Personal Taste Eps 3-4

How gorgeous is Lee Minho? My gosh… i can’t even count the ways… I absolutely adore how he’s sooo affronted about being mistaken for a gay that i loved him even more for it… hahaha! LOL

And yes , another one for our Korean pronunciation lessons … a gay in Korea is called gay-ya! hahaha! LOL

but yes… i am glad that the story is picking up and i can finally sense some stirring of chemistry between Gae In and Jin Ho … i liked that bathroom scene when Gae In was looking for her lenses…

And this i have to say but i think no other Kdrama villain has gotten into my nerves as much as In Hee that i sincerely wish she was a real person, so that i can hunt her down, put anthrax in a letter and send it to her… THE NERVE OF THIS BEEYATCH!

I love how Gae In has teeth that she does not allow herself to be trodded on but if it were me, i would have slapped that woman and kicked her in the groin…

What does she have against Gae In that she runs after all the men in her life? I would understand if she were Hyo Sun whose guys affections are always channelled towards Eun Jo but someone should have told her that Seo Woo already got that rule…

And who is that guy playing Jin Ho’s assistant? OMG! He’s funny… the first source of amusement that i actually got from this series came from him when Jin Ho and him were in that elevator… Was he in any other series before? Just asking since Kdrama sidekicks especially in romcoms are always recycled but i have not seen him yet…

I cracked up in episode 3 when Gae in and her friend were talking about Jinho’s ‘size’… It’s absolutely the sort of thing you talk with your girlfriends about… hahaha!

Seulong is kinda over the top and annoying but i still adore him nonetheless and in fairness, he made me laugh on episode 4 when he was following Jinho around like a spy…

Son Ye Jin is really in a league of her own… gosh! She’s good when she’s funny… she’s good when she’s sad… Alist kung Alist… but in fairness to Minho, he can really hold his own beside her…

Is it also just me but there are instances that i see traces of Goo Hye Sun in her especially when she’s making faces or when she has her hoodie on… hahaha! 

I think i’m too far gone as a Minsun shipper…

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