Wish Upon A Star Final

I just finished watching WUAS‘s last episode and i’m still feeling pretty melancholic…

Darn it! Why did they have to make this episode full of WIN? 

Just when i thought, my interest in the series is waning because of the angst and the shallowness of plot twists and turns that had happened during the last few episodes, they come up with episode 20 which is similar to the same WUAS that i first fell in love with and it was wayyyyyyyyyyyy goodddddddd…

Now, i’m back to thinking again of how much i would be missing it, now that this series is over…


Call me biased but really, it’s the Kang Ha moments that made this episode super memorable… He made me laugh and cry and giggle and if i love him before, i absolutely worship the ground that Kim Ji Hoon walks on nowwwwwwww…

OMG! Pal Kang, you lucky, lucky girl you! The wait for the romance angle was well worth it… i really get tickled pink whenever they bicker but most of all that confession in his office, telling Pal Kang where he first fell in love with her along with that kiss, seriously drove me weak in the knees… WAHHHHHHHHH!!!

I can not care anymore about the weirdness of all the crap that happens in between… whether ithe sidestories are formula or out of the storyline or squeezed in and sped up because it’s the last episode, I don’t even freakin care anymore because all i care about are the Pal Kang-Kang Ha moments and i got plenty of that during the ending…

Did i already say how much i love Kim Ji Hoon? He needs to make another drama… FAST! I don’t want to miss him too much…

Shin Dong Wook lovers, he looks absolutely divine in his hairstyle during the last 10 minutes of the show… if they could have made him look that good, they should have done it during the beginning and not just do it during the shows last 10 minutes… CHINCHA!

I want Kim Ji Hoon washing my dishes at home too… WAHHHHHHH!!!

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