Kdrama Favorites as of 2008

If there’s one country that i would love to visit at this point in time, it would be nowhere else but Korea…

I have been fascinated by this country, it’s people and culture ever since i’ve been hooked on Korea novelas or Korean series which had been roughly about three years now…

Before getting hooked, I really was not the type who would go gaga over TV dramas or soaps… that’s why it came as a surprise even to me when i got addicted to this type of show… Although some of the storylines that i get to watch are oftentimes cliched or overused … the way that the Korean writers present these scripts make them seem very fresh and new and oftentimes they will really write it in a way that hits very close to home…  These dramas have made me laugh, cry, think, appreciate the value of friends and family and fall in love all over again… though it might be a pain to read the subtitles… for me, it’s like killing two birds with one stone …i’m able to feed two of my passions namely reading and watching TV… Come to think of it, i’m even thankful for the fact that the subtitles are present because i get to understand more of what’s happening and therefore, get even more immersed with what i’m watching…

Kdramas had been my best friend during the times that i’m depressed, bored or simply had nothing better to do with my time… It kept me company when Alvin was not around, entertained me, taught me and made me even more in touch with my emotions…

But of course with the hits come the misses… just like any other entertainment that comes from whatever country, there are some plots that are boring, nonsense and plainly, just a pain to watch… Practically, i’ve scoured almost all internet sites about Asian dramas just to know which i should watch and which i shouldn’t…

For those of my friends who bother to read my blog (meron ba?) hehe! and who’d like to try Kdramas for the first time, i have come up with my own list of my Top 5 most favorite series that could also get you started in this viewing habit… So what are you waiting for?  Come on and join the bandwagon!


5. Foxy Lady/ What’s Up Fox? –  From the same writer who wrote Kim Sam Soon… i loved the concept of a May December affair and how sometimes we stop ourselves from feeling something just because others would disapprove of it… But in the end, despite the odds and disapproval of everyone, Chul-soo and Byeong Hee threw caution to the winds and decided to fight for their love and only then were they truly happy…  For me this series was also a breakthrough because they talked about sex most of the time and in a conservative society like Korea i think the scriptwriter went against the norms of a typical drama series…

BONUS: I also loved the subplot about Byeong Hee’s sister and the fashion designer (?) Byeong Gak which was the opposite of Byeong Hee and Chul-soo’s relationship (Older man, younger woman)…

Scene to watch out for: Byeong Hee in the hospital hearing Cheol Seo’s voicetape decides to look for him despite her weak condition and throws caution to the wind to finally admit her love for him.

Take a Peek:

4.  Bad Couple –  Bad Couple is the story of a woman who is living the high life of being a single woman and yet would still want to get out of that rut by means of having a child without the commitment of marriage…  But what happens when her search for the perfect man leads her to a person who is a virgin at 30+ and who is conservative in his beliefs about marriage?  Although the end of this  supposed rom-com proved out to be as dramatic, cliched and predictable as other tear jerkers, i still loved this series because it proves that we can’t put rules on love… when it hits you, it just will…you can run but you can’t hide…

BONUS: The sub plot about Kang Ja’s friend who was cheated on by her husband and found solace in the arms of a much, much more desirable man (played by Yoo Gun of Hello God! — hello hottie! hehe! :D)

Scenes to watch out for: Scenes where Kang Ja is trying to lure and seduce Jae Chun into having sex with her and him oblivious about it… It will make you roar with laughter…



3. Spring Waltz –   Spring Waltz is about two childhood friends who shared something special but lost each other because of the bad luck that fate has given them…  This is more like your typical Knovela from the same string (winter sonata, summer scent, autumn in my heart) about losing love and finding it again but the reason that i loved this series was because the lead actors were very effective… I loved the cinematography, the drama (but lightheartedness as well) of how the story was told and i am a sucker for happy endings that’s … not to mention the super romantic soundtrack… i loved the korean version of lost without your love… the theme one love… and the lullaby song that’s played for Phillip and Eun Young… Just hearing these songs bring tears to my eyes…

BONUS: Daniel Henney is a bonus itself… he’s just sooooooo delicious!

Scenes to watch out for: Philip and Eun Young’s first meeting as well as her first meeting with Jae-Ha.  It will make you feel lucky that you’re not her… Philip and Eun Young getting stuck in an island (love the scene by the window) and Jae Ha’s realization that he can’t fight his feelings for Eun Young anymore.

Take a Peek:

3.  Alone in Love – When is love really over?  That’s the premise that Alone in Love works on… It is the story of a  husband and wife who parted ways and yet without any conscious thought, are still very much a big part of each other’s lives up to present…  This series made me cry buckets… especially in parts when it is very obvious that the couple are still very much in love and yet they can’t be together because they know that sometimes love is not enough reason for two people to stay together… I love the quietness of how the series was shot… It’s like taking a peek into the life of a close friend or a neighbor because it was very realistic… the scenes were simple, everyday and routinary but you can feel the impact because of the actors action and the dialogues will blow you away…. This film made me believe that love is indeed lovelier the second time around…

BONUS: The superb acting of veterans Son Ye Jin and Gam Woo Sung… the soundtrack is also worth watching out for…

Scenes to watch out for:Eun Ho visiting the house she shared with Dong Jin and reminiscing about their married life together… Eun Ho singing for Dong Jin at his wedding… Truly heartbreaking!Prepare the Kleenex!


2.  Attic Cat – Attic Cat is second on my list maybe because of purely sentimental reasons… Attic Cat is the first korean series that i watched straight for 16 hours!  It may not win the hearts of critics and there are even times when the storyline might seem to be foolish and childish but i love how it proves that beauty is not everything…   Jung- Eun may be plain looking but she has a big heart… a true cinderella story of how she gets the prince charming by her actions rather than her beauty… and though Kyung Min might seem to be a selfish b@st@rd at times, he is still man enough to accept his mistakes and ask for forgiveness… the dynamics of living together albeit in a shallow way was also discussed in this series which is already a shocker in conservative Korea during the early 2000’s…

BONUS: This might be a remembrance of one of Jung Da Bin’s best work since she has already passed away (RIP)

Scenes to watch out for: All of Kyung Min’s jealous scenes… makes me wanna go “Ha! so who do you love now?”


1. My Name is Kim Sam soon- My lovely samsoon… ahhh! just saying these words is enough to bring a smile to my fac e… What not to love in this series?  I truly bow down to the genius of the writer who wrote My name is Kim Sam soon… The similes that she has done throughout the show which might pass somebody’s non-observant eye is sheer poetry to me… The witty dialogues worthy of a page in any quotable quotes page, the brilliance of the acting of Kim Sun Ah and the dashing good looks of Hyun Bin… This series made me fall in love over and over again…My Name is Kim Sam Soon is a story of a 30 year old baker who’s had her heart broken one too many times over… and then when she least expect it, she meets Jin Hyun, a son of a wealthy hotel owner who was as opposite to her as night is to day… They enter a love contract to ward off the desire of Jin Hyun’s mom to marry him off to the next available chaebol but what if Sam Soon falls in love?  Can she capture the heart of Jin Hyun who was still very much in love with his girlfriend who left him named Hee Jin?  The reason i think why Sam Soon was a hit was because of how realistically it was written… It does not wax of happily ever after or of ideals but rather of working hard to make a relationship work… It opened my eyes to the reality that what you neccesarily thought of love once upon a time might not be really love at all and that somewhere out there, someone who’s really meant for you is still waiting…

BONUS: There are no boring moments in this series… all supporting actors were as brilliant as the leads and there were no heavy scenes at all in this series… no villains who plot to kill you… no mothers who disprove of their son’s choice for a girlfriend enough to turn her into a slave…no shouting matches and heavy crying… just pure, unadulterated fun and romance and some heartbreaking drama and did i mention DANIEL HENNEY? … what about HYUN BIN? … for the eye candy alone this series is already sooo worth it…  Almost a third of the series is also in english which might be helpful for those who have no time to read subtitles….

Scenes to watch out for: The Big Kiss on Episode 5 and of course Jin Hyun’s confession!

Take a Peek:

Honorable Mention:

Couple in Trouble – The story of Amnesia had been over used in all korean series but this is a funny way of looking at it… The story of how a rich, cold hearted b!tch’s heart was thawed by a blue collared hunk because of a lie…one of the funniest yet at times heartbreaking series ever made …from the same writers as  My Girl.

Scenes to watch out for: Anna doing the household chores for the first time… and the part by the waiting shed when Anna regained her memories and is still as in love with Han Chul Soo


Full House – Who doesn’t love Full House?  The story of how a simple girl was unexpectedly wed to an A list celebrity despite the lack of love and affection… but the journey towards that is what’s worth watching out for in this series…

Scenes to watch out for: Young Jae and Ji Yeun’s bickering and their Three bears dance


Autumn Shower – Yeah, yeah… some of you might disagree with this recommendation but I thought this was one of the better dramas which was written… The story of two best friends who have been as close as sisters who shared the love of the same man at a time when one of them was in a coma… I loved the dramatic but very sad ending but hey, who said that reality does not bite?

Scene to watch out for: The part where Yeon So and Yeon Jae decided to get away and start anew in a fishing village where nobody knows them… be prepared to cry a river…


Lovers In Paris –  Paris is indeed the most romantic city and this series explore the beauty of falling in love in that romantic city…Lovers in paris is about a girl torn between her status in life as a poor girl in love with a rich man…though the plot might be over used, the way that the story was told was still nonetheless very endearing…  add to that the complication of the nephew of the same man that you’re in love with also in love with you and you’ve got the formula for a sure fire hit…

Scenes to watch out for: The waltz scene and the part where Tae Young left Ki Joo as a sacrifice


Princess Hours – Bring me a girl who would tell you that she has not dreamt to be a princess once in her life and i’d tell you she’s lying…  Princess hours capitalizes on this premise of how a commoner was suddenly chosen to marry a handsome crown prince to the royal family and how her life has changed after that… Set in present time… Princess hours presents the dilemma of being torn between being a modern, independent woman and having the responsibility of upholding ages of protocol and tradition…  Would love survive despite the pressure?  Is being stuck in a stable, loveless marriage as is customary to the royal family a problem or is falling in love in the royal household even more complicated?

Scenes to watch out for:  Chae Kyung and Lee Shin’s date as commoners, The royal wedding, the journey of first love…

Take a peek:

Get Karl Oh Soo Jung – Get Karl Oh Soo Jung is the story of love, revenge and a passion that has withstood the test of time…It is the story of second chances and a testament to the saying that First love indeed never dies…  Man Soo used to be a 200 plus pound geek who had dedicated his life to loving Soo Jung, the prettiest, most popular girl in his class and who was the apple of the eye of just about any guy…  Man Soo was so smitten with the icy princess, unfeeling (or so we thought)  Soo Jung that he had let his life revolve around her needs and wishes… On the day of their wedding, Soo Jung ditched

Man Soo at the altar causing him grief and devastation… After 8 years, Man Soo came back as the hunky Karl Go, champion PGA player and Soo Jung was now considered an unwanted old maid…  With a thirst for revenge that had kept him going for 8 years, Karl plotted the most elaborate revenge that he can on Soo Jung to put her in her place… but what if despite the bitterness, the old feelings are still there?  Will Karl succeed or will he lose the girl he has loved all his life forever?

SCENES TO WATCH OUT FOR: Almost all of the scenes where Soo Jung makes a fool out of herself and those little touching moments when you know that they are very much in love and yet because of the baggage they’re both carrying they just can’t let go… Love the climax scene by the bridge… It was truly heartbreaking! (loved, loved, loved the OST of this drama!)



Feeding my Kdrama addiction is really time consuming and yes, even financially draining… (you have to invest if you want copies with good subs! i seldom get pirated ones)… but despite this fact, i would continue on watching as long as there are still series that would entertain me and let me know that there are far more worse scenarios that life can give you aside from boredom… Kansamhanida!


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