Boys Over Flowers Episode 3 Review

Can i just say that with every Jealous/angry scene that Jun Pyo has the more i fall in love with him?

Gosh! I literally almost had tears in my eyes because of how he looked when Ji Hoo and Jandi took to the dance floor… and that walk out scene by the swimming pool? The mixed emotions on his face, the frustration…Gosh! I just want to be there for him and tell him… there are plenty of fishes in the sea… we’re here! Wahahaha!

And don’t get me started on his cute, dense moments… HE IS TO DIE FOR! (and while i’m on it let me say that the creativity that he put into his pranks vs Jandi in this episode made me appreciate his witty side too…) I also love the facial expressions that Jandi and him make when they faced off at the party… so childish but so adorable! And here it goes i’m slowly getting onboard the JunDi ship… the bar scene made me all giddy.. but there are still moments that my heart just moves for JiHoo and Jandi…

As for Ji Hoo, i love how he showed some emotion in this episode… you can call me shallow if you’d want to, but there’s no denying i’m affected! wahahaha! If i were in Jandi’s shoes, i will also tend to him the way that she did… I love that scene by the bench again… (i wonder what these benches have that i really love it whenever they shoot their scenes in one?)

and no matter what happens… HYUN JOONG has got to be the prettiest man i’ve ever seen in my entire lifetime… SUPER! I love those tight, close up shots of him!

He reminded me so much of SDY on Spring Waltz in this episode when he was playing violin in the snow… They both have the reserved, calm facial expression and yet there is sadness all around them… Goes to show that HJ was able to convey the emotion needed for that part since he was not saying anything and yet you can just feel how he felt at that moment…

word of warning… skip 15 seconds from the 4 minute mark if you absolutely hated Minho going sissy on bugs… i guess the director is having too much of a good time turning him into a bug hating tough guy…(although i think this premise was built in so that they’d have a justifiable reason to bring in the following scene after that.. and oh how i love that next scene… )

I just hated the take on the rape scene… it was too short… too conservative and Minho’s too tall thats why his lips barely touched Hye Sun’s wahaha! I missed DMS’s fire and passion…

But overall, this version just gets better and better… the magic of Hana Yori Dango is really all consuming… I AM ADDICTED!


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