Pasta Ep 7

Oh Jealousy is a green eyed monster… and how i love it! 

You know how i mentioned in my last recap that i love this show because there is a level of expectation that is always surpassed by the actions of the leads because they’d want to pretend that they’re not getting into a romantic relationship but everything they do screams of them wanting to do just that?

Well, we see more of that here… hehehe!

(Yeah right.. this picture is supposed to be everything that people who are just friends are like… NOT!)

Yoo Kyung and Hyun Wook really reminds me so much of the showbizzy answer that “we’re just friends” when actually their action speaks louder than words…”

I love how realistically their attraction towards each other was slowly built up so that they are in that place where they are now…

(Oh, the smile on Young Soo’s face whenever Hyun Wook gives her a text… I HAVE SOOOOO BEEN THERE! hahaha!)

The funny thing about this episode is that one minute, we were watching a competition for a place in the menu and then the ending scene suddenly transcends metaphorically into a fight for Hyun Wook’s heart (to the girls anyway but as Hyun Wook said, it’s just pasta…)

I find Alex’s character sweet in this drama but i have never noticed him more than in this episode…

That whole scene when Young Soo and him were by the pool playing around like kids was adorable… and of course who could forget the cover her eyes maneuver while whispering some nonsense about cactus in her ear to spare her the pain of seeing Se Young making the moves on Hyun Wook…

My heart just went out to him… but of course only for a second since Hyun Wook’s line cactuses blooming in the night had me LOLing like crazy… I REALLY LOVE THIS MAN! 

How cute is that scene by the door when he was telling her off about staying the night with San?

Once again, Go Hyo Jin played the role of an infatuated woman to perfection with her smiles and the way she laughs flirtatiously at Hyun Wook’s lines… i could so relate when after that scene, she was thinking to herself what she came out for? hahaha!

Haven’t we all been in that situation wherein we feel so down but just some words of reassurance from the man we love makes everything alright?

I don’t know really if Se Young knows that there’s something more than work going on between Young Soo and Hyun Wook…

Maybe so but i guess she’s just too confident that Hyun Wook would come back to her in the end that’s why she looks at the affair as nothing short of a dalliance…

I am sooo looking forward to more of this love square in the upcoming epis…


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