Still Marry Me First Impression

Okayyyyy… so this series is slowly worming itself into my heart and things have finally turned around for me to say that i am watching this show with full interest starting at episode 5…

The girls are just plain fun and crazy! I have no doubt that if my friends and i are single as of the moment, we will be the same way… 

If My Sweet Seoul tackles the realistic side of relationships, i think Still Marry Me is based on the idealistic side of what a woman really hopes for and wishes to find in a relationship…

I love Bummie’s character here… In BOF, i’ve always find how he plays the role of a player as somewhat being cheesy and goosebump inducing but here, there’s a certain charm to the way he plays Ha Min Jae that really makes me believe that he can be the noonas idea of a romantic guy… (although i find Sang Woo kinda interesting too… you’ve gotta love a guy who just doesn’t give up…)

I think i fell in love with him a million times over during the stick around as well as during that restaurant party… (I think Shin Young’s fuschia cocktail dress in this scene is just divine!)

That first scene had me rolling over with laughter when Shin Young was carried out on a stretcher… That is soooo embarassing that i would have played dead until i reached my house probably… hahaha!

Surprisingly, Da Jung’s way of thinking which is like a throwback to the 50’s when women validate their existence by the presence of a succesful, accomplished man by their side does not irritate me at all…

I think there’s a certain naivete’ to her that makes the character she plays cute and i love the balance that Bu Ki and Shin Young brings to the table that makes their friendship really interesting… (i do remember Charlotte from Sex and the City in Da Jung’s character it’s just that Da Jung’s crazier… hahaha!)…

The first time that Choi Chul Soo’s character made a play for Shin Young already, i knew that Da Jung and him would be a perfect match and it seems like i would not be mistaken judging from previews on next episode…

I just have a hunch though that the show might veer towards the formulaic side when Shin Young and Min Jae go full blown into a relationship and Shin Young would know that it was all because of a bet… Hopefully, the writers would be creative and there would be some kind of twist to that…


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