Oh My Lady First Impression

Before i begin with my post… let me just give a big shout out…


Now that that’s out of my system… 

Obviously, i just finished watching the first episode of OH MY LADY and it was just okay… not really uproariously funny nor something that i’d say would be a favorite from the get go but it’s okay… It’s an easy, light watch and though some scenes are pretty formulaic and the storyline quite predictable too, it was still able to entertain me pretty much…

Besides with Siwon’s hot bod and his smile being showcased at every turn possible… i’m sure i would still have slummed it through this series even if it has the crappiest script… EVER! So i guess i’m not the most unbiased reviewer this side of town… hehehe! 

Anyways, seems like things would get pretty exciting in the succeeding episodes so hopefully, there will still be some improvements to make this series jump from so-so to unbelievable in the next couple of weeks…

For me, i am just waiting for more Siwon screentime and that’s it… (Okay, okay… i wanna see Chae Rim get her vengeance too and for Siwon to fall in love with her because what can i do? I love this girl… i do…)

(Now, show us those abs again honey… )


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