Oh My Lady 15-16

i am seriously having serious Siwon withdrawals on the first Monday that i can’t get to see him… this drama was nothing spectacular in my opinion, but at least it kept me entertained for the duration of the time that it was airing… and yes Siwon’s hotness is a thing that i really can’t get enough of…

Episode 15-16 was chockfull of good stuff that i would have wanted to see somehow in the earlier episodes…

MinWoo was such a man in these episodes that i really find it hard to believe when Ajumma fended off his proposal…

The love story seemed to be a bit rushed to me at this point but given how i have given up all hopes of a Kaehwa-MinWoo ending by the end of the series, i guess i’d take whatever i can get at this point although now that it has been waylaid wayyyy too late in the story, it just seemed to be an afterthought that was conceptualized by the scriptwriters to appease the audience…

It is so nice to see Minwoo finally coming into his own with the help of Kaehwa… I love how sincere he was towards his feelings about her to the point that he went to the source of her cynicism as to why she’s rejecting him…

(Seriously ajumma? SERIOUSLY? I would have jumped at Minwoo if i were in your shoes! hahaha! )

However, i guess it was also an obvious ploy by the writers to see the growth not just in Minwoo’s character but in Kaehwa’s too who is now independent of a man and can fend very well for herself…

It was not an overall satisfactory ending but i guess given the tone of how the series had been average in terms of the movement of the story, it is but fitting…

That ending kiss was appreciated but i still think the refrigerator kiss was HOTTER… (and whats with the camerawork? It seriously made me dizzy!)

There is no denying though that OH MY LADY is Siwon’s vehicle… the man has proven that he can really act and that he can be funny too… (not to mention sing, dance and make ladies hearts flutter) so what a combination!

I’m sure that in time he would develop even further as he age and i am one fangirl who is waiting with bated breath for his next project to marvel once again at his definite improvement…

Oh My Lady might not have been the greatest drama out of this whole lot but it is sorely missed… 

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One Response to Oh My Lady 15-16

  1. Kerstin says:

    I liked Oh my Lady too!!! Of course it’s not an earth shattering drama or a brilliant one, but I enjoyed it immane and I think that this can be Choi Siwon’s breakthrough. I thought he was already good in Legend of Hyang Dan, adorable in 18 vs. 29 but here he showed more potential than ever before. i love him and I’m going to watch Athena because of him, just because of him and Cha Seung Won…i don’t care about the other actors though…back to oh my lady, I adored Chae Rim in Dalja’s spring but in this her performance was kinda lackluster.

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