Oh My Lady Eps 11-12

how cute is that child that plays Ye Eun? Gosh! She looks like a doll with her unblinking stare and pursed mouth… Cuteness!

I love how she showed a little of her naughty side towards MinWoo in Episode 11 and that they’re finally having some bonding moments…

I also love how Chae Rim has finally gotten some styling after i spent 10 episodes cringing through her fashion choices and hair… She looks so pretty in this past two episodes…

Finally, MinWoo got enlightened about how much of a bimbo Yoora is and i hope that it will be for good…

We get a little of a cliffhanger in Episode 12 but overall, i guess this show has once again gotten a little slow in the romance front after the kiss… It was sweet though how he covered ajumma’s ears when people were talking ill about her because of him… Reminds me a lot of Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye during Xman… hahaha!

Again… this shows lesson showed us to never underestimate the power of the fangirl…

Seems like this weeks episode would be more exciting and with two weeks left i hope the show will deliver… I’d surely miss Siwon’s good looks gracing my screens and if for anything else, this show is still tops if only for the cute facial expressions that Siwon makes… 

He is sooooo fineeeeeeeeeeeee in that all black ensemble he wore when he was following Kae Hwa…


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