Boys Over Flowers Episode 8 Review

Ok… ok… call me overacting but i just watched Episode 8 of Kkotboda Namja and i found this episode extremely touching as much as it was funny…

Anybody else who got choked up when Jandi and Jihoo went on that date and all she can remember was JunPyo? *me raises hand*

There were a lot of things that were changed from this episode that was not in the previous version or were omitted from the previous versions and i don’t have much to say about it… I have remained unbiased and neutral in terms of comparison to other versions that i watched while watching this series and i found out that it is perhaps the reason why i am enjoying the show as much and looking at it with an altogether different outlook and a new perspective… so since it works… i ain’t fixin’ what ain’t broken…

On this episode, The Stalker Jun Pyo touched my heart… like a fool who adds salt to his already gaping wound, he tortures himself with images of Jandi and Jihoo together on their date… Can’t say i blame the guy, coz if i were in his shoes and i have resources like his at my disposal, i’d be dying of curiosity too and would want to know what i’m up against so i’d also scope out the competition… hehehe!

As much as i’m happy that finally JunPyo and Jandi have come to realize the extent of their feelings after playing the push and pull game… My heart breaks for JiHoo tremendously… having to go through the pain of a love that remained unreciprocated with Suh Hyeon and then meeting Jandi who gave him a teeny weeny ray of hope that perhaps, it is probable for him to fall in love again and like someone the same way that he did with his first love and that person like him back… Fate would not even let him have a break…it is a case of history repeating itself… except this time, he has the added burden of seeing the girl he had grown to like play sweet music with his best friend and act as confidant whenever they have their love problems… (TORTURE ANYONE?)

*Sigh* I’ve seen all three versions and i know the outcome of JiHoo’s love angle but i just wish he’d get a break… NO WONDER THE POOR GUY IS ALWAYS DEPRESSED! HE NEEDS A GIRL! *coughs… ME…coughs* Wahahaha!

Again, the hockey game almost had me breathless… this show is really capitalizing on my obsession about sweaty, hot guys in uniform playing physical, bodybreaking sports… I can forgive any flaw that the scriptwriter and the PD had done just keep these scenes coming… hahaha!

The second half of the show had me in stitches over JunPyo and Jandi’s budding relationship… that date at the golf course had me LOLing and the sashimi dinner was too funny for me (since Jandi is just too country bumpkin i swear!) so at the end of it all i was like a crazy lunatic crying my eyes out then laughing wholeheartedly… hahaha!

Caps from today’s episode:

So the pen went in handy during that cable car date… and Junpyo wrote…

Junpyo (heart) Jandi… First night together…

AWWWW!!! Nothing like good ole vandalism to bring you that lovin feeling… hehehe!

So guys… i therefore conclude… it is not the brown Jacket yesterday… coz he was wearing white today and this checkered shirt and it still gave me that swooning feeling…IT MUST BE HYUN JOONG… hehehe!

I’ve seen him like this countless of times, but please oh please… can you make Minho be jealous more and more? He’s just soooo hot when he’s bitten by the green eyed monster…

I swear this kid makes me want to go up to Minho and ask him to be the father of my child… wahahaha! (me and 5 Million others!)

Another week of waiting… *sigh*


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