My Name is Kim Sam Soon and Spring Waltz Quotable Quotes

I’ve been watching a lot of TV soaps lately and I now have a virtual stash of quotable quotes lying unsaid under my hat… I have always had a thing for sappy and mushy (albeit oftentimes cheesy) lines. There’s something about words that are said in a really tearful moment that just gets to me… Call it cliché or melodramatic but I think it’s the romantic in me that just reacts to a lead character waxing poetics about the situation that he’s in or that he’s undergoing…

I have already made an entry about quotable quotes in a previous blog (all of it came from my favorite movies)… But today, being a Monday and me being in the mood for a no-brainer blog , I decided to come up with a part 2 of this entry… This time all quotes would be coming from my favorite soaps…I just want to immortalize these lines because I feel that it’s good to share it (after all… a lot of effort was put into conceptualizing them)…



When love is lost:

“There once was a time where in this world I was the main character. It felt good as if I was walking on clouds my heart was always pounding. That feeling was good as if our love filled up to the skies. One man came who gave me that happiness, but like that he left. The reason why I’m crying right now isn’t because I lost him. Love…the thing that once was burning now lost and gone was unbelievable.”

When a broken heart is too much to bear and you just need something to help you cope:

“One day the body asked the heart. When I’m hurt the doctor heals it, but if you’re hurt then who will heal you? Then the heart said, I have to heal by myself. Is it because of that whenever someone is hurt they have their own special way of healing it? Drinking, singing, releasing anger, laughing, crying, going to trips with friends and talking to them, and running in the marathon…or the worst thing, just ignoring the pain. My way of healing is making cake and cookies in the morning like right now. Even when my father suddenly passed away, even when a passionate relationship came to an end. I come to the kitchen to bake cake and I was healed from the smell of the baked cake. Can there be another treatment as sweet as this one?”

When you need to remind yourself to just shut up and listen:

“Momo has no family, no grandma and no uncle and is a pitiful child. But everyone likes Momo because Momo is a good listener. Momo doesn’t talk, not because she doesn’t know how to. It’s because she likes to listen to other people. If anyone feels frustrated, she’ll listen to their grievances. it’s important to know how to be a good listener. Those people who talk to her about her sorrows they go away feeling happier. I wish I can be like Momo. But I ended up as someone who only talks about herself.”

When you’re pondering on a love turned sour:

“It’s not love nor is there any longing. The guy whom I was with for 3 years. It’s impossible to forget completely. I feel sad over the time I wasted. Bitter…and vexed. I don’t miss it and I don’t wanna go back.” “One cup of coffee, 5 kilocalories equivalent to 5 minutes of kissing. What is the total calorie of all the kisses we shared over 3 years? And the calories of love? Where did those go? Where…”

When idealism turns into realism:

“People change, their hearts change and their love is changed… to think that the kind of love I fantasized about doesn’t exist. That made me terrible.”

When you are looking for your knight in shining armor:

The reasons why we can’t meet good guys:

1. Good men are ugly looking

2. Cute guys have lousy personalities

3. Cute guys with good character are married

4. Cute guys with good character, and single are poor

5. Cute, good character, single and rich guys aren’t interested in us

6 Cute, good character, single, rich guys and interested in us those guys are players

7. Cute, good character, single, rich, guys who are interested in us and are not players…are gays

When you thought you’re wise enough not to fall in love with someone who does not like you but fate has other plans:

“I thought I wouldn’t cry over a man again. I thought I wouldn’t have to do this after I turned 30. I wouldn’t feel my heart skip a beat, or stay up all night to wait for a call, do you know how tiring that is? I just want to find a man who likes me, and not break my heart, I just want to lead a simple life that’s all. What is going on, I am disappointed in myself. I am falling for a man again. If only if my heart is a little stronger dad.”

When you need words for a guy who’s giving you mixed signals:

“Do you like me? Don’t think about anything…just say what you feel…Do you like me? You never had just a slight feeling for me? Not even 1%…? Then I’ll teach you one more thing…Don’t do stuff like this…Calling a person up in the middle of the night…Do you know what that means? I have feelings for you. If you don’t have these feelings…then don’t do stupid things like this! Don’t make girls confused.”

When you just need to forget and start all over again:

“Let’s end this once and for all. Let’s put all this self-condemn and hatred to an end. I have lived for 30 years and still have to live on. If I see him later on…Then at least he won’t be able to see me at my weakest. Even though I like you, I can still carry on living without you. I can say that openly now. Ok from now on, let’s start afresh.”

When you finally fess up and admit that being together for a long time is not enough reason for 2 people to stay together:

(Jin Hyeon breaking up with his long time girlfriend Hee Jin who left him previously without a reason… this caused him terrible grief … just when he’s almost over her with the help of Samsoon… Hee Jin returned expecting that things will still be the same)

Jin Hyeon – “The things you had known in the past, you forgot all of that in the last three years. While you were forgetting those things…I changed, too. Let’s end it”


When asked by Hee Jin if he loves Sam Soon

Jin Hyeon – “I keep thinking about her. I miss her. I’m very happy when I’m with her.”

Hee Jin – “She may shine in your mind right now, but eventually, as time goes by, she’ll seem like nothing. Like us two right now.

Jin Hyeon – “People still live even though they will face death someday.

When you realize that running away is not the answer to everything:

“I thought we had trust between us. Even though I didn’t get one phonecall…you said you’d wait for me. I thought you would really wait for me… I thought that time would be a cure… but in our case, time became the disease that killed our love.”

When you just need to stop being cynical about love and to just go at it with eyes tightly shut in order for you to live life to the fullest:

“Love like you’v e never been hurt before… dance as if no one is watching… sing as if no one is listening… work as if you don’t need the money… Live as if it’s the last day of your life…”



When words are not necessary:

“I wish that I don’t understand Korean… that I didn’t u nderstand when Eun-Young told me that she can’t love me the same way that I love her… But there are things that you just don’t need words for… a Laugh, a smile… a heart… a soul…”

When love needs a shelter:

“For lovers, the best house is the one built out of each other’s love.”

When love is lost and you want to find it again:


“If you truly love him….if you genuinely miss him, someday you can meet and love him again…. Just like us playing a hide and seek during our  childhood days,…. no matter how deeply he hides himself from the world, and disappears from my sight, he who hides is still somewhere out there…..always waiting for me, the tagger. Regardless of how often I fail to catch him or if we miss each other’s ways, at the end of the day, your most earnest desires and prayers shall lead you to him……for you to meet and love once again.”


There are times that the way to go is the mushy way… Call me a hopeless romantic or someone whose head is way above the clouds… but when you feel that saying “I love you” or “I’m hurting” is not enough to express what we’re feeling inside…then this is when these quotes really come in handy… After all, that’s the reason why similes and metaphors were made… It may be far fetched since I am not a movie heroine or a TV leading lady… but I still wish that someday I would learn a new original quote that is as romantic as these only this time that quote is addressed to me… One can dream right? AND YOU CAN QUOTE ME ON THAT… 🙂

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  1. riza says: in wow..thank you for sharing this..i was really looking for this..i found some in other blog but just today i encountered yours and this is so much a big fun of My Name is Kim Sam Soon..and now i again came across with this quotes and i feel so much better..Sam soon really has a lot to offer..that drama opens the heart and the soul.Thank you so very much for this! 🙂

  2. C says:

    That’s my favorite kim sam soon quotes, right now im having a hard time in my life, and u cheers me up, i was like ready to cry until get sleep and read that quotes, thank u u have no idea how much u help me c:

  3. lea says:

    i love it!

  4. kre-yah says:

    whoa! good one!…yes, more! more pls 😀

  5. snwqueen says:

    I love your list of quotes! More please! 🙂

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