Wish Upon A Star Ep 5

Did i just say i’m addicted to this drama?

Once again, this episode tugged at my heartstring and made me laugh out loud too… I guess this is the novelty of this series… The heroine goes through really tough times that you can’t help but feel heartwrenching sympathy for her and yet she is so determined and persevering that in the next scenes, it’s totally believable that even if she came across as depressed in the previous ones, she’d also be upbeat and peppy and funny in the succeeding moments…

Even if some of the scenes are recycled from old kdramas and quite cliched… there is still something refreshing about watching it rehashed in this series probably because of the children who are all soooo good that you can’t believe that they’re acting… (My gosh! Where do they get such talented kid actors?)

I also like the fact that the show started with Pal Kang having the biggest of crushes on the lead character and then slowly changing her mind because of his icy character that i am now anticipating the moment deliciously when the tables would turn and Kang Ha (Kim Ji Hoon) would show his human side…

As it is, he is slowly thawing in episode 5 and there are some scenes of his which i LOL’d at just looking at his facial expressions…

Obviously, i love the part where Kang Ha woke up topless the most because let’s face it… Kim Ji Hoon has such a smoking bod enough to bag the Calvin Klein Underwear campaign for South Korea…

I love these lines from the preview of episode 6 and i can’t wait to watch the episode raw tonight and subbed tomorrow…

PalKang: You should have shown it to me before… your despicable side.

KangHa: I’ve always been like this.

JoonHa: That’s weird… that’s the first time I’ve seen you talk so much with a woman, hyung.

KangHa: That woman (PalKang) keeps talking to me!!

JoonHa: And it’s also the first time I’ve seen you get mad… because of a woman.

Kang Ha: (silence, confused look, pause… )

That facial expression cracked me up 

OMG… i adore how Kang Ha sounds so guilty and lost in that scene… I think he’s dumbfounded to know that what Joon Ha is saying is right and that no matter how he hides it, Pal Gang is slowly getting under his skin… 

As usual Joon Ha (Shin Dong Wook’s character) is such a good boy that you can’t help but wish that he gets Pal Kang too but what can i say? I’m such a sucker for bad boys that i am seated and well placed with my banner in Team Kang Ha even if that’s the case! 

I can just take Joon Ha anytime… 

(There are a lot of comments in viikii saying how they hate Kang Ha’s character since he’s too unfeeling but i know they’d eat their words once he starts going soft on Pal Kang which is slowly happening… hehehe!

Believe me, i’ve been there… i know the full capacity of Kim Ji Hoon’s charm after watching him as a nonchalant lawyer and turning on the charm full blast when the lead female and him got together for Love, Marriage… I WAS BLOWN AWAY…)

The hour flew by so fast while i was watching this episode… I wish it was three hours long coz i just want to watch more and more…

I love the  bar scene the most for this episode… somehow, i love it when the heroine really hits her lowest point and the lead male character seems to be disgusted about her actions and yet his heart is yearning deep inside to be able to do something for her… and i saw that conflict in Joon Ha, Pal Kang and Kang Ha in that scene…

I love how Pal Kang put on a brave front for them but broke down because it only made me admire her character all the more…

The scene with her siblings where Pa Rang hugs Pal Kang and convinces Ju Hwang to believe in their noona had me sobbing like crazy and yet the next scene when the brood along with their sister bullies Kang Ha into eating breakfast had me laughing…LOL

This series is driving me insane i swear!

To all those who have no way of watching this online, WithS2 has just released episode 1 subbed so you may check it out on their site…


Word of caution though… Episode 1 might come across as a little slow but give this drama a chance till episode 2 or 3 and if it doesn’t work for you, then maybe it may not really be your cup of tea…

As for me, this drama is like crack and yes i am addicted so i only wish it can get better and better…


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