Lovers in Paris

I’ve never been a big fan of any kind of soap opera.  Especially Chinovelas or koreanovelas or tainovelas or whatever you might call those tagalog dubbed weepers that are shown on primetime local television where asian actors or actresses are normally the prominent lead characters.  The first and last soap opera that i’ve ever watched in my entire life was Meteor Garden (but hey!does this count?  everybody that i know of … as in everybody,  fell head over heels for dao ming sz who is the lead character of this show!).  I wouldn’t be a hypocrite… i would admit… i absolutely loved, loved, loved everything about MG.  But after my first taste of watching a soap opera such as this, no one else has captured my heart and my interest like F4 did. I find the other soap operas too melodramatic for my taste… it’s as if you can’t look forward to anything in life but one disaster to another…That is, until Katie lent me her mom’s dvd copy of Lovers in Paris.

From the first time, i saw the characters on screen, i was obsessed!  I finished 19 discs which would amount to about 1 1/2 hours of viewing time per disc in 4 days!

Everything about the show appealed to me.  The goofiness of the female lead character, the love triangle going on between the main protagonists and the oh so important other guy (or else who would complete the triangle?), the romance of Paris, the you and me aginst the world theme that the show has… not to mention hunky, hunky Lee Dong Gun (i tell you he’s just so yummy!)… it kept me glued to my bed for hours on end. Wanting to know how it would end and who Tae Young would pick in the end… call me sappy but i guess i’m just a romantic at heart.  Stories like this make me believe that yes, guys can still be chivalrous and love can really conquer all (even the meanest family members who are against your relationship).  In reality, my love story can never be as exciting as this. Real life and real relationships are just so… hmmm… normal!

I’ve not heard of a single proposal that was made out loud in a bus stop, no chasing after a lady in the rain and definitely no candlelit dances in penthouse suites…this is how girls would love to be loved and courted…  Alvin watched a couple of discs with me (he has no choice! since i hogged the dvd player and the tv the whole weekend) and he was really laughing out loud since i was crying my heart out in some of the scenes that are truly heart breaking.  This show is a throwback to my childhood days when i believed that Cinderella did exist and that her prince charming did come to save the day (like some sort of superhero circa medieval times).  The ending of the show was really crappy… a big letdown even… but it didn’t change my opinion that this is indeed one of the most entertaining and touching stories that i’ve watched (or even read for a long, long time).

The only drawback that i feel i got from the show is that i watched it a little too late… when the craze about this TV show was all the news, i didn’t even have the slightest interest to watch it… now, when i’m all misty eyed and totally agog over one scene… i have no one to share it with… call me baduy but this show really entertained me big time… After all, i’m still waiting and hoping that someday soon, my own prince charming will be bitten by the romance bug and sweep me off my feet. I’ll never look at Paris or listen to Moon River the same way again… 🙂


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