Prosecutor Princess Eps 7-8

Out of all the dramas that i am currently watching right now, it seems like Prosecutor Princess’s love story is the one that sends me spazzing the most…

I don’t know why but although none of the male leads of this series is exactly my type physically, i am just too drawn to the love triangle like no other… I guess at heart, I’m just such a sucker for the unrequited/one way love angle and how the male lead slowly falls against his will for the lovestruck heroine but then it’s too late because by the time that happens, she’s already in love with someone else who had been there for her all along… I don’t know… it sounds so incredibly delicious to me…

These past two episodes had been sinfully, sinfully good and if there’s one thing that i love more than the one way love angle it is the “let’s make the lead guy jealous ploy but i’m also in love with you” part of the script and episodes 7 and 8 had so much of that…

Oh, In woo… if you are a stalker, i wish i had a stalker like you… i sincerely ache for him everytime he tries to help Hye Ri get into Se Joon’s good graces even if he is hurting himself… How selfless is that? But still, there’s the mysterious side of him that’s still unrevealed up to now that might make me take back my words later on… (However, episode 8 is slowly unravelling this mystery so i’m sure by next week, we would know what’s really his intention towards Hye Ri)…

I seriously LOL’d at the part where In Woo was copying Hye Ri exercise and he was scaring her about “ghosts climbing on to her” and following her home after her first autopsy….

Sincerely, why would Hye ri want straightlaced Se Joon when In Woo is wickedly funny and charming?

Episode 8 i think made me fall in love with him all the more… I know i just said yesterday that i’m through with piggybacks but the way it happened with him and Hyeri was so romantic it made me want more..

And that kiss… hotness!

City_Girl… if you watch this, it goes to my list of favorite kissing scenes in a kdrama… the way he walked Hye ri through what he was about to do and then the half smirk that he had on before planting his lips wildly on hers… my knees were almost about to buckle when it actually happened…

Plus, i love how he stared at Se Joon head on as if challenging him while doing it that i can just smell the male pheromones coming forth from my laptop screen… hahaha! 

(CHINCHA!, that Goodbye my Princess soundtrack should be patented because it raises the drama to the nth level that i can’t keep my eyes off the screen whenever it’s played… it makes my heart race)

Oh and look… he’s also wearing the sweater that JinHo and your jagi wore… these productions might just be sharing one closet for all we know… hahaha!

I love how Se Joon is not as immuned to Hye Ri now like he’d want himself to believe… Prosecutor Jin should make her move too if she does not want to be left behind since Hye Ri had already thrown the gauntlet and i’ve always been a firm believer in the saying all is fair in love and war…

Oh… the angst… the angst and the woe and i’m loving every yummy kdrama second of it…

Again, though not exactly my type, i am not blind to not appreciate Park Shi Hoo’s hotness in this scene…



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  1. kpop fan says:

    awesome 🙂

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