Boys Over Flowers Episode 9 review


I just finished rewatching Boys Before Flowers episode for tonight and i am seriously going nuts, crazy, loonie, dead on addicted to this series…

It started out as mere curiosity but it had gradually ingrained itself deep into my heart and now… NOW…I AM FRIGGIN’ IN LOVE WITH IT…

To anybody else out there who might ask where Romance is hiding… IT IS IN KKOTBODA NAMJA…Satiate yourself they have plenty…

This episode started out with Junpyo waking up in Jandi’s family home… Obviously, he woke up irritated and nonplussed…unused to the unfamiliar sorroundings… but by the end of this scene… we can see him having the grandest ole time of his life…

Like a kid who had been deprived of candy all his life and who was finally asked to gorge himself inside a sweets shop… he was curious and overwhelmed by the deep sense of family that the Geums have and which he never experienced… (which does not come as a shock anymore having been raised or rather virtually raised by a beeyatch of a mother…) At the end of it all, i am rather curious as to whom he is more in love with… Geum Jandi or the comic tandem of her father and brother…

But what’s romance without conflict? We see the beginnings of a storm brewing with Junpyo’s mom raising hell over the fact that he’s nowehere to be found and the lovebirds had their first commoner date which was a double with GaEul and her jerk of a boyfriend… (that’s what you get when you go with someone who just walks up to you on the street, taps you on the shoulder and ask you to see a movie…) Which of course, we very well know ended in disaster from previous versions…

But that’s where the familiarity end… We wondered at the beginning where Jandi and Junpyo’s chemistry was and i am now telling you… THEY SAVED IT FOR THIS EPISODE… the screen was pretty much crackling with the electricity and heat that this pairing generated that even the simple act of Jandi feeding Kimchi to Junpyo and Junpyo tugging on the sleeves of her sweats to bring her hands closer to her mouth had me grinning like crazy… What more the hand holding? The arm grabbing? The sweet words that they exchanged (although embarassingly)… I was giggling like a schoolgirl in all of those moments…

But more than that… it was the kiss of course that brought me to spazz heaven… It was not the kiss itself which i went crazy over but the tenderness in Minho’s face before that act… the kiss was a lip press (again) but my gosh! LEE MINHO! What an actor! I could drown in his stares and melt on his lips… I seriously had tears in my eyes the moment that he stooped down in front of her because i can feel how sincerely he loves Jandi… How deep and wide the extent of his heart is for her and it just moves me… Seeing this proud person brought down to his knees by a mere scrap of a girl whom he would just like to give his whole life to…


Other things that i absolutely adored from this episode:

1. The iceskating scene
2. Junpyo pretending not to know who Jandi is when she called even if he got excited just reading her name on his phone
3. Junpyo again pretending to just appear on the date coincidentally when it was his intention to really go
4. Jandi’s leap kick to GaEul’s jerky ex… (i seriously laughed at her thuglike approach)
5. Jandi apologizing to Junpyo and Junpyo wanting her to call him oppa
6. Jihoo taking a bite out of Jandi’s apple of apology much to Junpyo’s ire (Boylet was seriously soooooooo cute in this scene)

As much as i loved this episode of course there is a dull ache that stirs within my heart whenever i see JiHoo… His sacrifice may be noble but oh my gosh! i can just imagine the pain he’s going through having to see Junpyo and Jandi happy… he is happy to see them happy but i’m sure it must still hurt… i don’t think i have the guts to be as self sacrificing as this guy… (and why oh why do they have to play that oh so lonely piano music whenever he’s on… are they tearing my heart to shreds?)

Please somebody get this guy a girl at the end of the show ASAP… If there’s none… THERE’S ME… wahahaha!

I am also now starting to appreciate the YiJeong-GaEul scenes and Kim Bum can really turn whatever vehicle he goes on to an acting piece… Again, the sax playing to me was a little corny but let’s give it to them since they want to portray Yijeong as “savvy”…

I just find it a little funny that GaEul’s makeover was wayyyyyyyy better than that of Jandi’s and i’m wishing they could have given her the same kind of effort…

Overall, this episode would again make me dream of Junpyo in my sleep and perhaps be able to give comfort to Jihoo even just in my dreams…

Goodnight everyone! Till episode 10 tomorrow…

Somebody’s been working out… OH YEAH! A far cry from the lean frame that we saw on episode 6 during the Caledonia trip… LOOK AT EM ABS!


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