Wish Upon a Star Ep 12

Such an intense, intense episode!

Finally! A Kdrama lead that does not get swayed by the first kind man who makes a play for her… I love this dramas heroine for everything she is…

For her imperfections that she’s trying to change, for her resilience, for standing up for herself and her family but most of all, i love her the best because she is one heroine who does not need a man in her life to validate her existence!

(And that i guess would make it all more worth the whlle when Atty Won and her finally get together because you know that if that happens, it can only be true love…)

Jae Young is embarassingly pathetic and desperate… How can someone so accomplished have no trace at all of any self respect and pride… I pity poor Atty Won for always having her follow him around like some lovestruck fool begging for his attention… She said that she’d be happy as long as they are together but how can that be real happiness when she knows all along that he wouldn’t feel for her the way she feels for him?

As for Jun Ha… dang… i really can’t read him… it’s such a puzzle to me if he’s just toying with Pal Kang to get revenge or if he really is starting to grow some feelings for her?

Poor Tae Kyu who got the brunt of Pal kang’s wrath after smartly realizing that the way Jun Ha was treating her was not all that it’s cut out to be…He also made me cry in that bathroom scene because of his sincerity… Out of all the men in this series, Tae Kyu is the only one who’s transparent and constant and i think if i am in Pal Kang’s shoes, i’d also be half in love with him already at this point because of the kindness that he’s been showing to me…

But of course, My heart is only for Ji Hoon and I AM LOVING ATTY WON MORE AND MORE as the episodes go by and his scene with PKin this episode was so heartbreakingly angsty that it made me cry…

There were no declarations of love, no wild dramatics to tell Pal Kang that he loves her but just those simple words of saying that he can’t forget her even if he tries made me cry…

I love the twist in this story of how PK now has the upper hand over him… for five years, she’s been chasing after him and he didn’t even give her the time of day and now that he’s the one reaching out to her, she is the one who’s telling him that it could never work out between them… hayyyyyyyy… be still my heart!

And of course, who could forget that scene with Pa Rang and him… my maternal instincts just leapt out at that instance and i am gripped with such feelings of deep love for Ji Hoon that i want to ask him…


(i’d make you one like Pa Rang, promise… even if my ovaries fall off in the process…)

I swear i just wanted to hug Atty Won in that scene! He looked so sad while asking Pa Rang about his parents… 

(Seriously, if his freak of a mother only knew how Fine he’d turn out to be, i’m sure she wouldn’t leave him…)

Dang it! How i wish i was the one facing him in bed and that we’d wake up like this every morning… hehehe!

But on to the dark side, what’s up with the band of witches in this series? As if Jae Young’s mother was not beeyatchy and ugly enough they had to bring in Kang Ha’s mother who is no better…

Judging from witch’s number 2’s intention, I somehow get the feeling that JunHa doesn’t know that KangHa is only half brothers or did i forget an episode where it was mentioned that he knows that fact?

Now Fishlips has a leverage judging from the previews… Dang It! I wish that her mother, Kang Ha’s birth mom and her drive off a cliff or something in the next episode… UGH! 

That was again a cliffhanger of an ending and i am just glad that this series is 20 episodes long otherwise, the goodness would be over by next week… I wish it could extend… *sigh*

I’m sure going to miss this series once it’s over…

And again… capping off this recap with the funniest comments ever on viikii…

Wahahaha! I guess this series has spoilt us rotten… Anytime that Ji Hoon is still, the girls are all urging him to take a shower! 

Can’t say i blame them!

OMONAAAAAAA… What i wouldn’t give so he would look at me this way? *diessssssssssss*


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