My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Ep 11

Thank Goodness for Thursdays! 

Aside from the fact that Friday is only a day away, the fact that i get to see two of the dramas that are currently driving me insane right at this very moment is just another reason why i adore this day…

First stop… let’s start with My GF is a Gumiho…

What a sentimental episode… I felt as if my heart was breaking with Miho’s efforts to appear as if she doesn’t care when the truth is she’s dying LITERALLY both physically and emotionally…

I’d love to say that i despise Dong Joo for this part of the drama but Dang! I just can’t get to even start hating on him when he looks all smolderingly hot and mysterious and oh so damned sexy! besides how can i hate him that much when he scared the crap out of Hye In for this episode… Love it!

I was expecting Dae Woong to come clean in one point or another, swallow his half @ss attempt efforts in swallowing his pride and come up with a confession that would make up for all his jerkiness in the beginning but i never thought that he would do it in a way which would make me absolutely worship the ground he walks on… I think this confession comes a close second to the confession scene in Prosecutor Princess in terms of how it moved me… I was not giddy at all but i find myself curiously touched and emotional when they finally shared that embrace in front of that cathedral…

I did miss the fun of Mi Ho being all naively cute in this episode but the way she stood up to Hye In when she was just being herself and not under the spell of the danger brought to the bead made me love her “never the underdog attitude”… Although i would have loved it if Hye In really died… Oh, well, i guess we take whatever it is that we can have… 

I can’t help but say while watching the confrontation scenes with Mi Ho and Hye In that it’s about time someone stood up to those kdrama biatches… IN YOUR FACE!

I’ve always said that i always love it when the tables are turned in a kdrama and when the chaser becomes the chasee (this is exactly the reason why I’m head over heels for My Name is Kim Sam Soon because i soooo love it when Jin Hyeon went gaga for Sam Soon whom he used to treat like she was the ugliest person who ever walked the earth)

But with Lee Seung gi, i feel an emotional pull towards just wanting to comfort him and tell him that everything’s going to be okay… Perhaps it is because of the way that he makes the atonement that Dae Woong feel so sincere… Like he was really sorry for everything jerky that he’d done and that he’d want nothing more in his life at this moment but to have Miho by his side…

On a side note, i love the metaphoric meaning of that scene above as if it was an illustration of how Dae Woong’s heart is now with Miho…

That kiss scene at the end was a pleasant surprise (i was expecting them to kiss at the cathedral and was not expecting any more so it really came as a gasp out loud moment for me…)

Now that Miho and Dae Woong have finally come out in the open and admitted their feelings, i’m expecting even sweeter times ahead and yet i’m dreading the moment of the final conflict when Mi Ho finds out that Dae Woong would die while she lives because i’m sure that scene would make me cry buckets…


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