Pasta Ep 13


As if there’s not enough reason for me to love Chef, now i love him all the more for giving me a chance to ogle Hyun Woo shirtless! Thanks Chef! 

As i said, i thought he was just an adorable boylet but who knew he was hiding THAT under that white,crisp shirt uniform…

Moving on, so things get complicated since Se Young now knows that Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook are dating…

In fairness to her and contrary to the actions of Kbeotches all over the land, she seems to be competing in a fair and square way even if she can do it underhandedly coz at this point she seem to have the power… for this, Se Young gets my vote…

(If this was facebook, i would have posted a thumbs up saying Donnapie likes this! hehehe!)

As for San, my heart goes out to him in this episode but boy! He should speak up! Does he think pinning those cactus magnets for three years would bring him the girl? Chef has only met Yoo Kyung for a month and they’ve been spending nights together already…

The train has already left San! You should have boarded it sooner…

However, it sure does make up for some good jealous moments coming from Hyun Wook like when he’s telling Yoo Kyung not to go…

I love how there’s a good balance of jealousy and freedom in their relationship since in this scene, Chef was obviously bothered about Yoo Kyung meeting cactus man and yet the next scene we saw her still making the decision for herself out of her own free will and Chef was kind enough not to take it against her… even following her to the convenience store afterwards which makes up for another cute moment….

Who knew 7-11’s could be such a romantic date place? hehehe!

Next episode seems exciting with the other chefs bullying Yoo Kyung around since everyone seems to now know they’re together…

AND OMONAAAAAAA… Finally, i see a kiss! A kiss on the preview! I can’t wait for episode 14…

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