Wish Upon a Star Episode 10

I can’t believe this series is almost halfway through… 

The 10 episodes just flew by so fast that i felt as if i just started on it yesterday…

I love how Kang Ha and Pal Kang bicker a lot like an old couple in this episode… As always, i can’t help but smile whenever they try to one up each other by always dissing what the other say although most of the time Kang Ha starts strong and ends up on the losers corner… 

The Taming of the shrew (or in this case, scrooge since it’s Kang Ha who’s being uberly cold and arrogant in the first episodes) is proving to be quite effective… Little by little we can see how he’s warming up to Pal Kang and his sibilings and how he’s getting used to their presence in his life… Pal Kang’s more than anyone else…

Jae Young has reached the pits of pathetic-ness if there’s such a state… I can’t believe how she throws herself at Kang Ha so desperately even if he absolutely detests her and tells her and shows her in his action and words… Everytime i see her botoxed to the high heavens face i just want to go inside my computer screen and give her a shake to jolt her out of her delusional fantasy world… (and once i’m through with her, i’d follow through on her mother and her father too…)

However, Tae Nyu totally owned this episode… [spoiler start]That scene where he was asking Harabuji for Pal Kang’s hand made me LMAO… hehehe! Poor boy is so smitten that he can’t tell his left from his right… [spoiler end]

The mystery about Harabuji’s long lost grandchild is growing deeper… Who’s with me that Kang Ha might just be it and not Pal Kang and there will be some kind of explosive twist later on in the story?

I’m also beginning to think that Jun Ha might not really fall in love with Pal Kang in this series but he’d try to use that card to take revenge against his brother or to make him seek comfort from Jae Young but then he’d fall in love with her for real in the process…

The bromance is also getting hot and heavy in this episode… Pa Rang and Kang Ha remain to be my OTP but WTH is that with Ju Hwang trying to gain favor from Kang Ha and joining in on the fray? 

The story had such an enjoyable, calm pace today that the ending turned out to be quite a surprise because it was so nerve wracking! OMONA… i can’t wait what happens next week… THIS IS BIG! 

But judging from the preview it might be all about Kang Ha’s issues and his parentage that would be in the spotlight so it might not be as interesting… but who knows? Whenever i think that this show is slowing down, it never fails to prove me wrong by always trying to surprise me in every way… 

PS: I know that time when Pal Kang worked as a barmaid would come to bite her big time in the @$s and judging from previews, it seems like it already did… 


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