Pasta Eps 11-12

President Seol being in La Sfera is driving me INSANEEEEEE!!!

Why can’t San fire him? Wae?

But more than that, i love how Chef Hyun Wook and Yoo Kyung are enjoying themselves to the fullest now that both of them have admitted their feelings for each other…

That convenience store scene at episode 11 was just too funny! San following Yoo Kyung around only to end up in the convenience store where Hyun Wook waits for her and he ends up dating with the two of them… HILARIOUS! hahaha!

I love Hyun Wook’s expression when he asked Yoo Kyung why she brought a third wheel and she has this confused look on her face because she really doesn’t know… hahaha!

OMONA… but more than that… i love the hidden stares, the secret smiles, the checking out each other unbeknownst to the rest of the kitchen staff … it makes my heart palpitate…

I love how different their story is between that of Se Young and Hyun Wook which is like a melodrama but theirs is more fun and realistic and long lasting i would guess…

And of course LSG’s facial reactions whenever Yoo Kyung is so happy about San always cracks me up!


I must have repeated this scene a dozen times! 

At talagang pagselosan pati si sous chef dahil lang pinunasan ng pawis which is part of the job! wahahaha! 

OMO! OMO! OMO! and the plot thickens… now Hyun Wook knows that San is the one who is Yoo Kyung’s secret admirer…

WAHHHHHHHHHH!!! I love this development! Kung dati di pa nya alam nangigigl na sya… what more ngayon? hahaha!

My heart really goes out to Chef Hyun Wook in this episode taking all that crap from Yoo Kyung just because he does not want to get Eun Soo back who without her knowledge could be the trigger why they can’t be together anymore…

I seriously saw the sincerity of Chef’s feelings towards Yoo Kyung at this moment… Kaswerte!

They could have been so good together if Hyun Wook is not in the picture …

But how could they compete when you have this? WAHHHHHHHH!!!

Hyun Wook’s tricks in this scene made me smile so much that i can’t even stop… hahaha!

WAHHHHHHHHH!!! Just look at the way he stares at her… *melts. melts,melts*

If i were in Yoo Kyung’s shoes, i would be putty in his hands…

Seriously i’m shipping this OTP so badly… 


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