Pasta Eps 8-10

I love weekends primarily for the reason that i can do marathons on my favorite Kdramas…

And since SMM still has no subs available and i am soooo up to date with WUAS, what else would take up my weekends but Pasta?

AND *squee, squee, squee* This drama sure does know how to make its viewers giddy…

I applaud the writers for the metaphorical description that Young Soo gave Hyun Wook about the way he’s treating her heart… Spoken like a true chef… hahaha!

That whole grating, pounding, cutting, steaming, frying, pouring salt and sugar in her heart line really gave me such a complete picture of how she must be feeling over the way he’s frustrating her over the way how he’s so mean to her at work and yet totally soft when it’s only them together…

I love how Young Soo is no nonsense… that she is in love with Hyun Wook and even if she knows that he can give her nothing, she still wears that fact proudly on her like a badge… she does not feel regretful nor sorry about that fact… who says only guys can be open about their feelings? 

Episodes 9 and 10 left me breathless… i must have rewounded a couple of scenes so many times…

That handholding scene at the end of episode 9?

Best handholding scene ever in a kdrama! That’s all i have to say…

Oh my Gosh! The buildup before the scene when Hyun Wook’s fingers finally clasped Young Soo… I seriously stifled a scream from coming out because i knew it was coming but it was still so deliciously set up…

I was LMAO when Hyun Wook was asking Young Soo whom she liked better… Pasta or Him? Cactus or Him? And she was just impishly smiling at him answering CHEF all the time even without hearing what the question is…


I’ve never found LSG more attractive than when he had that half smile on his face like he’s hating that fact but seriously loving it deep inside…

At one more thing, ang landi landi ni YOUNG SOO! hahaha! 

I love how she flirts back at Hyun Wook so deliciously with that teasing smile… (how will you be good to me?) hehehe!

I can understand Hyun Wook how he’s lost for words sometimes at her brazenness…

And can someone explain it to me? I know i’m all for women’s equality and all but why does my heart do a little dance whenever Hyun Wook tells her things that she should or shouldn’t do? Hahaha!

There’s something about bad boys mouthing off and acting jealously possessive that just gets to me… *sigh*

A little bit of trivia on Episode 9: Ryu Seong Beom the actor who played himself in a cameo in this episode (the guy who ordered truffle tagliatelle and ordered bread for the rest of his group… LOL) is Gong Hyo Jin’s (Young Soo’s) real life boyfriend and they’ve been together since 2002 albeit in an on again, off again romance…

Believe it or not, more than a power couple in Korean showbusiness, these two are more well known for being fashionistas and for their unique and fashionable taste in clothing… (Imagine that! I would not have guessed about it judging GHJ’s choice of clothes for PASTA! Sabagay, stylists dress them up anyway for dramas to fit their characters…)

As for San, my heart seriously goes out to him…. i sincerely got teary eyed in that part when he told Young Soo to pay him a little attention because it doesn’t cost her anything…

OUCH! How can she be so dense that he likes her so much? 

I swear my cheeks hurt so much from watching episode 10… i am seriously like Young Soo who can’t control herself from grinning every time she sees Hyun Wook but i grin when i see them together… hahaha!

Seriously, how can Gong Hyo Jin act so real? Like she’s really infatuated with LSG? hehehe!

LSG had never been more sexy to me during this scene… OMONAAAAAAA….

GAHHHHHHHH!!! This is really the look of two people in love… 

But ottoke? Maknae has seen them so i wonder what will happen next? I wish that those struggling to get Hyun Wook out of his position will not be able to use this fact to strengthen their case…

As for Honey Lee, the girl only has one expression on her face… whether she’s angry, frustrated, happy or sad i really couldn’t tell… CHINCHA! hahaha! 


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