Personal Taste First Impression

Personally, i find it pretty entertaining… It was a light and easy watch to pass away time with, but sadly the storyline was nothing new… It was just okay…

I was not particularly excited by it since most of the scenes reminded me of other similar scenes in tons of other kdramas… it’s just expected and typical and somewhat reminiscent of almost all the series that we have already watched in the past and if you’ve watched Full House or Kim Sam Soon or My Girl, this is just like another one of those…

I have felt no emotional attachment yet also on the first episode towards Minho’s character nor that of Son Ye Jin’s… for me, the chemistry was also not that palpable yet during the initial episode but i’d still give it a chance… Hopefully, it will pick up on the succeeding episodes…

However, one thing that i can’t deny is how good looking Lee Minho is… He just emanates such a presence when onscreen and Gosh! He play the haughty, bad boy types that you’d want to tame to perfection… One more thing that you can say about him is how well he really can act… Jeon Jin Ho is similar to Goo Jun Pyo in almost a lot of aspects and yet there is really a difference in how he acted out in BOF than here in PT…

Seulong on the other hand would take some getting used to as a dork since i’ve seen first hand how naturally funny he can be in a natural environment so it’s hard for me to relate him with his character here… However, Seulong in Boxers is a definite winner and i would like to see more of that please… hahaha! 


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