Personal Taste Eps 9-10

This series started out quite slow for me but i am starting to enjoy it a little bit more now… Minho is such a good actor that you really tend to forget that he’s Lee Minho because he always has the power to take on the persona of the character he’s playing…

Every swallow, every stare, every quiver of his lips conveys such a deeper sense of emotion of how he’s feeling at a particular moment… I do believe that when MinHo acts as Jinho he literally stops being Minho and he becomes Jeon Jin Ho just like when he played Goo JunPyo… (the only difference is in BOF he reverts to being Minho ,once offcam but he’s just normally smitten with his real life leading lady…)

Son Ye Jin is perfect for Kae In… i can not ask for a better actress… I love how she played the character… her vulnerability, her kindness, her dorkiness, her charm… She has intense chemistry with Minho too that i wish the gay issue would be resolved soon so that we can maximize their screen time together…

I just want them to get together… PALI!

There is no love as painful as a love where the person is within reach and yet so far away… Once again, i love the dynamics of their friendship and how their feelings were developed because they were friends first and foremost…

In Hee is a total SLUT who has no sense nor decency to get her own guy… seriously? What does she think Kae In is? CRAIGS LIST? She seem to wait for her to get a guy so that she can then snatch it away from her…

I can’t believe she’s soooo desperate to get Jinho that she would fake that robbery scene… I would understand if she is madly in love with him but she just seem to be so insecure and vindinctive to always just want what Kae In has…

As for Chang Ryul, i do believe he’s changed and trying his best this time around but since he’s been a douche bag for so long, i guess he’s had it coming… Hopefully, Kae In would have taught him a valuable lesson and he can continue to become a better man because of it and maybe he can use that with his next relationship with a NORMAL girl…

If i were him, my next move is to make sure that In Hee is out of my life and to get out of my fathers clutches ASAP…

Hay! These two better get a life… don’t they have anything else better to do than hang around Kae In and Jinho? Why don’t they just get back together and make each other miserable and not have other people suffer… asar!

Mr. Choi cracks me up… He’s so feeling Jinho! LOL

But seriously, i would so feel embarassed for him once he knows the truth about him… I pity him because i really like his character a lot… he seems to be an awfully nice person…

As always, even if i hated Sang Jun a little, for meddling between JinHo and Kaein, he still made me laugh so much, so i forgive him… As for Hyemi she’s just naturally annoying and it’s about time that Jinho put to words how he’s always felt about her…

i just wish this two would come clean and tell each other how they feel because they belong together… on second thought, i enjoy their jealousy scenes so much that i also want to prolong the agony… hehehe!

However, since it’s game over, i’m guessing it’s happy days ahead until the truth is revealed… I know a lot had been already said about this but i agree with everyone… There is just one word to describe Minho’s kiss… HOT!

Actually, i have another word but this blog might be suspended… hahaha! 

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2 Responses to Personal Taste Eps 9-10

  1. kre-yah says:

    hi! im a lurker at PEX and ur posts/insights there are always a great read, im glad u finally have a blog now, about time girl! 😉

    happy to know that u are enjoying PT…i didnt dig the plot soo much (and lets not go to the editing and stuffs *cringes*), imho, the saving grace of this series was the leads acting and chemistry ^^ hope ul enjoy the rest of the episodes too 😉

    again, congratulations on ur new blog…fighting!!!

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