Personal Taste Ep 5

OMOOOOOOOO… this episode is soooo funny! 

This is the first time that i really laughed so much in this series… Jinho’s hyung is the best….

Again, my only gripe for this episode is the stereotypical description of women… (What? If a woman is early a guy won’t like you or if you have a hearty appetite? Who says that? PSHHHH!!!)

Anyways, once again the hotness of Lee Minho is epic… i truly believed that his skin became even better after that hotpack… hahaha! (before the [spoiler start]allergy[spoiler end] of course)…

Seems like love is in the air now between Jinho and Gae In and i can’t wait until it reaches it’s full potential…

By the way, Minho did look kinda gay when he was teaching Kaein to walk straight… How good is this guy in characterization? In BOF as Junpyo, he was swaggering… as Jinho he is gliding… he is definitely every “directors” dream… hahaha! 

And to the MinSun sisters… that has a double meaning and i know you get me! 

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Kdrama fanatic, Kim Hyun Joong obsessed, MinSun shipper, closet writer
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