Oh My Lady Eps 9-10

WAE? WAE? Why do we have to go backwards ever since that kiss happened between Kae Hwa and Minwoo?

Just as i thought the romance between the two will be upping the ante, it does the opposite and now it’s as if that kiss never happened…

I super hate the fact that Minwoo is even considering marrying Yoora even if she is a social climbing user… Why can’t he see through her?

That scene however with YeEun speaking brought tears to my eyes… it was just so unexpected and beautiful… it was really touching…

That kid is soooo adorably cute…

The zoo scene totally reminded me of BOF but Siwon was just too cute with his aviators on that i forgot everything else… hehehe!

I love how the angst is going up and the end of episode 10 leaves me wanting for more… However, i just hope that the next episodes will focus more on KaeHwa and Minwoo’s burgeoning romance rather than the fact that THE SHOW CO. is sinking or how Shijoon and Jungah are trying to save their marriage…

And please enough of YOORA! 

I hate the stereotype of how pretty girls can get away with anything just because they’re beautiful… it does not work that way in the real world…

Btw, i was just laughing so hard at one comment in viikii after Minwoo decided to follow his managers advise and drop Yeeun off at the [spoiler start] orphanage[spoiler end]

“Siwon, how could you? SHISUS wouldn’t like that!”


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