVE TO HAVE JIHOO PROPOSE and HAVE HIM REJECTED? WHYYYYYYY??? We know Jandi loves Junpyo… We know they’re meant to be together… but must we hurt Jihoo again and again and again? PD… you really amaze me!

Ok… now that I’ve all calmed down…Seriously… Crazy car banger guy should have his eyes checked along with his mental state… How could he have mistaken Junpyo for Jihoo? Ummm… lemme think… let’s start with the hair… what part of Brownish blonde is anywhere near Junpyo-ish? HELLOOOOOOO??? Read the papers LOONY!

As Junpyo is rushed to the hospital and Darth Mama (drops my jaw in amazement) SHEDS TEARS… (REPENT ALL YOU SINNERS! THE END OF THE WORLD IS NEAR!) Junhee once again goes on her Mama Bashing frenzy… but unfortunately, Darth Mama is late for a meeting and sadly, she did not get to finish Junhee’s prepared speech (now she works while her son is DYING … You should have done that when the merger with JK failed… ever heard of prioritization Darth Mama?)… and ok… props to Jandi for even speaking to that BISH! I would slap her to kingdom come if that were me… But oh well… Jandi’s scoring points with the in laws so what the heck!

After Mama Kang leaves, Jihoo arrives to comfort Jandi in an effort to position himself as next boyfriend candidate should Junpyo fail to make it through operation… Mama Kang is later on shown to be driving around on the streets, watching a father and son bond over those fish thingies which she only knew now was Junpyo’s favorite… (FAVORITE? HOW CAN THAT BE HIS FAVORITE WHEN HE ONLY TASTED IT ON EPISODE 9… HELLO? I don’t know what you call them but seriously, I would have FREAKED OUT if Darth Mama gets out of her car and starts eating those sons of a bishes the way that Junpyo did…) As Mama Kang tears up and gets her moment of redemption, I was thinking that I’d really like her number just to tell her that it would take more than just tears to mend her relationship with her children… like some serious THERAPY… CALL DR. PHIL Darth Mama… or if you don’t have time, watch OPRAH… that will set you straight…

As if we don’t have enough of abandoned Jihoo, rejected Jihoo, desolate Jihoo and depressed Jihoo all throughout the 24 episodes of this show, we now get GUILTY Jihoo to add on to that list and even grandpa is all emo over that thought…the next scene shows Jandi sitting beside an unconscious Junpyo willing him to wake up as she held his hands and shed tears… (Ahhh… I get it… this is the reason why Secretary Jung let Jandi take care of Junpyo’s comatose father… FOR PRACTICE… wehehehe…Seriously, I am going to BAWL at this portion once this is subbed… I just know it!) and after seeing Jandi all depressed and blue, the next scene shows her being absolutely chipper… (Jandi, by any chance are you bipolar?)

So Junpyo finally wakes up and what is supposed to be a happy day was ruined by the fact that Junpyo cannot remember JANDI… AT ALL! (I just knew it! What did I say last episode? THIS IS THE TIME WHEN THAT KAMA SUTRA WOULD HAVE COME IN HANDY!… Tsk… tsk… you should have listened to me Jandi…) and even if the fact that Junpyo has rejected Jandi’s apples and called her Jihoo’s girlfriend countless of times has already gotten me in a serious funk, (enough to kill kitties)… WHAT HAPPENS NEXT WOULD IRRITATE ME SO MUCH… ENOUGH TO GO ON A KILLING SPREE, WORTHY OF ONE SEASON WORTH OF CSI (and I’m talking all versions… Miami, Las Vegas and New york)…

OH LOOK, It’s UMI! HOW TIMELY! Jandi should have kicked her and not the vending machine while she still had the chance…

)@I$)_@I%+)#O%+|#O%+_#O%+#O%+#%O_# Just seeing her on my screen is making my blood pressure shoot up enough for me to pop a vein… I can just imagine the hate mail flying into her inbox… woohoo!

Seriously girl, STOP TOUCHING JANDI’S MAN AND CALLING HIM OPPA before I cut you! You must have called him that 10 times in the span of 20 seconds… (Is this girl competing for my Guinness world record title?) DIE YOU BISH… DIEEEEEEEEEEEE… *stabbity, stab, stab*

And you, Junpyo, you are not any better… Jandi should not have just shoved an ice cream cone in your face but a baseball bat to make you learn your lesson…that roundhouse kick should have at least bashed your face in even just a little… (Word to Jandi: Don’t go around sticking your phone number on Amnesiac boyfriends forehead if you want to cure him in no time… Try a topless picture of you… I’m sure that would make him remember… FAST!)

Just when I am still giggling over the F3’s expression over Jandi’s kicking attempt to make Junpyo remember… Here comes nails grating on a chalkboard voice UMI… But of course ever so dependable Jihoo can’t be fooled unlike BABO Junpyo… OWN HER Jihoo… OWN HER and push her down some steps while you’re at it… I’d highly encourage hitting her with her own crutches too…

Why do you get airtime BISH! Hospital couple my @ss! This girl has seriously been admitted to the wrong hospital… SHE SHOULD BE IN A MENTAL HOSPITAL and not a regular one…

And Yes Jihoo, beat some sense into Junpyo… if I am not so invested in my ship right now, I am seriously thinking of jumping over once more… Okayyyyy… forget I said that… What’s with the HooDi moment again PD? Up to the last minute? (SERIOUSLY… Miss scriptwriter has a shrine of Jihoo that she kneels down to every night at her home…)

As we get another HooDi moment and NO JunDi moment for this episode… I am thinking that tomorrow would be better… Call me a gullible sucker but I still believe in happy endings and I just know that my JUNDI ending would OWN the ending of all endings…

PS: Jandi, make Junpyo beg and grovel for some sexy time for a longgggg time when you finally get together… That would teach him to drink memory pills to remember you all the time…


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