Playful Kiss Ep 11

This episode is brought to us by the green eyed monster otherwise known by its nickname jealousy and it resides inside a boy that doesn’t even know that that’s what it is…

(and yes, it visited me for awhile too in the beginning of this episode as i watched Jung So Min with gritted teeth while she sleeps beside¬†MY Hyun Joong while i can only dream about doing the same in this entire lifetime…

By the way, while we’re on the subject anyone care to tell me what the heck is Ha Ni taking to be able to sleep soooo deeply beside such gorgeousness?

If that were me, i would be up all night plotting and scheming as to how i can jump him and then wake up the next day pretending that it was the sleep fairy who made me do it…

*cue deep intake of breath before clapping my hand to my mouth in all wide eyed innocence*



As Ha Ni lives my fantasy for me of doing wifely duties for Seung Jo (Hyun Joong in my case) and i absolutely froth at the mouth with envy, i also can’t help feeling dejected seeing Joon Gu all mopey and lost…

I know that the way he runs after Ha Ni and her not giving him the time of day is a lost cause but there is just something sweet about his absolute dedication and blind loyalty to Ha Ni that just makes me wish that there were two of her to divide between him and Seung Jo…

As i….

*trails off and pauses for a full minute*


Where the hell was i?

What was i doing before this scene?

Who am i?

Dang it! Seung Jo in that bathrobe and his hair wet like that just made me lost my mind!

I swear authorities ought to give him a license to carry those good looks around because heaven forgive us all, it is just plain LETHAL!

And GAHHHHHH!!! Just when my heart rate has reached 200, you make him smile over that box of chocolate that Ha Ni gave him after spitting it out? Seriously Miss Scriptwriter? SERIOUSLY?Spazzing and fangirling all in one scene?

Are you seriously trying to kill us?

*takes a gulp of water and fans self before continuing*

As i get a grip back on reality with the arrival of stalker boy version 2 in the person of Gi Tae (version 1 of course would always be Joon Gu… but CHINCHA! What is it with this show? If this is real life we will not be able to even know these characters because they will all be slapped with restraining orders, Mama Baek being indicted with the most count…), I can’t help but think to myself that this is what Ha Ni and Seung Jo really need…

For a new face to arrive to rock the boat of the dynamics of their relationship and for Ha Ni to feel how it is to be pursued in a romantic way by a man that she can look at with fresh eyes and not in the familiar way that she looks at Joon Gu…

Honestly, seeing her looking like she’s having the time of her life in that date with Gi Tae somehow gave me some Mama Baek like feelings of panic as i felt myself beset with worry about what would happen now between her and Mr. Hot Unfeeling Android…

(but what about the OTP? And does that mean that the warmed up version of Robot boy will once again revert to his normal, unfeeling self?

*me pouts and whines* But smiling Seung Jo is so much hotter!)

But alas! I worried for nothing as Ha Ni might be like any other girl who enjoys the flattery of a good looking guy but TRUE LOVE always prevails…

She might enjoy the moment but in the end her thoughts still go back to the person that she really hopes she can be with and of course, that’s none other than Little Mr. Perfect…

*Yays all around!*

(Sorry Gi Tae… your confidence might be impressive but you’re no match for Seung Jo… Just ask Joon Gu… He’s been trying for a reallyyyyyyyyy longggggggggg time and so far has scored zero points while Seung Jo has already racked up hundreds even without trying!)

But Seung Jo?

When will this boy ever learn?

I can already make a book out of the instances when he tries to act oh soooo cool in his usually unaffected manner about how Ha Ni is not even making a mark on his world but deep inside he’s soooo falling for her hook, line and sinker…

Well, I’ve got a newsflash for you, Mr. Grumpypants….

You’re a big, fat, liar and everyone’s on to your game, because honestly?…

You’re not a very good one…

You might be a Genius but to tell you the truth? You’ve got as much tact as a bear…

(Dissing Ha Ni’s choice of clothes but wearing it the next day? Not caring about her date but hanging out longer than necessary around her just to eavesdrop? But best of all, stepping in at a moment that does not really concern you one bit, like when two boys are fighting over Ha Ni’s affection just so you can stake your claim oh so childishly about how they need not bother because she likes you and ONLY YOU…)

SMOOTH… Really smooth!


Good thing Ha Ni is as dense as a London fog and can’t see through you, Otherwise?

She’d be laughing at your face like…

*me checks watch*

Right this very instant!

(Well, in reality it might be more bouncing around in excitement rather than laughing… *sigh*)

However, it is that push and pull thing that you’re doing that is drawing Ha Ni and hundreds of thousands of us even nearer to you too like moths to a flame…

(What can i say? Some girls are just plain suckers for pain and sarcasm and for someone as crushable as you? Honey, you can give me all you got and i would still be smiling at the end of it all like i just won the amazing race… hehehe!)

You may be as prickly as a porcupine but dammit! You have the tenderest heart underneath that moody exterior…

You care for Ha Ni in more ways than she can ever imagine and if that stolen kiss is not enough proof that you like her just as much as she does?

Well, at least in this case its proof that DREAMS do come true and if Eun Jo’s dazed expression was not a dead giveaway, then we always have Episode 12 to look forward to or 13 or 14 or 15 or…

*trails off and shrugs*

Whatever…You know the drill…

You get it right? That i can wait until such time that your defenses come crumbling down and that you can kiss Ha Ni with all the love you feel for her when she is wide awake and straight into her face?

(Do me a favor please? Some open mouthed action would be much appreciated too and it would tide me over for some months as i imagine myself being there in Ha Ni’s place…¬†)


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