My Girlfriend is a Gumiho Eps 13-14

Someone stop my tears from Falling… Anyone? No?

Show, i swear you’re toying with my feelings! You make me so happy one moment and then soooo heartbroken the next! I know that it is kdrama norm that the OTP must go through sacrifices at one point or another just to up the angst but a separation?

Despite the fact that they are so happy? Seriously!

How far has Dae Woong come from being a self centered @sswipe to the romantic, swoon worthy, meant to be put on a pedestal lover than he is now?

I know that in real life,confessions that happen in the middle of roads will only earn you a traffic disturbance ticket but my golly! That was so effin’ EPIC that i can forgive the formulaic cheese!

I DIED. I SWEAR I DID. That. is. all.

Watching these two makes me want to kiss my dog and hope that he will turn into a Kim Hyun Joong look alike and maybe then i will have the chance to have my own Mi Ho too… (Hopefully, he would have the same penchant that she has for mating… ME LIKEY!)

And Dong Joo Teacher? Crap! I want to slap this boy silly for getting in the way of the OTP and then jump him all night long…

He’s so angsty and evil and DOGGONE HOT that one moment i’m up in arms against his maneuverings and then the next, gushing over how he works that hourglass like its the newest accessory from New York’s fashion week.

But can i just say, WHAT THE HELL IS HIS FREAKIN’ PROBLEM? He’s lived a 1000 years and yet it seems as if he has not learnt anything from it at all… tsk… tsk…tsk…

Piece of advice: Walk away… just walk away coolly while you still can…

Sometimes i feel as if he’s a hired thug coming to kidnap Mi Ho when her defenses are down, just to make her his sex slave in the hopes that that would make her fall in love with him…

YEAH RIGHT. Fat chance of that happening.

I swear this show brings me to extreme highs and then takes me to extreme lows.

Lee Seunggi, you cry like you mean it and it breaks my heart into a million itsy bitsy pieces… I swear that scene when you were driving away to leave Miho by that roadside just killed me…

OH, The angst… How i love the angst! (*sings… SARANGHAEEEEEEEE!!! gaseum seugi chaorineneun naaaaaaaaaaa…)

How can you stand not seeing her for a month? and don’t tell me that you two have really broken up because my weak heart just can’t take it!

Show, i swear you better end up well and with a happy ending because if you don’t i swear somebody will be flying to Korea just to beeyatchslap you like crazy and that someone will be me…


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