Cinderellas Sister 13-14

So i never thought this day would come, but after 13 episodes, i can say that i was just a teeny weeny bit disappointed with last weeks episodes of Cinderellas Sister

Okay… screw that… i thought the episodes last week were fairly weak compared to the others that were previously shown before it… It was like the scriptwriter suddenly lost steam in the middle of writing this drama and decided to recycle old materials that were already discussed in previous episodes, dusted it down and then decided to show it again as episode 13 and 14, as if us, the audience would never know…

This is the first time that i fast forwarded through some scenes of the series because i felt as if i’ve seen it a couple of times over (how many times can one make Hyo Sun’s uncle leave the Chamdoga? PUHLEEZE!)

Aside from the fact that Kang Sook found out Daesung’s diary so that she can read about how he really feels about her and FINALLY believe that he was really deeply in love with her… i feel that nothing of great proportion really happened in terms of moving the plot forward…

(BUT REALLY KANG SOOK? REALLY? You need that Effin diary to tell you how much Daesung dedicated himself to you when every gesture, every glance and every word that came out of that mans body when he was alive was a testament and living proof as to how lucky you are that such a man would come along even once in your wretched life to give you the respect that your other deadbeat husbands didn’t give you? Gosh!)

The secret that Kihoon keeps from the sisters seem to be an issue that had been recurring since episode 10 and frankly, i’m at the end of my rope as to all the drama that this “would be” confession had generated along with his fathers blackmailing scheme just to get Daesungs brewery in a take over…

Either Kihoon spits it out or he doesn’t… please make up your mind because it’s been two episodes and he’s still dilly dallying… to repeat the agony of him deliberating over and over again as to whether he’d push through to spill everything and then back out at the last minute makes him look weak and fickle in my opinion…

Props to him though for finally putting Hyosun in her place and for letting Eun Jo feel what she dare not let herself feel about the two of them… A lot of people were sooo satisfied with the hug, but not this customer…

it seems to be anticlimactic and after all that angst that they have been through, i feel that the scene deserves a hug of desperation… one where he convinces EunJo of his real feelings by pulling her close to him as if he never wants to let her go and not that gentle, tepid embrace…

And once again, Eun Jo breaking free from him generates more angst than spazzworthy moments…I was at least expecting her to give in just a little but of course, the writers won’t be satisfied with that won’t they?

Can’t they just have one episode when they can just be freakin happy?

I guess this is the reason why i’m all for the Jungwoo-EunJo ship contrary to many… With JungWoo at least, EunJo can smile freely and forget her problems even for just a moment… However, Kihoon seem to bring her more hurt and pain and after all that she’d been through, this girl deserves nothing else but a break wherein she’d be happy…

Anyone else here who thinks that KiJung might be the long lost Prince Charming? I just had that thought when HyoSun met up with him and he was looking for Eunjo… Isn’t it so that in Cinderella, the prince also mistakenly gave the glass slipper to the stepsister thinking that he’d be the love of his life? I just thought that that parallelism would also apply in this situation given how the writer has metaphorically reinterpreted Cinderellas story in terms of this drama…

However, here we don’t have a glass slipper but rather a glass beaker as he’s looking for the YEASTMAKER… hahaha!

I am still enamored by this drama though…Maybe, just a little bit let down as i was expecting really good things to happen this week…

With Hyosun finding out about Kang Sook’s secrets through her father, i wonder what will happen next and how it will affect her newly budding relationship with her stepsister…

Hopefully, with this plotline, the episodes this week would be more exciting and i am looking forward to great things from Episodes 15 and 16, so drama please don’t disappoint me!

I want more movement between the characters and not more of the makgeulli takeover crap!

Last weeks episode made me feel as if i’m watching an episode of CNN with all the bull between Daesung Chamdoga and the Hongs business that by the end of it all, i just wanna drink some of that makgeulli to make me forget my bitterness over these episodes…


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One Response to Cinderellas Sister 13-14

  1. kre-yah says:

    LOL this review cracked me up :D…i hafta agree though…when i watched CS, i did used the FF button a LOT! boy! it sure was angst-y! made me wanna drink all that makgeulli…kombeiiiii!!!…but yeah! i still loved it nonethess, weird i know 😉

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