Boys Over Flowers Episode 4 Review

Just watched Episode 4 and my heart goes out to both Jun Pyo and Jandi in this episode… I was giddy and laughing like crazy one moment and the next my heart is aching for both of them…

Minho is such a GOOD actor! My gosh! You can almost feel his pain in this episode when he was so happy and cute and excited sucking on that lolly in his uniform and newly straightened hair then his world crashes down on him over Jandi’s “supposed” betrayal… I could almost believe that he was in love with Hye Sun for real…

Sigh! To be loved the way that Makino was loved by Doumyoji or in this case, Jun Pyo to Jandi… i will never ask for anything more…

As for Ji Hoo, he has his moments in this episode too… i appreciated the scene where he confronted Jandi and that airport scene where he gave her that peck on the forehead was pretty tender too…

Hyun Joong is indeed improving little by little in each episode… (and can i say he’d never looked more manly than while he was full of angst and speeding on that bike… i would give my left arm to just be riding shotgun behind him holding on tightly to his waist… wahahaha!)

I just noticed how this version is indeed super fast… not that i’m griping or anything but i just hope that they could have focused on some key moments longer… like the confrontation between Jun Pyo and Jandi in yesterday’s episode when he learned about her meeting Ji Hoo secretly and then their first date today…I wanna bask in that happy glow that these scenes bring but the transition is sooo fast that i have just started spazzing and yet the next moment it’s over…

Anyways, i felt that the episode left me hanging today… i don’t think i can wait another six days for what would happen next (although we all very well know what would…)

Sharing caps from Episode 4

Double S lovers, they made their guest appearance today on HYD too… so another good thing to look forward to…


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