Boys Over Flowers Final Episode Liveblog Recap

Ok guys… Since I’d only be watching the final episode today and it’s the last… I would be liveblogging my recap for Episode 25 and give my opinions simultaneously while I’m watching the ending with much anticipation…

And since that is the case, let me just get one important thing out of the way before I even begin…

UMI should die… DIE A PAINFUL, SLOW TORTOROUS DEATH… the kind that you get to see in movies like Saw 1, 2, 3 up to 24…

Now that that’s done… on with the liveblog … (pushes play and BOF starts playing)

Ohhh… Jandi is in Junpyo’s room, bringing him a doshirak and looking at him peacefully sleeping while she voodoos her way back into his memory… WHAT A LOVELY SCENE… Until Effin’ Dumb Bish Umi got on my screen with her friggin’ crutches and her dreams of becoming Junpyo’s dermatologist…

GET AWAY FROM THE HOTTIE UMI… like now! Before I take that toner stick that you’re carrying, shove it in your mouth and give you even more reasons to stay in that hospital like, for good!

As Junpyo wakes up, shocked, to find Umi probably writing stalkerish notes in facial gel like “RAPE ME Junpyo” on his face… he notices the lunchbox that is by his bedside and takes a bite out of it…(YESSSSS… YESSS Junpyo eat your own head and get to remember Jandi!)

And as if there was not enough reason to make me hate Umi’s guts… she goes and takes credit for Jandi’s handiwork when Junpyo asked if she was the one who made the Junpyo rice… (SCREW YOU SLUB! I swear I just woke up from a nap and you already got me started on the hatin’…)

”The person that I’m supposed to remember it’s you, right?” and psycho liar nods her head…

WHAT THE? like a fool Junpyo falls for it! (I wanna kill someone now preferably UMI!… and Junpyo… while we’re at it, have you noticed that your beanie has the word DESTROY printed on it? That should have been enough clue for you that you should DESTROY the BISH! I never thought I’d say this but ohhhhhhhh… LAWDY! How I miss Jaekyung!)

WHOOO!!! Woobin and Yijung… time for some bromance… and it seems like Yijung has really gotten an acquired taste for cheap fastfood coz here he is again, ordering porridge from Jandi and GaEul and I bet having Woobin pay for it once they’re done… (What did I say? Yijung=CHEAPSKATE… I’m starting to think Yijung is the K-version of Uncle Scrooge… albeit, a HOT uncle scrooge…)

As the girls looked on curiously and the boys eat like they’re not rich heirs but starving beggars, Woobin announces that Junpyo was finally released from the hospital… Jandi was of course, excited, and just like common practice in any other REGULAR job, Jandi just takes off her apron and scampers off to visit her boyfriend with nary a word to anyone… (At least it’s common if you want to be jobless the next day…)

While Jandi and Woobin haul their butts out of the porridge shop… Yijung and Gaeul finally have their moment… and once again, they talk about fires and clay… (You know the normal stuff that you talk about when you’re in love?

Me: You know what? I’m like a clay that gets stronger as I get burned in the fire…
donnapie’s boyfriend: WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?

*thinks about it*

Ummm… ok… maybe not…)

So Yijung tells Gaeul that he’s moving to Sweden for four years (probably because he’s all emo’d out in Korea and would like to take his drama queen act there…) but the good news is, he promises he’d come looking for GaEul once he gets back if he still has not found her soulmate yet… (Judging from GaEul’s taste for resident jerks like Soon Pyo… I bet my grandmother that Yijung and her would end up together… Well, even if Yijung is a miser and a JERK, at least he still is a HOT, RICH miser jerk…)

You wanna know what the bad news is? NOBODY IS LEFT TO TEND TO THE PORRIDGE HOUSE BECAUSE Jandi and Gaeul are out gallivanting with their boytoys… Master must change his recruitment policy like ASAP…tsk, tsk, tsk…

OH HELL NO… now we’re back to irritating Umi… with her star gazing and acting like a hostess and making Jandi feel like an outsider… Why the hell did Junpyo bring her home when she’s not even a pet? (although I have a feeling she’d totally act like a dog if only he’d ask her to…) … WHERE IS EVIL MAMA WHEN YOU NEED HER?

AND Junpyo why do you keep on asking Jandi to go back to Jihoo? (Darn it Jandi… Now is the time for the Sex tape… I’ve been telling you since episode 16 to make a sex tape with Jihoo and send it to Junpyo…Let’s see if he won’t regain his memory faster than a flash of lightning if he sees you getting hot and heavy with the person he absolutely goes ballistic with jealousy for…you just never listen girl!)

Well, well, well… speak of the devil… I guess the Jihoo alarm still works even if he’s been rejected coz look who just arrived at Junpyo’s home when Jandi was just leaving… (all together now) … JIHOO… Ahhh… the scriptwriter has taught us well…

(DARN… that alarm was a pretty good investment… I guess it comes with a warranty…)

Go Jihoo… go drag Jandi to where Junpyo is and french right in front of him just to spite him! And Junpyo has the nerve to sleep??? WITH THAT BISH ON HIS SHOULDERS???


After that hypertension inducing scene, Jandi walks around the streets of Seoul lost and dejected and who else should follow her but… (all together now, once again)… JIHOO! (Great… just what I need, with only 45 minutes left before this show ends… MORE JIHOO-JANDI MOMENTS! Move it along Ms.Scriptwriter, move it along… we’ve had HOURS AND HOURS OF THAT FOR THIS WHOLE SERIES ALREADY… Other than grow wings and fly Jandi up to the heavens, we already get how much of a SAINT towards Jandi, Jihoo is…)

Ok… can you just forget I said that? I’d rather have HooDi than dumb bimbo Umi…and HAHAHAHAHA! What’s up with her Junpyo rice? Is it Junpyo that she had as inspiration while making it or the Hunchback of Notre Dame?

As Junpyo takes a bite of Umi’s rice of deceit… Junpyo suddenly notices that something is amiss and confronts Umi about it… (Right Junpyo, what she’s feeding you is POISON… POISON… You know why it does not taste the same? It does not have the essence of JANDI…) and as if the word ANNOYING was really made specifically for her, Umi starts crying… (SERIOUSLY, where did this Psycho come from? Why is she crying that Junpyo thinks about Jandi and that Jihoo hates her? Get this dumbface… Jihoo hates you because I bet even your own mother finds you irritating and Junpyo thinks about Jandi coz they’ve been getting down and dirty even before the writers invented your reign of evil… INTIENDES?)

OMG! YOU WIN BISH! YOU WIN… Yes, I’d just kill myself rather than kill you if only you’d stop with your pathetic whining…

It’s about darned time…*breathes a sigh of relief when there was no Umi on screen*

So the F4 goes to visit Jandi in school and gives her an invitation from Junpyo and Umi… (FETCH! Like they are freakin’ Mr. And Mrs. Obama) and just because we know very well how much a sucker for parties and a free makeover Jandi is … she goes… And Umi plays the harp and once again, continues with her reign of annoyance…

“BUT YUMI LIKES JUNPYO OPPA…so much that I can’t break up with him…”


“Oppa LIKES Yumi too…”

In your dreams you twit! IN YOUR DREAMS!

(gets a chainsaw and starts hacking Umi with it…)

After Umi announces about Junpyo’s and her plan of leaving and studying in the US (I thought Junpyo was just amnesiac? When did he suffer from becoming an idiot and what is he just standing around there for while Umi makes that announcement?) Jandi can’t take anymore and decides to gather her thoughts by the pool…

Just as Jihoo leaves…(but not before putting his jacket on her to further elevate him to GODLY status…) Junpyo arrives… and JANDI kicks @ss trying to make Junpyo remember her by throwing the necklace Junpyo gave her, describing himself to him the way she knows him, and finally throwing herself into the pool, forcing Junpyo to trigger his memories so that he can save her…

FINALLY MS SCRIPTWRITER, A scene worthy of a farewell episode… DARN IT… I’m crying like a baby… Where are those tissues? Even if it’s Lovers in Paris much the lines are still Brilliant and we get EVEN MORE BRILLIANT ACTING FROM MINHO and HYESUN… JUNDI FOR THE WIN!

(However, for a minute there, I was seriously worried over the amount of time that Jandi spent underwater… I thought that it would be another twist and now she’d be braindead instead of Junpyo’s dad…. Wehehehe!)

In your face idiotic Bish…WHAT THE? Umi leaves just like that? Feed her to the lions I say! Darn it… this girl should meet Hannibal Lecter on the way home and get her comeuppance that way…

But the OTP is together and THAT’S ALL THAT MATTERS… Wars would stop, crime rates would go down, Chris Brown would stop bashing Rihanna… It’s LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all around…

So Jandi’s graduation is coming round and she talks with her mom about how she’s not going when she suddenly gets a text message… from JUNPYO who else… (now I can finally say that with confidence)… the next scene had me grinning like a loony as Junpyo meets Jandi for a late night tryst… as they go about flirting… Ms. Scriptwriter recycles the date invitation scene, but instead of an airplane, a motorcycle drowns out Junpyo’s words this time around … (I would have gladly sat through recycled scenes from Episodes 1-12 in a heartbeat, instead of the crap that was the second season)

Anyways, F4 arrives at Shinhwa’s graduation party amidst screaming and Jandi was shown in uniform at Grandpa’s clinic throwing garbage… (what a way to end your high school… Others are all dressed up in a hotel ballroom having a party… Jandi is in uniform, throwing toxic waste…) But alas, the Jihoo stalker antenna is unparalleled so right at the minute that Jandi stepped out of the clinic, a white limo pulls up and Jandi gets in unquestioningly… (now we wonder why she gets kidnapped by Haje, almost held up and sold to white slavery in Macau and had her boyfriend almost snatched by Umi and Jaekyung … She’s just too darned trusting! Watch the news Jandi… Watch the news…)

Good thing the limo only came from the F3 who wanted the chance to grope ummm… I mean dance with Jandi before she gets hitched to Junpyo for good…

(Sheesh… As the F3 dances with Jandi and she had those voiceovers, my acerbic comments are slowly running out… I am truly getting melancholic at the thought of this show ending…and this scene reeks too much of goodbye… Darn it… where’s that tissue box again… Goodbye Jihoo and Jandi… Goodbye… there were times that you made me want to jump ships too many times… But my JunDi spirit was too strong to be totally swayed… Thank you Jihoo for being there for Jandi at times when Junpyo can’t…)

Finally, Jandi realizes that Mr. Pama was missing and she runs off to Namsan towers as she realizes that what he wanted to ask for last night was presumably a date among many others… (it’s prom night Jandi! What do you give up during prom night? Mr. Pama would want that… wahahaha!)

It seems like Jandi was right on since Junpyo was waiting and what happens next is the stuff that my BOF dreams are made of… the same kind of scenes and feelings that made me crazy over this show… (the same stuff that would make me look over the fact that Junpyo is wearing a huge ribbon on his neck…)

Junpyo prepared a lights show for Jandi and rented out the whole Namsan tower to reminisce over their first date together… (SEE THAT YIJUNG? That’s how you date and impress girls… not a dollar and 50 fries)



As if the PD would allow that? Remember People, he thrives on disappointing us, viewers… so instead… we get Junpyo proposing and telling Jandi that he’s leaving for the US to be a better man, how he’d want her to go with him and all that stuff so why don’t she marry him… but Jandi tells him she has her own dreams too and that she’d much rather stay in Korea and she’d think back on the proposal when he comes back… So they agreed to go long distance and then they kissed… (now show us some tongue… OKAYYYYYYY… *rolls eyeballs* SERIOUSLY PD? That’s your goodbye kiss? They would not be seeing each other for four years and they kiss like THAT? Crap… I pity your wife whoever she might be…)

After four years which is just like equivalent to 1 minute, Junpyo comes back successful as evidenced by a tv interview and with a haircut that made him look like an ahjussi… A HOT Ajusshi but still an ajusshi…

As he speaks about how he has carried the thought of only one person in his heart all throughout the four years… (I would seriously go on a rampage if at this point, camera pans and either Jaekyung or Umi was standing in the sidelines… I would not doubt that the PD can do that…) we see that Darth Mama has been abducted by aliens for a bodysnatchers experiment as she feeds Junpyo’s now magically well Father whose presence we could have altogether done without… (WTH… why is Kang Mama all domesticated all of a sudden?)…Junhee is now presiding over the Shinhwa empire (I have no doubt that Junhee would also turn into a BISH just like Goo Mama a few years down the road… good thing Jandi already has her okay…), GaEul is now a kindergarten teacher who lies about her relationship status and Yijung has turned metrosexual who immediately went to GaEul’s workplace from the airport to get some… So who’s missing? ISN’T WOOBIN DESERVING OF AN ENDING… CAN’T THEY HAVE AT LEAST SHOWN HIM IN THAT BRIDGE THAT HE ATTEMPTED TO JUMP OFF SMILING?

As for Jihoo, well… he has honed his stalking tendencies and turned it up a notch higher by adopting Jandi’s dream too… YESSIREE… Jihoo is now a doctor and from the looks of it… still making the moves on Jandi… (whats up with that “It’s not the only reason?” seriously, Junpyo is the one who’s a saint for putting up with a friend who is only waiting for him to make a mistake to pounce on his girl at any given minute… wehehe!)

And Jandi? Well, she’s still a bumbling, clumsy tough weed trying to be a doctor, but with the worst extensions ever….

So we get Junpyo coming back and making an entrance via helicopter… He summons Jandi in front of a beach and they HUG each other…(HUGGING? WAHAHAHA!AFTER FOUR YEARS OF NOT SEEING EACH OTHER? If this were real life… they would be rolling around in the sand, kissing like there is no tomorrow amidst heavy breathing… ala Deborah Kerr and Cary Grant in AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER…HELL… That is a 1959 film and there was more making out than in this series)…

So Junpyo kneels down, proposes to Jandi and before she can even answer, the F3 comes objecting… They look out to sea, smile and….the next scene… shows… THE END…

(donnapie stops typing… rewinds the video and THE END…)

WHAT KOREA? WHYYYYYYYYYY??? What the hell did we do to you to make you think that we deserve this? We’ve taken the bad with the good even if lately it was more bad than good so whyyyyyyyyyyyy???

We’ve put up with fainting spells, fake Fiancee’s, Evil Bish Demon Mothers, Fathers who come back from the dead, Second leads turned best friends turned soulmates with more screentime than the lead and all that bull… so why can’t you be good to us this one last time and give us our well deserved JunDi ending? You gave it to us all right but not before you put our hopes up high and crushed it completely…

I am soooooooo disappointed over this ending that I swear I’m going to cut someone after I finish writing this, pretty badly… (the PD and scriptwriter most probably)

I don’t even think I’d have the power to write another recap and be funny because I’m just so doggone pi$$ed over how you treated our most awaited JUNDI ending… And you call yourselves filmmakers? WE WANT A WEDDING, EVEN JUST PICTURES OF A WEDDING AND NOT AN EFFIN’ SANDSTORM…

Darn it PD and Miss scriptwriter… I’d sue you for zapping out the funny in me… I swear I will…

But what can I do? I can rant, rave and turn violent all I want but it would still not change the fact that you’d be rolling in dough for producing a moneymaker and a ratings chart topper… Thanks to the well casted actors on your sucky second season rather than your talents… and I’m still here typing at my computer, taking in the crap that you decide to offer to me…


Now excuse me while I drown my sorrows in vodka and write all of my fantasies into my fanfiction and be happy and loony in my imagination… just like CRAZY UMI…



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3 Responses to Boys Over Flowers Final Episode Liveblog Recap

  1. Sonia says:

    I agree. I chucked my remote at the screen. Episode 25 was complete and utter shite. i was so hoping to see jandi walking down the aisle and junpyo smiling that huge completely beautiful smile of his and maybe, just maybe Jihoo meeting someone else at the reception. And for heavens sake what was that covering yi jung’s eyes at the airport?????

  2. Chiamaka says:

    I a full recap pls

  3. chyne22 says:

    This is my favorite blog ever…Heehee…And I just love the way you tell the story in your point of view…It’s been 1.5 years since this series ended, but I still love it…And thanks to you Donna, you seems to revive the story and Minsun through your fanfix…I love them all…

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