Annyeong Fellow Drama addicts!

Or just not to leave anyone out, i’d perhaps say Mabuhay! Ni Hao and Konichiwa! Welcome to my spanking new blog about Asian dramas!

Finally after much prodding from a lot of people, i have finally decided to publish all my ranting and raving about current dramas that i’m watching into this blog…

Some of the posts that i’d be sharing though are written some time ago and for continuity’s sake, i have decided to dump all of those writings here if you’d still want to read more…

Let it be known though that my opinions are not that of an expert but rather, these are just simple thoughts that i might have at certain points about dramas that manage to get even a hint of emotion out of me…I hope that you’d take whatever i say with a grain of salt and perhaps a little humor and i am also looking forward to hearing about yours…

So feel free to post, share and express yourself and let the spazzing, fangirling and angsting begin!

About donnapie

Kdrama fanatic, Kim Hyun Joong obsessed, MinSun shipper, closet writer
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One Response to Annyeong Fellow Drama addicts!

  1. mewi says:

    Glad you finally caved in. 🙂 It’s always a pleasure reading your blogs. 🙂 Here’s to more good dramas! Cheers!

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