Wish Upon A Star Eps 7-8

O-M-G! Did i say enough how much i love this drama? Seriously, i love it to bits! The story’s not earth shattering… in fact it’s overplayed and cliched but this is the most refreshing drama that i have ever watched in a long,long time… 

Episode 7&8 are the best episodes so far out of the whole series… It was well worth the wait and the longing i had to watch it was justified…

Never before have i laughed out loud as much while watching something than when i watched these two episodes one after the other…

The kids playing cupid and setting their targets on each man of the house is soooo funny… (No-Rang tagging along Joon Ha and talking about Pal kang’s legs with a frenzy while he just looked plain uncomfortable really cracked me up…) 

But this is the money shot right here… the scene that i guffawed over and which i repeated for like about ten times…


Well, even if you did, i’d say it all over again… I LOVE KIM JI HOON! He is one funny, sexy, hot piece of a man! Dang it!

And just when i thought the fun and games were over in episode 7… episode 8 was such a pleasant surprise because it was even funnier than the last (can i just say that the scene where Ji Hoon was barfed at had me in stitches and that whole diaper changing scene had me fangirling over him like crazy…)

What more, i was smiling like a loony to have Kang Ha and Pal Kang finally have their moment and go on their pseudo date even if it was just a series of one misfortune after another…

I was absolutely giddy watching the two of them finally bonding amidst the witty sarcasm and the barbed one liners but i felt superior having the upper hand over Kang Ha knowing that he has finally fallen prey to Pal Kang’s charms… her brood included… without him knowing about it yet at this very moment… HAHAHA!

(I have a feeling he’d eat his words about Pal Kang very, very soon and that the crosses he’s putting on with relish in that calendar would be full of regret as the story progresses…) 

Those people mistaking them for a couple and praising their genes for Nami’s cuteness had me grinning even more but again, Kim Ji Hoon with the baby makes my hormones explode like it’s nobody’s business…

LAWDY! He’d make one SEXY daddy! He was absolutely hot when he smiled after reading Pal Kang’s letter on his sickbed that she’d buy him some vitamins.. If all patients look like that… i am ready to throw away my career and become a full time housekeeper… 

I guess what i love about this series is that aside from the laughs coming from funny situations, there is also some very intelligent writing that goes with the slapstick and most of the time i can’t help but smile whenever Kang Ha and Pal Kang trade witty remarks… Add to that is the fact that Ji Hoon’s ever changing facial expressions is a joy to watch and it also tickles my funny bone like no other… (he’s so transparent that you can see in his face exactly what he’s thinking at that very moment and i love it when something bad happens to him because of Pal Kang and her family and he just has this resigned look on his face)…

I also love the fact how plotlines get easily resolved and does not drag at all… it’s fast paced but without leaving anything unexplained…

On a more serious note, it seems like there is another twist yet unfolding with the appearance of a yet unknown ugly female clinging on to Dong Wook like she does not want to let go… Who’s with me on my theory that this is the girl that Kang Ha is also pining over and whom he’s supposedly stolen from Joon Ha?

Also, what will evil daughter in law do now that gramps know that he has an heir… (I absolutely love the fact btw, that Pal kang and him met right away)….

It will be another week of waiting but with episodes this good, i would not really mind the long wait… (the episode next week seems promising with Ji Hoon looking out of his element again as he sat with jajangmyun all over his suit in a chinese restaurant with Pal Kang and her brood… )

Though it is hellish to think about it… once i sit down to watch an episode of Pick the stars…i totally forget about that and are only left with the warm, nice feelings that only this show can emanate among the lot that is currently showing besides it… 

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