Flames of Desire Ep 2

Just let me take a moment to ponder everything that i was able to watch from todays episode…

*pauses for a second*


*Pauses for another*


*takes a deep breath*

I am literally at a loss for words as to how to describe the events that have unfolded for episode 2 of this drama that is proving to be every bit as soap opera-ish as possible in the truest sense of the word!

The swelling crescendo of the music that plays in the background, the cries of APPAAAAAAAAAA complete with loud sobbing… the events that unfold that makes you gasp out loud in shock… It’s so formulaic and yet sooooo darned compelling…

In todays episode we learnt that Joon Gu is like a raging bull when crossed, that Young Min may be filthy rich but is as interesting as a rock and that Na Young would do anything to fulfill her dreams of becoming rich no matter what it takes…

And by anything, i mean ANYTHING… (Sell her own sister, Kill her own father, cry fake crocodile tears and act as if her life depended on it… you know, the stuff that normal, everyday people do in their normal, everyday lives?),

Oh, the scheming and manipulation of this woman… She makes Cruella DuVille seem lovable i swear!

However, that is the fact which makes this drama quite interesting among those of others…

You’d love to hate Na Young and yet there’s something about her that you just can’t quite put a finger on… What made her the way she is? Is she really evil? Or is there something more that’s hidden underneath that veneer of toughness and avarice?

She makes all the scheming she does soooo hateful and yet she also evokes sympathy from me when she encounters hardships in her life…

Young Min’s nerdy, bookworm ways is really no match for this woman who’s hellbent on making him hers not because she likes him but because she likes everything that he represents… (his money most of all)

As Na Young slowly reaches her goal of becoming a chaebols wife and as she ponders a future that she had only dreamt of all her life, you can feel her power and confidence growing stronger and i bet by the time she finally gets her hand on the end prize, she will be one tough cookie to crumble…

I can’t wait for the day that Seo Woo’s character shows up and for the moment when we’d get face off after face off between Na Young and her… (That is one of the questions that is keeping me on tenterhooks for this series… what did Jin Sook do to In Ki? Where did she keep Na Young’s baby and now that her sister had ruined her life, will she turn evil and use this as a chance to plot revenge against her?)

It will be a battle of wills between these two strong women i bet and all i can say is i’m anticipating every beeyatchy, exaggerated moment of it…


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One Response to Flames of Desire Ep 2

  1. Kerstin says:

    oooh sounds nice. I haven’t watch a minute of this series yet, and I’m somehow reluctant of dramas that surpass 30 episodes but this seems soo interesting…are you planning on writing recaps of flames of ambition (desire)?

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