Mischievous Kiss Ep 6

If MGIAG is my main course, i say that Playful Kiss is my sweet, satisfying dessert…

If MGIAG enthralls me with it’s magic and sense of fantasy, Playful Kiss mesmerizes me with how it depicts reality..

If MGIAG is my escape into things that are mystical and otherworldly then Playful Kiss lets me remember a time when i was younger and when things were simpler…

And for that, i love these dramas for exactly different reasons but i love them as much just the same…

After all, if the issue of one living and the other dying is all important in the world of MGIAG, what can be more pressing in the reality based PK than than that of how ones future can be like or where life is heading after high school or how one will go through parent angst and when one’s teenage crush will blossom into full on true love?

Watching PK and more specifically Hani and Seung Jo sometimes reminds me of my own struggles as a high school kid going into adulthood… of a time when my future seems murky and unsure and of how when i get to college that is the only time that slowly i felt the rest of my life taking shape right before my very eyes just what’s happening to them right now…

The only difference is i don’t have a champion like Mama Baek by my side… She is truly a winner in every sense of the word as Ha Ni’s guardian angel come to life and man DO I LOVE HER!

Seriously Junpyo’s omma should learn a thing or two from her!

Ha Ni’s determination really knows no bounds and i guess it is that sunny attitude that is rubbing off on Seung Jo in every way possible… I guess the greatest praise that he had ever given her ever since he first knew of his existence was that speech he gave out during the graduation wherein he indirectly admitted that her words influenced him…

I found myself laughing out loud not one too many times over in this episode… That jacket of Ha Ni’s and the story sorrounding it was hilarious!

As for her imagination? I so feel ya girl! Because if my crush was as Hot as Seung Jo? I will be dozing off to dreamland with him in it too for most of my waking days…

The storytelling for PK is laidback and languid at most but i don’t find myself getting bored… Far from it…

Instead, i look forward to every change in Seung Jo’s facial expression that gives me a hint about his warming feelings towards Ha Ni and i also anticipate Ha Ni’s look of surprise whenever Seung Jo does something totally unexpected…

One thing is for sure though… Seung Jo might be all cold but man… HE DOES COLD SO HOTLY!

That pama and crazy hairstyle change can not do anything to ruin his good looks and if curly hair does not make anyone less hotter? Then it’s a testament that he is HOT in every sense of the word… (Hello? Does the name Goo Junpyo ring a bell?)

(Someone on viikii said he looks like an Asian Peter Pan and i am loving that description!)

As Yoon Hae Ra comes into the picture, i can totally feel for Ha Ni… Her rival is not out of the ordinary and even if a girl is not insecure but if competition is like that? Man, it would really make you feel inferior at one point or the other…

(Speaking of which, when did Lee Si Young get that GORGEOUS? She is drop dead!)

I literally went dun dun dun dun when her demeanor changed towards Ha Ni from their first meeting when she was so pleasant and when she suddenly became beeyatchy when she knew that Ha Ni was competition for Seung Jo… If that look that she threw Ha Ni at the end is not a declaration of war i don’t know what is…)

Oh, Ha Ni believe me… Your hell has just started because Hae Ra will make your heart ache like it had never ached before in the past… But don’t despair… In the end, as the beatitudes say… blessed are those who are patient for they will inherit the earth…

Well… I’m just saying… 

I have saved the best part for last but OMONAAAAAAAAA… thatkiss was merely a lip press but why did it feel so HOT? i guess it’s the circumstance sorrounding it… the build up of the tension plus Ha Ni’s mouth saying something else when her heart feels other wise and Seung Jo’s angry reaction towards it… (hehehe! You just can’t let her forget you, right, Baek Seung Jo?)

I literally jumped up and down with giddiness from my seat during that part and i literally felt my world stop turning…

Perhaps it is because i imagine how it would feel like to be in Ha Ni’s shoes that’s why my reactions are a tad too over the top…hahaha!

(I swear my heart raced so much i felt as if it was me that he was leaning over!)

And that last part when he said Merong instead of sticking his tongue out? OH SOOOOOOOOOO MANLY! I love that twist… it made him look mature and sooooooo much more crush-able right at that very moment…

(One more thing… i never thought i’d find more reasons to love Hyun Joong but can i just get this out in the open? His speaking voice is soooooo darned sexy it makes me want to jump him!)

As the story of PK progress, HaNi and Seung Jo’s problems slowly grow along with them… Ratings be damned but honestly, i am loving this show too much to even give a frickin A!

Let the next episode begin MBC! Thursdays can’t come soon enough and though i hate you for just giving us 16 episodes from 20, i still love you for giving me this drama that now feeds my addiction like its crack!


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