Prosecutor Princess Ep 4

OMONAAAAAAAAAAAAA…. to all of my fellow Prosecutor Princess lovers… I suggest you drop everything you’re doing right now and watch Episode 4 PALIIIIIIII!!!

And to those who have not seen this yet… i only have one advise… SEE IT! or else you wouldn’t know what fun you’d be missing!

I am still dazed after watching it and i swear… it is one episode that i wouldn’t mind watching over and over and over again…

The love triangle is in full swing and it is ON!

I somehow understand Hye Ri now… about how miserable she must feel having to do a job that she does not really like doing in the first place… I wish that in time, she’d get to learn the profession too and have the passion to do her job because she wants to and not just because her father is forcing her to…

Did i say how much i love her mother? Having had a husband like her dad must have forced her to shower all her affections on Hye Ri that’s why she grew up quite spoilt… However, in these episodes you’d see how she might have everything she wanted materially but not that of her fathers approval which will truly make her happy…

I am sooooo loving Atty. In Woo… i really went NOOOOOOOOOOOO in my head when Hye ri told him point blank to stop liking her… however, i love how our man is never say die and how he does not give up just because she said so… I fell in love with him when he rescued Hye ri from the tomato throwing incident and that last scene is pure love!

However, theres a certain attraction between that pairing of Prosecutor Yoon and Prosecutor Ma too… How ballsy is our heroine when she just went straight up to him and told him that she likes him? How refreshing for a female lead isn’t it? To not act coy and just come straight out with… His reaction though made my heart ache for her…

I love how fast the story of this series is moving… really it deserves more love than what’s it getting…

Okay and this one? This one has no purpose but my Yoo Gun is looking so hunky dory in this episode that i just have to post his pictures… hahaha!


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