Coffee House Ep 8


What an episode and what a cliffhanger! I don’t think i can go through a full two weeks without getting insane from wanting to know what happens next between EunYoung and JinSoo…

This episode is full of repressed sexual tension and feelings that are threatening to burst forth after years of repression… I know all that hidden passion would go somewhere!

My heart is beating wildly along with EunYoung and JinSoo as they discover this for themselves little by little…

That look in JinSoo’s face after harabeuji told him that he’s setting EunYoung up for a matchmaking date was one of torment and i would like him to suffer more the way that he made EunYoung suffer…

SeungYeon is now in the throes of developing a full blown crush on JinSoo but i’m not bothered given how it seems to be all onesided…

In fairness, i still can’t really see the possibility of them ending up together because their relationship does not have a serious side unlike with EunYoung which is a good balance of both fun and pain… Makes things more long lasting IMHO…

I’ve always been for womens lib and WOOHOO! for a heroine who doesn’t shy away from making the first move when the situation calls for it…

That kiss was STEAMY! Thanks mostly to Kang Ji Hwan’s stare and the way he kissed Park Shi Yeon back..

How can kdramas make such commonplace locations such as phone booths be such HOT Makeout spots? My only wish is that this interaction would actually take them forward rather than backward…

*sigh* Now June 28, seems like lightyears away… OTTOKE? 


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