My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Episodes 1-2

And we have a homerun! 

2010 is really the year of really good Kdramas and i’m glad that after the drought that 2008 has brought us, things started to pick up in 09 and we’re now going full blast for this year…

I have purposefully stayed away from different sites and forums discussing My GF is a Gumiho prior to it’s premiere because i wanted to start the series without any sort of expectation… I now am happy that i did just that because i was definitely wowed and entertained big time by what i have seen so far…

I am not really that keen on stories with a fantasy/out of this world element because i am more appreciative of dramas that are grounded in some sense of reality but really, this drama seem to be an exception because it just makes the hour you spend watching it fly past!

Lee Seunggi really fits the character of Dae Woong to a T… (When did he get so good at acting?) His facial expressions are enough to send me rolling with laughter and though he seems to be a little “Hodang” (empty headed) in some scenes, (which is still reminiscent of his persona in 1N2D), he just radiates a pureness that endears his character to me…

I was a little “meh” about Shin Mina when i heard that she’d been casted for the Gumiho role… I have never seen her act in anything else but dramas that are real tear jerkers but now that i’ve seen her in action, i can see why the producers decided to pick her as the lead for this series…

She is the Gumiho in every which way… Sexy, pretty, scary (sometimes) and yet there is an air of innocence and naivete that’s sorrounding her that makes you root for her… (She should have her smile patented! It is breathtaking!)

The first episode alone already had me hooked and when i finished the second, that was it! I fell hook, line and sinker for this series and I AM LOVING THIS DRAMA WITH ALL MY HEART that it’s not even funny!

So far, there was not much background given yet about the lead characters except for the basics and yet there is already an affinity that one feels with them despite that fact…

The chemistry is also intense between Seunggi and Mina (who would have thought?) that even just that scene pictured above already sent my heart pitter patter… (and to think that that was the scene where they just met!)

I know that more things are in store for upcoming episodes but i already have a feeling that once again, this will go up to my list of favorites for the year… (I have only seen previews of episode 3 but i already feel that pinch in my heart from snippets that i’ve seen of some scenes)…

I am intrigued by the character of No MinWoo and i really am itching to know the backstory between him and the Gumiho… (Dang! He is hotter now with shorter hair! So yummy!)…

Park Su Jin did not make so much an impression on me for BOF but she is very pretty here and i already have a feeling that i’d hate her in future episodes as much as i did UEE in You’re Beautiful…

I also love the backstory about the aunt and the guy in the trench coat and nothing cracked me up more in these past two episodes than the circumstances where they met and the slo mo attack that the PD puts into hsi directiing whenever the mystery guy arrives and leaves plus the cheesy song played in the background whenever they’re together… (the way he brushes his coat away from him also makes me ROFL) 

Thumbs up to the CGI work done on Shin Mina’s tails too by the way… I know it ought to be freaky but whenever it comes out, she just looks more pretty… The soundtrack is also very, very catchy…

All in all, the series had lived up to it’s promise as a Hong Sisters vehicle and all i can say is that it is worth watching… I can’t wait for Episode 3 and i have a feeling judging from previews that the more this drama goes on, the more in love with it i would be…


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