Wish Upon A Star Ep 13


Are you really hell bent on driving me insane? 

Gosh! I just wanna live with you and be in your shadow and live happily ever after as Mrs. Donnapie Kim… PROMISE!

I would even spot you while you’re doing your crunches… and to heck with it… we can go to town and adopt Parang too if that’s what you want because you’re too freaking cute together that i just wanna bore you five of him all in one go… hahaha!

(on second thought, how about one at a time because i’m sure i would love the part where we do the “boring” wahahaha!)

Anyways, ever heard of that saying that when you’re in love, everything that the man you’re crushing on looks cute and fantastic even if he’s just staring at nothing?

Case in point: *points to self*

What a full packed episode… there are a lot of highlights for episode 13 and if not only for the Ugly Witches convention which seemed to happen simultaneously with the things that are going on between the leads… i would have enjoyed this episode to the fullest…

(Seriously, why are there so many heavily collagened, ugly women in this series? WAE? It’s a good thing that Pal Kang is an exception…)

The first two minutes of todays episode already had me giggling like a schoolgirl who’s got her knickers in a twist just because of the facial expressions that Kang Ha kept on throwing at a dumbfounded Pal Kang because of his proposal…

(They are just too adorable for words at this moment that i would allow Pal Gang her short time of glory to bask in Atty Won’s gorgeousness before i keep him again for myself… wehehehe!

I don’t know if he’s grossed out by her or he just finds her plain weird… LOL

Seriously, I love their exchange in this scene…they both cracked me up especially when Pal Kang was acting like such a know it all by throwing back Kang Ha’s words at him when they were drawing up the new contract…hahaha!

And can i just say… what an easy negotiation for a raise! That’s why rich oppas are always the best… wehehehe!)

But what got me actually spazzing were the moments that Kang Ha once again shared with Pa Rang…

(Really, more than the Pal Gang-Kang Ha ship, they are my OTP…

OMONAAAAAA!!! I really wish the writers of this series could have been the writers of BOF… they know what works and what the audience wants and they give you a whole heaping serving of it everytime…

and know what the funny thing there is? IT NEVER GETS OLD… )

HOW DOES ONE SLEEP WALK. CAN SOMEONE TELL ME PLEASE? I want to sleep beside Kang Ha too… BADLY! hahaha!

I seriously wished i was in that kids shoes when he sexily asked him to get in that bed beside him with that nod of the head and that half smile on his face… *DIESSSSSSSSS***

If it were me, he wouldn’t even have to say it… i’d already invite myself… LOL

(Seriously, at this point i am now considering Pal Kang’s ahjumma friends suggestion when she first moved in to Atty Won’s house… it’s now starting to make sense… LOL)

There’s just a certain part of me that turns into mush whenever Kang Ha interacts with Pa Rang…

It’s as if through those moments, i get to see how great of a father he would be and how well he’d take care of his family….

I bet that if the kid gets that much attention and love, Pal Kang would be even luckier when it comes to his Tender, loving, care… Lucky Bi— ummm… girl… hehehe!

If the scene by the bed was touching, the scene where Pa Rang was trying to pay up for the laptop was JUST THE CUTEST! LOL

As usual, Pa Rang is true to form as being Mr. Destructo and out of his goodwill to do good for Kang Ha he only ends up either breaking something, making a mess of him or hurting him… hahaha!

I sincerely think that Choi Jung Won was laughing at this scene not as Pal Kang anymore but herself… i was doubled over in laughter too, myself…


(I was genuinely green with envy however because of Won Ha’s new toy… not because it was a high tech HP touch screen PC but because i wish i was the PC and he was touching me… wahahaha!)

On the other hand, Joon Ha is seriously getting on my nerves… I don’t know what he’s so mad about but dude, you gotta improve your taste on women…

I don’t really know if he’s had a change of heart already after seeing Pal Kang wear that wedding dress (which by the way is FAB!except for that HUMUNGOUS gift ribbon on her hair)…but i’m still confused as to what he’s really feeling towards her right now…

Good thing Pal Kang is a smart heroine and not a pushover… so at least we got a female lead who thinks of her wellbeing first for the first time instead of sacrificing everything for the sake of the man she loves… (and after several Kdramas which has that plot, i am refreshed by Pal Kang’s attitude)…

As for Tae Gyu, if it doesn’t work out between Da Jung and Ban Seok of SMM, i’d seriously matchmake Da Jung and him because they’re just both insane… I bet they’d be happy in their own little schizo world…hahaha!

I don’t know if i should pity Tae Gyu or laugh at him over his false hopes that his uncles are helping him improve his lovelife but in reality they’re making sure he gets none because they each have their own designs on the girl he’s crushing after… hahaha!

(And what’s up with the facial expressions on Kang Ha and Joon Ha’s face whenever they see him? It’s as if they are annoyed to be even around him… hahaha!)

Can i just say that that scene where he was telling Joon Ha he was a man and Pa Rang shouting out whoever told him he was a woman had me howling in laughter…

i can’t wait for you to watch this episode then explain to me how the holidays would be like with this two brothers and their nephew and Pal Kang… LOL

I seriously had a YB moment though over the conflict that the story has which is the supposed real “relationship” between Joon Ha and Kang Ha… i mean i don’t understand why it’s such a big deal?

They’re still brothers anyways… it’s just that they have different mothers… and Who the Hell is that woman by the swing? So she’s not an ex lover but Joon Ha’s real mom? So what age did she have Joon Ha? TWELVE?

However, i hate Jae Young with a vengeance over her scheming ways… I just wanna smack her heavily surgeoned face! Kang Ha’s good looks would only be a waste on her… Dang!

Lastly, OMG! That ending and the preview! Why is it that they don’t even have to kiss and i already melt?

Dangit! I hate that Jae Young Beeyatch all the more…

I can’t wait for the episode tonight to be subbed tomorrow!

And of course i would be ending this recap with the quote for the day on viikii which made me laugh real hard…

Let’s start with the mild ones:

(Flashed when Kang Ha’s drag queen of a mother and Fish Lips were doing their connivance…)

Fast forward time


Fast Forward I don’t care what these two uglies do to each other…

and the most priceless comment of the day…

DUDE, She Looks as if she shaves!

(Flashed during a close up of Kang Ha’s mother…)




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