Wish Upon A Star Ep 15

Seriously, Jaeyoung! CHINCHA! CHEONGMAL!

Why don’t you get busy like right about now, starting by throwing yourself under a heavily speeding truck?

I swear this girl is getting on my nerves big time…

Shin Young’s sunbae and her would make for the greatest couple ever and together, they can raise their spawns and conquer the world… 

When God made shame, this girl was probably sleeping under a rock!

I can’t say that i enjoyed this episode as much as i did the others, primarily because there were too many scenes with Fishlips on it…

Not only that, but she also has to bring in her equally annoying hoochie of a mother on in some of the action plus Joon Ha’s ex who look as if they are long lost twins (i can barely take one of her in one scene, what more two?

At least Jaeyoung clone keeps her trap pretty much shut if that’s any consolation…)

My poor, poor Kang Ha… being forced into a marriage that he does not feel like going into… If only he is as much of a dastardly b@stard like we all thought he was in the beginning, he wouldn’t be suffering the same fate…

(Props for Jaeyoung though for thinking of the perfect plan to push someone into shotgun marriage…

DAMMIT! I should have thought of that first and coerced Atty Won into marrying me before she could even sink her claws onto him… hehehe!)

Watching this episode… i had a realization… If i thought Kang Ha was sexy before bruised and battered, he’s even sexier with fading bruises and healing cuts… hahaha!

If i may so tactfully borrow the words of fellow viikii viewers, the man is so delicious that just looking at him is enough to give you an EYEGASM… 

One other thing that i noticed were his hands… OMONAAAA… such beautiful hands that i can’t help but imagine how it feels like to hold hands with him… *sigh*

As for Joon Ha, he is seriously charming in this episode and in all fairness to the guy, he seems to be trying… but the character development that the writers did for him in the past couple of episodes make it quite hard for me to trust him…

There are times that i’m touched by his extreme concern over PalKang and the kids but somehow at the back of my head i can’t help but think that it is staged because of selfish purposes…(like that time he pretended to keel over so he can hug Pal Kang because his brother is there and watching…)

Honestly, it’s already been like around 5 episodes where this part of the story was unveiled and i still can’t make sense if he really likes Pal Kang or if he is only using her…

If there’s one thing that i enjoy though over this twist, it’s the fact that No Rang seems to be in heaven with Joon Ha being in the spotlight so much lately while Cho Rok is petulant about the fact that her bet Tae Gyu seems to be falling even lower in the rankings…

And once again, this series made me cry… those scenes where Pal Kang was trying to convince herself that she’s crying only because of the five years that she’s wasted over Kang Ha’s marriage announcement was truly heartbreaking coupled with that song and those flashbacks…

But what made my heart ache even more were the scenes once again between my OTP, Kang Ha and Pa Rang…when Atty Won is trying his damnedest to detach himself already from the kid knowing that he’s fated for a lifetime of suffering with botox faced already that he can’t get out of…

But goodness, Kim Ji Hoon looked so good in that scene that i stopped crying midway and found myself smiling over how HOT he is… wahahaha!

I just wish that they won’t let the angst drag out too long and that we’d have some LOL worthy scenes for todays episode since i am craving for the balance of melodrama and humor that this series is very popular for and which i didn’t get for this episode…

If there’s only one thing that i find humor in on this episode… it is none other that of JaeYoung’s expectant face when she was wearing that ugly gown and wanting to show off to Atty Won only to find out that he ditched her and left… WAHAHAHA!

Engagement your face!

Nice one, Kang Ha!

As always capping off my recap with the quote from viikii that made me laugh for today:

Jaeyoung to Kang Ha (commenting on how well his bruises have healed):

Your face seems to have gotten a lot better since yesterday…

Viikii comment:


Too bad that can’t be said for your face…


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